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When the wind blows

An anthology of traditional folk music from Coastal England’


Johnny Doughty (Sussex) Walter Pardon (Norfolk) Stan Hugill & Stormalong John (Merseyside) Bob Lewis (Sussex) Bob Davies (Norfolk) Harold Smy (Suffolk) Staithes Fisherman's Choir (North Yorkshire) Ted Chaplin (Suffolk) Gordon Hall (Sussex) John 'Dusso' Winter (Suffolk) George Withers (Somerset) Fred Whiting (Suffolk) Norman Perks (Gloucestershire) Tommy Morrissey (Cornwall) Ted Quantrill (Suffolk) Mabs Hall (Sussex) Percy Brown & Dick Hewitt (Norfolk)

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These recordings embody the spirit of seafaring and coastal life. There are songs in praise of fish, tales of press-ganged sailors and their lovers, and deep water working shanties. Traditional fishermen’s hymns ensured the crew’s safe return, which was often an occasion for music or stepdancing in a harbourside pub.


These are traditional performers recorded in their locality, whose songs and tunes have been passed down to them by their families and communities.


Tracks (click on the title to see the words of each track and /or read notes about it)

1. Heave on the Trawl - Johnny Doughty (1.46)

2. Will Your Anchor Hold - Staithes Fishermen's Choir (2.22)

3. The Topman and the Afterguard - Walter Pardon (2.01)

4. A-Rolling Down the River - Stan Hugill & Stormalong John (2.57)

5. Pretty Maids of Greenwich - Bob Lewis (2.03)

6. Cromer Stepdance Medley - Bob Davis (1.45)

7. The Bargeman's Alphabet - Harold Smy (3.29)

8. A Sailor from Dover - Mabs Hall (1.51)

9. Beyond the Sea - Staithes Fishermen’s Choir (3.20)

10. Stormy Weather Boys - Harold Smy (0.57)

11. The Herring's Head - Ted Chaplin (2.23)

12. Caroline and her Young Sailor Bold - Gordon Hall (5.25)

13. The Captain and the Mate - John 'Dusso' Winter (4.00)

14. The Watchet Sailor - George Withers (2.22)

15. Live Herrings /Fine Yarmouth - Johnny Doughty /Fred Whiting (2.21)

16. Jesus at Thy Command - Staithes Fishermen's Choir (2.57)

17. Early, Early in the Spring - Norman Perks (2.40)

18. Scarborough - Harold Smy (2.28)

19. The Leaky Ship - Stan Hugill & Stormalong John (1.33)

20. The Diving Bell - Tommy Morrissey (3.27)

21. A Lad and a Lass Once Stood - Ted Quantrill (5.04)

22. Old Grey Noddle - Mabs Hall  (1.32)

23. Who Will Man the Lifeboat - Staithes Fishermen's Choir (3.25)

24. Shoals of Herring - Fred Whiting (1.54)

25. Spanish Ladies - Walter Pardon (3.44)

26. Yarmouth Hornpipe - Percy Brown & Dick Hewitt (1.31)

27. Windy Old Weather - Johnny Doughty (2.51)


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