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English CDs


TECD304 'Sing & Play' - Adderbury Morris Men  Track List

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Adderbury Morris Men. This collection of music and dance was originally put together some years ago and only released on cassette.

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REDACDDA602 'Sentimental Journey' - Julie & Gavin Atkin  Track List

A 19-track album stuffed full of well-known songs from a bygone age and which you have been hearing all your life – maybe initially on your mothers knee. Julie’s soulful voice is accompanied by Gavin on his Jeffries duet concertina, and melodeon.

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WGS364CD 'The Axford Five' - Askew Sisters & Craig Morgan Robson Track List

This CD is a celebration of the songs of five women singers who lived in rural Hampshire 100 years ago, who we affectionately call The Axford Five. When folk song collector George Gardiner turned his sights to Hampshire in 1904, he was pleasantly surprised to find a wealth of traditional songs still being sung in this previously untouched area.

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VT111CDR 'Greeny Up' - Francis Shergold and Bampton traditional Morris Dancers  Tracks & more information

Morris dancing and songs from Oxfordshire
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VT139CD 'Moor Music' - Mark Bazeley and Jason Rice MTracks & more information

Continuing Dartmoor music tradition

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TECD178 'Merlin’s Isle Of Gramarye' - Peter Bellamy Track List

A collection of songs by Rudyard Kipling, set and performed in the traditional idiom by Peter Bellamy, with Nic Jones, Dolly Collins, Dik Cadbury, Peter Hall, Chris Birch, Anthea Bellamy, Dave Arthur, Fred Woods and Mike Edmonds.

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WGS314CD 'Mr. Kynaston's Famous Dance - Vol.1 & 2' - Belshazzar's Feast Track List

Colourful interpretation of English eighteenth-century dance tunes from the Kynaston Collection on fiddle, oboe and accordion. Played at dance tempo and accompanied by a book of the same name containing music and steps by renowned caller Andrew Shaw.
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WG366CD 'Frost Bites' - Belshazzar's Feast  Track List

An unusual musical celebration of Christmas. The album contains songs, tunes and carols related to Christmas and originating from England, Europe and America. Vocals, melodeon, fiddle, oboe, cor anglais and bass clarinet and percussion.

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VT152CD 'The Barford Angel' - Billy Bennington  Tracks & more information

Norfolk dulcimer and dialect

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WGS427CD 'Echoes of Alfred' - Bob & Gill Berry  Track List

Folk songs from the Alfred Williams collection.

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EFDSSCD10 'Joanna' - The Bismarcks  Track List

The second CD from one of England's leading country dance bands.

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WGS284CD 'Call & Cry' - Sue Brown & Lorraine Irwing  Track List
Traditional songs from around the British Isles and beyond: unaccompanied female harmony.
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WGS406CD 'Just Another Day' - Tom & Barbara Brown Track List

A combination of circumstances has unintentionally brought us to Minehead, in Somerset, Cecil Sharp collected a number of songs from two retired sea captains in the town during a series of visits between August 1904 and May 1909. Cpt. Lewis (1835-1915) gave him 26 songs, Cpt. Vickery (1842-1916) gave him 13,  Together they give a fascinating window into the local vernacular song repertoire at the beginning of the 20th Century. The selection on this CD includes just some of our favourites: seven from Robert Lewis and five from James Vickery.

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WGS358CD 'Beyond the Quay' - Tom & Barbara Brown Track List

 A wide range of songs - long, short and tall all with a touch of the briny about them - but not a shanty in sight. It has a distinctly maritime leaning and also revisits some songs that have been in our repertoire for many years. We've also, again, taken the opportunity to work with some additional performers we admire: Keith Kendrick makes a welcome return he hasn't been able to make any of our recordings since Where Umber Flows and it's been a delight to work with the Askew sisters, Emily and Hazel.

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VT138CD 'Proper Job!' - Bob Cann  Tracks & more information

Melodeon playing from Dartmoor recorded 1952-1988

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VT113CDR 'A Dartmoor Country Dance Party' - Bob Cann's Pixie Band  Tracks & more information

A live dance in South Zeal Victory Hall
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VTC9DR 'Old Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all'  Tracks & more information

Folk songs sung in the West Country: Bob Cann, George Withers, Tommy Morrisey & Charlie Pitman
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WGS420CD 'I am the Song' - Jim Causley  Track List

 In 2013 I made an album of a selection of Charles Causley poems which I had set to music to commemorate the tenth anniversary of his death. Last year the Charles Causley Trust commissioned me to create another project using Charles poems to help celebrate the centenary of his birth, this year in 2017. I also felt that I wanted to look at a different aspect of Charles’ work this time around and so as his ‘Collected Poems for Children’ has recently been republished I thought it would be great fun to focus on those poems. And great fun it has been too!

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WGS377CD 'Dumnonia' - Jim Causley Track List

The album will include accompaniments from members of The Dartmoor Pixie Band, Nick Wyke and Becki Driscoll as well as Jeff Gillett. The kingdom of Dumnonia was the ancient home of the Dumnonii, the Celtic tribal people who lived in this part of the South West peninsula before, during and after the period when the Romans popped by to visit for a chilly winter holiday. It is where the modern county of Devon derives its name and a large chunk of its cultural identity. This album is an expression of Devonshireness as I feel it; with people who were around me at the time, no border checkpoints, nobody pushed out, just what it is.

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WGS354CD 'Sounding Now' - The Claque  Track List

Four part acapella male harmony. Distilled from the legendary groups of old, four voices of depth and maturity blended to give warmth and harmony to the English tradition.

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VT143CD 'Uppards!' - John Cocking  Tracks & more information

Northern Country Monologues

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FLEG 3080 'Sweet England' - Shirley Collins  Track List

Fledg’ling Records are very proud to present a carefully re-mastered edition of this classic recording from the infancy of the mid-twentieth century British folk revival. Guest musicians are Guy Carawan, Ralph Rinzler and John Hasted. Sweet England is a stunning collection of British and American traditional song, capturing a turning moment in the English folk song revival of the 1950’s.
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FLED 3057 'Snapshots' - Shirley & Dolly Collins  Track List

Gathered here are some magical performances of Shirley and Dolly Collins recorded in concert in the late 1970′s and a handful of demo recordings from the 1960s. These recordings all came to light after the release of Within Sound our monumental and widely acclaimed 4CD overview of Shirley’s recording career. As you might imagine we’re very proud to have the opportunity to release this collection on Fledg’ling Records.

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FLED 3052 'Folk Roots New Routes' - Shirley & Dolly Collins  Track List

Another classic record from 1965. An experimental recording conceived by Austin John Marshall bringing together Shirley’s haunting traditional song with Davy’s guitar improvisations. 'Folk Roots, New Routes' opened the door for Fairport Convention’s Liege and Lief and Pentangle’s debut. For this carefully remastered edition Fledg’ling have restored the original artwork, added a new sleeve-note essay and previously unpublished photographs.

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Cover picture


TSCD534 Come Write Me Down - The Copper Family  Track List 

Early recordings of the Copper Family of Rottingdean, Sussex. A two hundred year old southern English harmony singing tradition captured at one of it's peaks in the 1950s and early 1960s. Classic recordings of Bob, John, Jim and Bob Copper and including all their well known songs.

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FLED3097 Traditional songs from Rottingdean - The Copper Family  Track List

CD re-release of the classic 1963 EFDSS LP of Bob & Ron Copper recorded by Peter Kennedy in the 1950s.

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CSCD3 Coppersongs 3 - The Copper Family  Track List

'The Legacy Continues' The four regular singing Coppers, Bob, John, Jill & Jon joined by Bob's grandchildren Mark, Andy, Sean, Ben, Lucy & Tom.

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CSCD4 Coppers at Christmas - The Copper Family Track List

The Copper Family on this album comprises John and Jill Copper, Jill's husband Jon Dudley, and The Young Coppers: Mark, Andy and Sean Barratt and Ben, Lucy and Tom Copper. Bob Copper was still well enough to record this album with us but sadly died in March 2004. Bob's father Jim and cousin Ron appear on the archive tracks. Booklet notes by Dr. Vic Gammon.

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CSCD5 Young Coppers 'Passing Out' - The Copper Family  Track List 

The Young Coppers' first album, 'Passing Out' heralds the next generation of this famous family. Since the sad death of Bob Copper MBE in 2004, the family have done very few shows. However, now the six children of Bob's son and daughter, John and Jill Copper, are ready to launch the next leg of the ongoing story of The Copper Family.

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VT131CD 'When the May is All in Bloom'  Tracks & more information

Traditional singing from the South East of England: Bob Copper, John Copper, Louie Fuller, Gordon Hall, Bob Lewis and Ron Spicer

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WGS415CD 'Time to Rise' - Crows Track List

Crows were a popular feature of the folk scene from 1977 until 1987. During that time, they made two LPs, CROWS in 1981 and NO BONES OR GREASE in 1986. The tracks on this album were taken from the two albums plus 8 songs recorded for radio broadcast and never released. The original line up of the band was Mick Ryan, James Patterson, Ralph Jordan and John Burge.

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WGS327CD 'Crux' - Crucible  Track List
The second album from the multi-talented band - Crucible. They are a young band singing and playing traditional music with a strong English flavour that springs from living, working and playing together in the vibrant traditional music scene of Sheffield.

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VT130CD 'Who Owns the Game?'  Tracks & more Information

Traditional singers and melodeon players from Central Suffolk: Dolly Curtis, Charlie Stringer, Cyril Barber, Fred Whiting, Cecil Pearl and Roy Last 

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FECD122 'The Red Haired Lad' - Bob Davenport and The Rakes  Track List

Fine old-style Irish sets from the 'boys', who have forty years of experience under their belts. Songs, dance sets, listening tunes and tear-jerkers, with fiddles and button box. "With lashings of joy and sorrow and ensemble playing to die for." (Living Tradition)

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OHM810 'Far and Wide' - Nick Dow Track list

Unaccompanied songs from a variety of sources including a stunning version of 'The Dark Eyed Gypsey' he collected from travellers in Blackpool.

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WGS396CD 'The Boatman's Cure' - Paul Downes  Track List

Despite having played on around 250 albums in bands (The Arizona Smoke Revue, The Joyce Gang, The Brighton Taverners), duos (with Phil Beer, Mick Ryan, Maggie Boyle) and sessions, this is only Paul Downes’s 5th solo album. Here is the mix of traditional, contemporary and instumental material that you would expect from his live performances. Paul is accompanied by a wealth of talent:: Paul Downes - vocal, guitar, banjo, mandolin, Phil Beer - violin, mandolin and acoustic bass Maggie Boyle - flute, whistle, bodhran  Issy Emeney - melodeon Keith Kendrick - concertina  Jackie Oates - violin Gill Redmond -’cello

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TECD433 'The Fiddler's Dram' - Robin & Barry Dransfield  Track List

The Fiddler's Dream is a folk / folk-rock album by Dransfield, a short-lived group principally comprising the Dransfield brothers. Originally released as an LP in 1976 by Transatlantic,

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TECD307 'Pastime in Good Company' The Druids  Track List

The Druids were formed as a trio in 1969 by John Adams (vocals, mandolin, bass), Keith Hendrick (vocals, guitar, banjo) and Mick Hennessy (vocals, bass). A few months later, itinerant fiddler Dave Broughton joined them, and in 1970, while appearing in a documentary film about English folk musicians, they met fifth member Judi Longden, who added her voice to the proceedings.

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HEBECD006  'Open on Sundays' - Duck Soup  Track List

A unlikely line up of instruments which combine to produce a sound which works surprisingly well. Dan Quinn sings and plays melodeon, Ian Kearey plays, 12 string Dobro, mandolin, piano and bass guitar and Adam Bushell plays marimba, mandolin, phonefiddle and musical saw.

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CDMM001 'Out of the Box' - Will Duke Track List

Living in Sussex he is a fine anglo concertina player who has studied and learnt much from the playing of the great Scan Tester. He even has an instrument that was once owned by Scan. Here Will treats us to (as the sleeve cover describes) - ‘Songs, tunes, clicks and wheezes in the traditional manner’ and the sleeve design is another Tony Hall's creations.

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SDCD012 'Songs and Fiddle Tunes' - Jim Eldon Track List

A new CD of songs & tunes Jim has learned from the many traditional singers and musicians of his acquaintance.

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SDCD010 'Home From Sea' - Jim Eldon  Track List

The follow up to 'Fiddle & Song' (which is now not available) . Again at a budget price.

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SDCD003 'The Brid Fiddler' - Jim Eldon  Track List

At his best in front of a live audience. The seminal Eldon recording now available on CD.

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HEBECD002  'Reformed Characters' - Flowers & Frolics  Track list

They were one of the most influential bands arising from the 1970s resurgence of interest in English country dance music. Great tunes played in their own

inimitable style plus songs from Bob Davenport and Peta Webb. This is a new recording, not a re-release of their old album

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FLED 3107  A Garland For Joey' - Bob Fox  Track List

To mark the tenth anniversary UK tour of the acclaimed National Theatre production of War Horse, Songmaker John Tams and Songman Bob Fox release A Garland For Joey - 'The War Horse Song Book'. Acknowledged as the most popular show in the National Theatre’s history and seen by over 8 million people worldwide, is based on former Children’s Laureate, Michael Morpurgo’s book.

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VT114CDR 'One of the Best' - George Fradley  Tracks & more information

Songs from Derbyshire
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HOP009 'The Passing Moment'- Liz Giddings & Roger Digby - Track List

A first CD from the Dynamic fiddle and concertina duo with accompaniment from Ken Lees, Sue Lees, Martin Appleby and Ted Stevens plus four songs from Bob Davenport

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WGS412CD 'Songs from the Past Into the Future' - Derek Gifford  Track List

Derek has been singing for over 35 years and is well known as an excellent solo performer throughout the U.K. Some of the songs on the album are unaccompanied but most are accompanied by Derek on guitar or bowed psaltery with the support of concertina, cello, fiddle and oboe. Chorus songs are one of Derek's specialities and the album has some great chorus singing. Apart from his love of folk song Derek is also a keen conservationist and many of the songs on this album reflect these interests giving it a strong 'green' theme.

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WGS414CD 'Calm and Collected' - Martin & Shan Graebe  Track List

Martin and Shan Graebe sing traditional songs, mostly from the south of England &, mostly, unaccompanied & in harmony. Many come from the Devonshire collector, Sabine Baring-Gould, on whose work Martin is an authority. Martin has also written a number of songs that have become popular with folk audiences worldwide.

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WGS416CD 'Off the Land' - Granny's Attic  Track List

Granny's Attic are a fantastic young folk trio who play the tradition with verve, energy and their own inimitable style. These three young men are all exceptional musicians, and fine singers and play a range of English, Irish and Scottish traditional music as well as their own compositions. Formed in 2009, out of a shared passion for folk music, they have been playing at clubs and festivals up and down the country, and have been heralded for their lively performances and maturity beyond their years in their delivery and selection of traditional songs.
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VT135CD 'The Fox & the Hare' - Harry Green  Tracks & more information

Folk songs, music hall songs & recitations from Essex

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VT115CD 'As I went down to Horsham' - Mabs & Gordon Hall  Tracks & more information

Sussex family songs

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CBCD095 'Good Things Enough' - Gordon Hall  Track Listl

Unbeknown to his friends and family, this great Sussex singer visited a local studio and the resulting tapes were discovered after his death. These recordings include many songs he rarely sang in public.  A fitting tribute to a great singer.

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HABLIT 2018 'Good Company' - The Harbour Lights Trio Track list
The trio is Derek Simpson and Rob Neal who have performed together for 40 years, particularly with the renowned group 'Tickler's Jam'. They are joined by Alvar Smith who is one of the last of the dynasty of great Blaxhall Ship singers, whose grandfather Arthur Smith sang the title song in the seminal 1955 film 'Here's a Health to the Barley Mow'.

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WGS311CD 'The Heart Gallery' - Hen Party  Track List
Hen Party are a female a cappella folk group rooted in English traditional style, yet sparkily innovative in their vocal performance.

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WGS430CD 'Watching for Winkles' - Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner Track List

“Their harmonies are striking, with an impressive vocal range - and they produce a powerful and unique sound. Charismatic, humorous and quirky, they are not averse to a spot of outrage, though they sing their more serious songs with the same level of energy and vitality”

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WGS404CD 'Far Distant Stars' - Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner  Track List

Brace yourselves! They're back with yet another CD of songs topical, lyrical, fanciful, comical, miserable, and sometimes hysterical... all guaranteed to entertain and keep you on your musical toes.

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WGS342CD 'September Days' - Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner  Track List
Lynne and Pat are firmly established on the folk scene and this, their third album, continues to demonstrate their strong loyalty to the tradition. Their harmonies are outstanding with clear, bright diction and their voices remain as strong as ever. At the same time, their own special muse has not deserted them and, inspired by their travels and experiences (and having gained their diplomas in laughter facilitation) they continue to write and entertain with their own inimitable material.

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VT155CDR 'Norfolk Bred'- Ray Hubbard  Tracks & more information

Songs, tunes and stories from a Norfolk horseman

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VT127CDR 'Sailing Days' - Stan Hugill Tracks & more information

Shanties and Sea Songs from the Mersey Shantyman

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VTD148CD  'A Shropshire Lad' - Fred Jordan  Tracks & more information

English Folk Singer

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WGS423CD 'Shine On' - Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham  Track List
Vocal and instrumental music, social and ceremonial dance have all played a role in Keith Kendrick's career which has spanned nearly five decades. His repertoire when singing with Sylvia comprises mainly English traditional and traditionally influenced contemporary songs. Both have strong voices and compatible and complimentary styles of delivery and they produce a striking acapella harmony sound. They also accompany themselves and play lively dance tunes on three different systems of the only English invented musical instrument - the Concertina.
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WGS387CD 'Well Dressed' - Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham  Track List

Keith and Sylvia sing mainly English traditional and traditionally influenced contemporary songs and work extensively all over the UK, Europe and beyond with collectively over 80 years performing experience (and neither yet walks with a stick!). Both have a very wide ranging repertoire, strong voices and uncannily compatible and complimentary styles of delivery, affording an exciting enhancement in duo and between them produce a striking acapella harmony sound.

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FLED 3104 'Coat-Tails Flying' - John Kirkpatrick  Track List

The English squeezebox maestro John Kirkpatrick delivers another splendid new album for Fledg’ling Records (his eleventh for the label, if anyone is counting).

John Kirkpatrick is one of the finest entertainer’s on the folk scene, described by Shirley Collins as “English music’s mighty heart of oak”. This time around he has recorded his current live favourites (and a couple of untried ideas) – Coat-Tails Flying truly is a sensational and occasionally poignant musical feast.

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FLED 3099 'Tunes From The Trenches' - John Kirkpatrick Track List

Squeezebox maestro John Kirkpatrick has recorded a glorious selection of of songs from the First and Second World Wars. In a programme that highlights two different kinds of material – as you’d expect there’s a smattering of the popular hits of the day, interspersed with a selection of songs sung on the Front Line by service personnel. “In the main this is a celebration of the comradeship and spirit that allowed those previous generations to Keep Smiling Through. These are the songs these people sang at the time, with the straightforward attitude that was prevalent amongst our glorious forebears.

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John Kirkpatrick: Every Mortal Place (Fledg'ling FLED 3089)


FLED3089 'Every Mortal Place' - John Kirkpatrick Track List

A new album from the ever popular squeezebox player and singer John Kirkpatrick with material from his adopted county, Shropshire.

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Image of God Speed The Plough


FLEG 3084 'God Speed The Plough' - John Kirkpatrick  Track List

In the popular BBC television series “Victorian Farm” first shown in 2008, John Kirkpatrick was the fellow who popped up now and again contributing appropriate traditional songs, tunes, dances, and snippets about old customs and folklore. His new album 'God Speed the Plough' presents a programme of songs which take us through a year in the countryside.

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Image of The Duck Race


FLED 3043 'The Duck Race' - John Kirkpatrick  Track List

A great new solo album from Mr Kirkpatrick – what more can we say. This time out he explores the Morris Dance tunes of Shropshire – tunes from the repertoire of the Shropshire Bedlams and Martha Rhoden’s Tuppenny Dish, the two dance sides he helped form in the mid-1970s. Spectacular virtuoso playing – it’s easy see why John is regarded as a world class squezebox player. All this plus some incredibly informative and amusing sleevenotes from John.

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TECD161 'Absolutely Classic' - William Kimber Track List

Archive recordings of the famed Headington Quarry anglo concertina player. This CD marks the centenary of Cecil Sharp's first meeting with him. An 'enhanced' CD which includes some archival film. NB audio tracks play on a normal CD player & the visual content can be viewed via your CD-ROM drive.

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TECD163 'Kimber's Men'  Track List

Kimber’s Men are a group of singers specialising in maritime material. It would be unfair to call them simply a ‘shanty group’, although shanties are the bulk of their repertoire, because they range through nautical ballads and broadsides to modern songs

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WGS376CD 'Sea Strands' - Tim Laycock  Track List

A collection of songs and tunes all with associations to Dorset where Tim lives. Tim has long been recognised as a sensitive interpreter of traditional song as well as a masterful writer of his own. He is a superb solo player of the duet concertina as well as being a member of The New Scorpion Band. Tim Laycock vocals, duet concertina, melodeon, harmonica, percussion,  Robin Jeffrey vocals, Victorian guitar, alto guitar, mandoline, laouto, percussion Gabriel Laycock 12 string guitar, Colin Thompson fiddle and viola

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VT119CD 'Catch me if you Can' - Charlotte & Betsy Renals & Sophie Legg  Tracks & more information

Songs from Cornish Travellers

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VT129CDR  'I've Come to Sing a Song' - Vic Legg  Tracks & more information

Cornish Family Songs
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VT153CD 'Romany Roots' - Viv Legg  Tracks & more information

Cornish traveller family songs

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TMVL0302 'Jauling the Green Tober' - Viv Legg & Thomas McCarthy Track list

A great CD from two singers with traveller roots. Not a duet CD but a collaboration to share their repertoires.  

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WGS338CD 'Ghosts & Greasepaint' - barry Lister   Track List

Traditional song. Great ballads. Mainly acapella Barry Lister must be one of the best ballad singers in the country. He has been singing in groups since the sixties but this is his first solo album. It is not quite solo since Barry has brought in some of his friends to provide other voices and some backings.

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WGS391CD 'On Blue Stockings' - Lauren McCormack  Track List

Lauren McCormick is making waves on the folk scene with her live trio line up, weaving traditional and contemporary song with original tunes and intricate arrangements. With Dave Delarre - guitar,  James Delarre - violin, Roz Gladstone - cello

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WGS424CD 'Mischief Afoot'  - Mischief Afoot  Track List

Mischief Afoot are a folk trio based in the Cotwolds in the UK. We play a mixture of English, Irish and American folk songs and tunes, as well as self-penned compositions. We set out to entertain an audience with music for the heart, mind and feet and with songs to make them laugh, cry and sing along. The instrumental work can be dazzling, inventive, sensitive, playful or downright mischievous!
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WGS433CD  'Framed - The Alice Wheeldon Story' - Moirai  Track List 

A new collection of songs written and performed by Moirai, who are Jo Freya, Sarah Matthews and Mel Biggs. The songs are about the plot to murder David Lloyd George in 1917. Alice Wheeldon and her daughter Winnie Mason & son-in-law Alf Mason, were imprisoned for conspiracy to murder. A fascinating story and a fantastic collection of songs.

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WGS421CD 'Here and Now' - Moirai  Track List

The awaited second album from the wonderful group Moirai - pronounced 'More-eye')  Jo Freya, Melanie Biggs and and Sarah Matthews are three women who manage to create an orchestra and a choir of sounds and yet there are still only three of them. Throw away your preconceptions about what constitutes folk music and open your minds to a colourful pallet of sounds and song.

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WGS410CD 'Sideways' - Moirai  Track List
Moirai is a meeting of the musical minds of: Jo Freya (Blowzabella, Token Women, Fraser Sisters), Sarah Matthews (Cupola, Cupola:Ward) and Melanie Biggs (All Blacked Up).  Having played together many a tune in sessions throughout the country, it was decided to knit together their various talents by forming Moirai. Moirai means 'Spinners of Destiny' and performances weave the trio's instrumental talents with haunting vocals.

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VT146CD 'Still Fretting' - Rob Murch  Tracks & more information

English banjo music

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WGS405CD 'NYFTE' - National Youth Folklore Troupe of England  Track List

NYFTE (pronounced ‘nifty’) has been inspiring young people in our traditions of English music, song and dance since 1990. For team members, we offer the friendship of young people sharing an interest in folk; the opportunity to learn new skills and develop existing ones; the chance to learn from respected tutors and peers; development of teamwork and leadership skills, building confidence in abilities and providing the opportunity to perform at festivals and in concerts.

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VT161CD 'It's gritstone for me' Will Noble Tracks & more information

Songs from Yorkshire with Will's son and daughter, Cuthbert and Lydia.

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VT147CD 'Yon Green Banks' - Will Noble & John Cocking  Tracks & more information

Songs Sung in South Yorkshire

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OH1CD The Old Hat Concert Party Track List

Reg Reader, Font Whatling, Ted Chaplin, Tony Harvey, Cyril Barber etc. East Anglian music, song  stepdancing recorded 'live' in a Suffolk pub.

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OH2CD The Old Hat Dance Band Track List

Katie Howson, Reg Reader, Chris Wood, Mel Dean, Barry Coope, John Howson and Ted Stevens. Lively dance music from England and beyond.

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OH3CD Katie's Quartet  Track List

Katie Howson, Reg Reader, Rob Neal and John Howson. The third instalment of the liveliest dance music around.

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OH4CD  'Unbuttoned' - Katie Howson & Jeannie Harris Track List

A double helping of one-row four stop melodeons, and unaccompanied ballads from Jeannie.

CD - £11.99  Add to Basket


VT151CD 'Holsworthy Fair' - Tom, Jean & Ashley Orchard  Tracks & more information

Songs, tunes and stepdances from a Devon Gypsy family

CD - £9.25  Add to Basket




WGS429CD 'Too Young to Drive the Bus' - Out of Hand  Track List

Stuart Duncan, Will Sartin, Penny Kempson, David Dailly, Richard Portlock, Chris Campbell are the band ‘Out of Hand’ They are vibrant and play with the energy that belongs to young musicians. They are fast becoming one of the most danceable bands on the UK ceilidh circuit.

CD - £10.99 Add to Basket 


WGS434CD 'Fortyfived' - The Old Swan Band  Track List

Swan Band's newsest recording with tunes from around the world.

CD - £10.99 Add to Basket



WGS378CD 'Swan for the Money' - The Old Swan Band  Track List

The Old Swan Band as you expect to hear them. The band was born in a Cheltenham pub called The Old Swan (for a time an Irish theme pub and now just The Swan) and the band members are often to be found adding their considerable musical weight to English tune sessions in pub back rooms. There style is typified by driving fiddles and harmonica, fat brass, persistent and inventive percussion, all glued together with rhythmic and sweet piano. Whether applied to a newly

researched tune or to an old favourite, the Old Swan sound is unmistakable.

CD - £10.99  Add to Basket



WGS320CD 'The Swan-Upmanship' - The Old Swan Band  Track List

Old Swan have been influencing English country dance music for 30 years. This is their first new recording for 21 years. So here it is; still unbeatable. Driving fiddles with a full raunchy brass section and rhythm from drums and keyboard. This band is still unique and still at the cutting edge.

CD - £10.99  Add to Basket


Kyloe103 'Time Out of Mind' - Chris Ormston Track List

An excellent young Northumberland piper who plays very much in the style of the famed Clough family. A CD that has been long awaited by the Northumberland piping fraternity. It includes 19 tracks of traditional and new tunes, with some accompanied on flute

and fiddle.

CD - £9.95  Add to Basket

Cover picture


TSCD514 'A World Without Horses' - Walter Pardon  Track List 

An excellent album of another of the best known English traditional singers, again from Norfolk. Walter's songs lay undiscovered for many years, as they were only sung at home, until folklorists were alerted to his extensive repertoire. Here are some of Walter's finest recordings.

CD - £11.99 Add to Basket


WGS349CD 'Life's Eyes' - George Papavageris  Track List
What is different in Life's Eyes is that there is a quiet confidence appearing in his writing, which is audible in the subtlety of the tunes, no longer aiming to surprise with elaborate arrangements but just as memorable. And the same confidence is evident also in George's singing the best he has ever been. “Regrets” is probably the finest example of his mature and seasoned delivery. Augmented sparsely but tellingly by Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer (in the guise of George's itinerant Los Marbles) both in voice and on an assortment of guitars, bass, flute, small-pipes, whistle, keyboards and accordion settings

CD -  £6.99 Add to Basket


PRODAN2017 'A Little Cup of Tea' - Proper English  Track List

A long awaited recording from a band who have always been more interested in performing live. Ed Caines, Rob Neal and Derek Simpson making the kind of music that, if you were lucky enough, you might have heard in the remoter Suffolk pubs of the last century. A mixture of folk song pathos, music hall hilarity and toe-tapping dance tunes.
CD - £11.99 Add to Basket


HEBECD003 'Scanned' - Dan Quinn & Will Duke Track List

More songs in unison plus a good scattering of Scan Tester tunes from these two stalwarts of English traditional music.

CD - £12.99  Add to Basket


HEBECD005 'Thicker than Water' - Dan & Matt Quinn Track List

Dan Quinn and his son Matt's play and sing a variety of mainly English songs and tunes on their debut CD together.

CD - £11.99 Add to Basket



WGS356CD 'Nine Witch Knots' - Rubus  Track List
The band concentrates on modern interpretations of traditional songs using strong instrumentation. Emily Portman is probably best known as one third of The Devil's Interval and also working as a duo with Lauren McCormick

CD - £6.99  Add to Basket



WGS379CD  'The Pauper's Path to Hope' - Mick Ryan Show Track List

Another folk opera by the author /composer of 'A Day's Work', 'The Voyage', 'Tanks For The Memory' and 'The Navvy's Wife'. Through original song, music, verse, monologue and dialogue, 'The Pauper's Path to Hope', tells the stories of seven people forced by circumstance to enter the dreaded workhouse of the nineteenth century, but able, by courage and determination to escape its clutches.

CD - £6.99  Add to Basket



WGS417CD 'The Passing Hour' - Mick Ryan & Paul Downes  Track List

This is the fourth Ryan and Downes duo album. Mick and Paul have also worked successfully together on the albums of Mick’s popular folk operas The Navvy’s Wife, The Pauper’s Path and A Day’s Work. Prior to their current collaboration, they were both very well known in their own right.

CD - £10.99  Add to Basket



WGS393CD 'When Every Song Was New' - Mick Ryan & Paul Downes Track List  

The new album contains more traditional material than their earlier albums with many songs
from Mick's past.

CD - £10.99  Add to Basket



WGS361CD 'Susie Fair' - Maggie Sands & Sandragon  Track List

It was the making of this album (Maggie's fourth and the first for WildGoose records in England) that lead to the formation of Sandragon. Malcolm Bennett took over from Will on woodwinds, and Will Hughes from Anthar on percussion. On this album, you have all six of them. The album demonstrates the band's trademark blend of traditional songs and hi-energy dance tunes from the medieval and Renaissance eras. The dragon is the symbol which is found in both the English traditional tales of "St George & the Dragon", and the mythological dragon legends of medieval times.

CD - £6.99  Add to Basket



WGS386CD 'Heirlooms' - Chris Sarjeant  Track List

In popular usage, an heirloom is something, perhaps an antique or some kind of jewelry, that has been passed down for generations through family members.  In a reasonably short time, Chris has built a strong reputation as a live performer, appearing at a number of the country’s leading folk clubs and venues, in addition to this, Chris has worked as a performer for several years as part of leading music charity Live Music Now and is in high demand in London where he lives, as a teacher, most recently tutoring in folk performance at Goldsmith’s College.

CD - £6.99  Add to Basket



VT157CD 'O'er Lang at the Fair' - Rob Say  Tracks & more information

Smallpipes and Concertina from Northumberland

CD - £10.25  Add to Basket




WGS413CD 'The Whispering Road' - Serious Kitchen  Track List

Bubbling with vivid imagery and thrilling music, The Whispering Road is brought to life with accompaniment of traditional Scandinavian music on the Swedish nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle), kohorn (cow horn), accordion, guitar and three-part close harmony singing. Seriouskitchen draws on the rich heritage of Scandinavian myths and stories to bring you a show blending Nick Hennessey's spellbinding storytelling with Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer's renowned musicianship and their collective wealth of experience of Nordic traditional folk culture.

CD - £6.99  Add to Basket


VT149CD 'My Colleen by the Shore' - Bruce Scott  Tracks & more informationt

Songs in the Irish tradition from Liverpool.

CDR - £5.99  Add to Basket




WGS408CD 'A Celebration of Old England' - Anna Shannon  Track List

Hailing from the North Yorkshire National Park, Anna Shannon deeply embraces all things rustic. On hearing her compositions it is clear that the wonders of the natural world are the things that strongly colour her narratives. She is an immensely skilled multi-tasker, a creative and strikingly accomplished singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, arranger and designer, with her own definite, intense vision and a strong musical identity to match. Anna is carrying on a musical tradition, finding fresh meaning and relevance for us all in the old ways. Anna was born into a musical family but it wasn’t until in her early twenties that she discovered the folk scene. 2006 saw her first album “The Whale Dreaming” being released after being encouraged by winning BBC Radio “Yorkshire Songwriter of the Year”.

CD - £6.99  Add to Basket



VT159CD - 'An audience with the Shepherds' - Joe Hutton, Will Atkinson & Willie Taylor Tracks & more information

Live recordings of Northumberland's finest traditional musicians playing smallpipes. mouthorgan & fiddle.

£10.99 Add to Basket





VT118CDR  'Always Ask An Expert' - Sam Sherry  Tracks & more information

60 years of Lancashire Entertainment
 CDR £5.99  Add to Basket 





FLED 3100 'Ever Popular Favourites' - Martin Simpson & Dom Flemons  Track List

Two master musicians unite to explore how folk songs travelled from England to North America and vice versa, changing shape as they journeyed. Whilst known for being an English folk singer, guitarist and songwriter Martin Simpson has been combining British and Afro-American music for many years. In 2005, Dom Flemons

 co-founded the Carolina Chocolate Drops, who won a Grammy for their 2010 album 'Genuine Negro Jig'.  In 2014 the English Folk Dance and Song Society commissioned a unique artistic collaboration between the two to explore the journey of our shared folk music.

CD - £11.99  Add to Basket



VT136CD 'The Yellow Handkerchief' - Phoebe Smith Tracks & more information

Traditional songs & ballads from England’s greatest gypsy singer

£9.25 CD Add to Basket




VT112CDR 'Men of Staithes' - Staithes Fishermens' Choir  Tracks & more information

Fisherman's Hymns and favourite songs
CDR - £5.99  Add to Basket 





TECD317 'Please to see the King' Steeleye Span  Track List

Please To See The King is the second album by Steeleye Span, released in 1971, with the classic line-up of Maddy Prior, Tim Hart, Martin Carthy, Peter Knight and Ashley Hutchings.

CD - £9.95  Add to Basket




TECD316 'Ten Man Mop or Mr. Reservoir Butler Rides Again' Steeleye Span  Track List

The third album by Steeleye Span, recorded in 1971. This was the last album to feature founding member Ashley Hutchings.

CD - £9.95  Add to Basket





TECD355 'In the Club' - Dave Swarbrick & Simon Nicol  Track List

After Fairport Convention called it a day in 1979, Dave Swarbrick and Simon Nicol joined forces and spent the early eighties playing folk clubs throughout the country as an acoustic duo.

CD - £9.95  Add to Basket




VT145CD 'The Gower Nightingale' - Phil Tanner Tracks & more information

Ballads, songs and mouth music from South Glamorgan recorded in the 1930s & 40s  

£10.25 CD Add to Basket





TECD176 'A Mayflower Garland' - Cyril Tawney  Track List

A collection of folk songs from Devon and Cornwall offered as a tribute on the occasion of the 350th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower. Accompaniment by Tom Paley and Reg Hall and originally released in 1970.

CD - £9.95  Add to Basket



TECD179 'Sings children's songs from Devon and Cornwall'  - Cyril Tawney  Track List

Recorded in July 1969 and released later that year. On this record Cyril tried to give a selection of songs, as they were originally sung in Devon and Cornwall.

CD - £9.95  Add to Basket




TECD220 'Man of Honour' - Cyril Tawney  Track List

The non-maritine songs show a wealth of talent from the West country's most loved artist.

CD - £9.95  Add to Basket


Scan Tester - I Never Played To Many Posh Dances


TSCD581D 'I Never Played to Many Posh Dances' - Scan Tester Track List

Mostly recorded by Reg Hall, these 55 tracks - expanded and remastered from the 1990 vinyl LP - open a window to our musical past. A labour of love, this double CD is a fitting tribute to one of the greatest traditional musicians this country has produced. While his greatest prowess was on the Anglo-German concertina, he was first rate step-dancer, a fine singer and he also played fiddle, melodeon and tambourine.

CD x 2 - £11.99  Add to Basket


WGS392CD 'New Road to Alston' - Dave Townsend & Gill Redmond  Track List

A collection of tunes and songs with very exciting arrangements on concertina and cello

CD - £6.99  Add to Basket





WG367CD 'Past & Present' - Roger Watson Track List

A mixture of Songs and tunes. Roger Watson: Voice, 2- & 3-row Melodeons, English Concertina, with Jackie Oates: Voice, 5-stringed Viola; Tim Walker: Flugelhorn, Cornet, Voice, Side drum

CD - £6.99  Add to Basket



WGS383CD 'Look Out!' - White Star Line  Track List

On the night of April 14th 1912, Titanic struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic. She sank in the early hours of April 15th, claiming more than 1500 lives; among the dead were over 500 crew whose home was Southampton. Look Out! is the story of Titanic and Southampton, from her anticipated arrival in the town, through the despair of the tragedy, and the consequences for those left behind. Central to the story are the crew, particularly Fred Fleet, one of the look-outs on that fateful night. He was the first to see the iceberg, and lived with the memories and repercussions for the rest of his life.

CD - £6.99  Add to Basket



WGS292CD 'Dead Maid's Land' - Wren Trust  Track List

Traditional West Country songs from the 19th Century collection of Sabine Baring-Gould. (re-mixed)

CD - £6.99  Add to Basket



WGS401CD 'A Handful of Sky' Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll  Track List

Nick and Becki are two outstanding fiddle players composing and re-interpreting traditional tunes. They also sing some great songs using their inventive playing as accompaniment.

CD - £10.99  Add to Basket



FLED 3094 'Oberon 1968' - The Young Tradition  Track List

The live reputation of the mighty Young Tradition lives long in the memories of all who heard them during their brief career. Live recordings were thought not to exist until, 45 years later, an American fan remembered the reel-to-reel recording he’d made at Oberlin College on 17th November 1968. Carefully restored, these tapes are now released by Fledg’ling Records on CD. The Young Tradition were formed on 18 April 1965 by Peter Bellamy, Royston Wood and Heather Wood – with a repertoire from the British folk tradition, style from Carnaby Street and lashings of attitude they soon firmly established themselves on the folk scene.
CD - £11.99  Add to Basket


VT154CD 'Good Hearted Fellows' - Various Artistes  Tracks & more information

Traditional folk songs, music hall songs and tunes from Suffolk’ recorded 1971 - 1977 by Keith Summers

CD - £9.25  Add to Basket





VT150CD 'Heel & Toe' - Various Artistes  Tracks & more information

Songs, tunes and stepdances from Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex.

CD - £9.25  Add to Basket




VT142CDR 'Pass the Jug Round' - Various Artistes  Tracks & more information

Traditional Songs & Music from Cumberland recorded in the 1950s.
CDR -  £5.99  Add to Basket 



VT140CD 'Good Order' - Various Artistes  Tracks & more information

Traditional singing and music from the Eel’s Foot, Suffolk.

£10.25 CD Add to Basket



VT121CDR 'What a Lovely War!' - Various Artistes  Tracks & more information

British Songs' Songs from the Boer War to the Present Day

CDR -  £5.99  Add to Basket 



VTDC12CD  'I thought I was the only one!' - Various Artistes  Tracks & more information

Dulcimer players from East Anglia

CD + DVD - £15.99  Add to Basket





VTDC11CD  'The Pigeon on the Gate' - Various Artistes  Tracks & more information

Melodeon players from East Anglia

CD x 2 - £13.25    Add to Basket



VTC10CD 'Stepping it out again!' - Various Artistes  Tracks & more information

Traditional folk music, songs and stories from England & Ireland

CD -  £10.25  Add to Basket



VTDC8CD  'Many a Good Horseman' - Various Artistes  Tracks & More information

Traditional music making from Mid-Suffolk

CD x 2 -  £13.25  Add to Basket





VTC7CD 'It was on a market day - Two' - Various Artistes  Tracks & more information

English traditional folk singers

CD -  £9.25  Add to Basket



VTC6CD 'It was on a market day - One' - Various Artistes  Tracks & more information

English traditional folk singers

CD - £9.25  Add to Basket




VTC5CD 'When the Wind Blows' - Various Artistes  Tracks & more information

An anthology of traditional music from coastal England

CD - £9.25  Add to Basket





VTC4CD 'Down in the Fields' - Various Artistes  Tracks & more information

An anthology of traditional folk music from Rural England

CD - £9.25  Add to Basket



VTC3CDR 'Comic Songs Sung in Suffolk' - Various Artistes  Tracks & more information

Comic Songs, Music Hall Songs & Parodies sung by traditional singers'.
CDR - £5.99 Add to Basket 




VTC2CD 'Songs Sung  in Suffolk' - Various Artistes  Tracks & more information

Popular Folk Songs, Old Songs and Ballads sung by traditional singers'

CD -  £9.25  Add to Basket



VTC1CD 'Stepping it Out' - Various Artistes  Tracks & more information

Traditional folk music, songs and dances from England

CD - £9.25  Add to Basket



Cover picture


TSCD607 'English Country Music' Track List 

This is an essential CD for anyone interested in traditional music from the English countryside. Recorded in Norfolk with Billy Cooper on dulcimer, Walter and Daisy Bulwer on fiddle and piano and Reg Hall on melodeon.

CD - £11.99  Add to Basket



WGS381CD 'Short Sharp Shanties Vol.1'  Track List

This is the first of three CDs which record the repertoire of John Short – a.k.a. Yankee Jack – of Watchet, Somerset in England’s West Country, who, in 1914, gave the folk-song collector Cecil Sharp nearly sixty shanties, several in early rare versions. John spent over fifty years working in sailing boats, much of his younger days in deep-water ships, sailing all around the world as a shantyman. He was born in 1839; went to sea with his father when he was nine; went deep sea at eighteen; married and retired from the deep water trade in his mid-thirties and died when he was ninety-two, in 1933. Sung by: Jim Mageean, Jeff Warner, Keith Kendrick, Jackie Oates, Roger Watson, Sam Lee, Brian Willoughby, Tom Brown, Barbara Brown, Doug Bailey.

CD - £10.99  Add to Basket



WGS382CD 'Short Sharp Shanties Vol.2'  Track List

This is the second of the three CDs which record the repertoire of John Short – a.k.a. Yankee Jack – of Watchet, Somerset in England’s West Country, who, in 1914, gave the folk-song collector Cecil Sharp nearly sixty shanties, several in early rare versions. John spent over fifty years working in sailing boats, much of his younger days in deep-water ships, sailing all around the world as a shantyman. He was born in 1839, went to sea with his father when he was nine, went deep sea at eighteen, married and retired from the deep water trade in his mid-thirties, and died at the age of ninety-four, in 1933. Sung by: Jim Mageean, Jeff Warner, Keith Kendrick, Jackie Oates, Roger Watson, Sam Lee, Brian Willoughby, Tom Brown, Barbara Brown, Doug Bailey.

CD - £10.99  Add to Basket



WGS388CD 'Short Sharp Shanties Vol.3'  Track List

This is the third and final CD which records the repertoire of John Short – a.k.a. Yankee Jack – of Watchet, Somerset in England’s West Country, who, in 1914, gave the folk-song collector Cecil Sharp nearly sixty shanties, several in early rare versions. John spent over fifty years working in sailing boats, much of his younger days in deep-water ships, sailing all around the world as a shantyman. He was born in 1839, went to sea with his father when he was nine, went deep sea at eighteen, married and retired from the deep water trade in his mid-thirties, and died at the age of ninety-four, in 1933.

CD - £10.99  Add to Basket



TSCD751 'Voice of the People'  Track List

'A compilation sampler'

CD - £9.99  Add to Basket


Cover picture


TSCD651 'Come Let Us Buy the Licence'  Track List

'Songs of courtship & marriage'

CD - £11.99  Add to Basket


Cover picture


TSCD654 'Farewell my Own Native Land'  Track List

'Songs of exile & emigration'

CD - £11.99  Add to Basket


Cover picture


TSCD661 'My Father's the King of the Gypsies' Track List

'Music of English & Welsh travellers & gypsies' 

CD - £11.99  Add to Basket

Cover picture


TSCD668 'To Catch a Fine Buck Was My Delight'  Track List

'Songs of hunting & poaching'

CD - £11.99  Add to Basket




TSCD671 'You Never Heard so Sweet' Track List

Songs by Southern English Traditional Singers. Selected & presented by Shirley Collins from classic recordings made in the 1950s by Peter Kennedy & Bob Copper.

CD - £11.99  Add to Basket


EFDSSCD02  'A Century of Song' - A celebration of traditional singers since 1898  Track List

Produced to mark one hundred years since the foundation of the Folk Song Society. An anthology of 25 tracks of singers from all over the country including 6 rare tracks taken from early cylinder recordings. Includes: The Copper Family, Arthur Howard, Harry Cox, Emma Vickers, Phil Tanner, Mary Ann Haynes, May Bradley, Will Noble & John Cocking, Fred Jordan and Walter Pardon alongside lesser-known performers.

CD - £9.99 Add to Basket



EFDSSCD13 'Hardcore English' Track List

The double CD which compliments the book of same title (ENB26), also compiled by Barry Callaghan, contains thirty-two tracks of tunes played by many of the leading ceilidh bands, including The Old Swan Band, The Bismarcks, The Old Hat Dance Band, Geckoes, Florida and Pete Coe.

CD x 2 - £15.99  Add to Basket


Kyloe105 'The Quiet Hills Track List

Alice Burn, Graham Dick, Richard & Fiona Johnstone, Chris Ormston, Andrew & Margaret Watchorn

An Anthology of music and song from Northumberland performed by musicians and singers who are currently upholding this vibrant tradition.

CD - £9.95  Add to Basket



MCRCD1102 'Banquet of Boxes' - A celebration of English Melodeon  Track List

A new English melodeon compilation featuring  John Spiers, Dan & Matt Quinn, Saul Rose, Mark Bazeley (with Rob Murch), Ed Rennie, Simon Bannister (with Katie Bannister), Katie Howson, Andy Cutting, Simon Care (with Will Pound), Simon Ritchie and John Kirkpatrick.

CD - £11.99  Add to Basket


WGS341CD 'Songs of Witchcraft and Magic'  - Various Artistes  Track List
This collection of songs reflects the significant part that magic has played in our culture. They connect with myths and folktales that take us back to the distant past; but they also represent a living and evolving tradition. The magic of these songs still exerts power over us today.

CD - £10.99  Add to Basket



TSCD487 'The Northumbrian Small Pipes' - Various Artistes  Track List

There is a long and illustrious tradition of playing the Northumbrian Small Pipes in the northeast of England and this compilations includes some of the great players including: Tom Clough, Billy Pigg and Joe Hutton.

CD - £11.99  Add to Basket



TECD118 'The Mother of All Morris' - Various Artistes  Track List

A plethora of well known musicians celebrating Morris music, including: John Kirkpatrick and Chris Parkinson, Chris Leslie, Saul Rose, Eliza Carthy, Jim Causley and the Morris On Band.

CD - £9.95  Add to Basket



TECD305 'And the ladies go dancing …' - The Morris Federation  Track List

A celebration of 40 years of the Women's Morris Federation

CD x 2 - £11.95  Add to Basket



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