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TSCD466 'King of the Highland Pipers' - John Burgess  Track List

Probably the best piping album ever produced from the phenomenal award-winner.

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SPRCD1039 'Ye Shine Whar Ye Stan' - Jock Duncan  Track List

One of the finest singers to come out of the North East of Scotland singing here with a wide range of accompaniment.

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AH005 'Last of the Clydedales' - Gordon Easton  Track List

Gordon Easton is from the Blackhills of Tyrie near Fraserburgh, where his family has crofted for generations. He learned many of his old songs from his mother and grandmother and is well-known for his fiddle, jew’s harp and ‘moothie’ playing, not to mention his considerable skills as a ‘diddler’. Now, at the age of 84, he has recorded this his first CD. In recent years he has become a fixture on the festival competition scene, sometimes entering as many as five competitions.

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LTCD1002 'Corachree' - Jimmy Hutchinson Track List

Songs and Ballads from the popular singer. Jimmy was born on the island of Uist, but is now living in Fife.

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Kyloe104 'The Swan on the Loch' - George Macpherson  Track List

Stories from the Isle of Skye.

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Kyloe108/109 'On the tip of my tongue' - Audrey Parks  Track List

Belfast born Audrey Parks is a master storyteller. Resident in Edinburgh for many years, she has a store of Irish and Scottish folktales many learned from her grandmother.

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VT128CDR  'Put Another Log on the Fire' - Duncan Williamson  Tracks & more information

Songs & Tunes from a Scots Traveller

Digital download: to buy tracks, or the whole album, use the "more information" link":


CDTRAX 9003 'Scottish Traditions 3' - Waulking Songs from Barra'  Track List

A collection of work songs from the Western Isles.

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CDTRAX 9006 'Scottish Traditions 6' - Gaelic Psalms from Lewis'  Track List

A unique choral singing tradition, described as a moving experience!

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CDTRAX 9017 'Scottish Traditions 17' - Scottish Traditional Tales Track List

Concentrating on the the story telling tradition, this double CD includes Betsy Whyte, Davie Stewart, Andrew Stewart, Bella Higgins, Stanley Robertson, Tom Tulloch, James Henderson and George Peterson.

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CDAH011 'The Little Ball of Yarn'  Track List

Fife Traditional Singers’ Festival  continue their series documenting each year’s event. The new volume features: from Scotland John Valentine, Elizabeth Stewart, Pete Shepherd and Jimmy Hutchinson; from England Emily Portman and Brian Dawson and from Ireland Len Graham.

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Kyloe100  'Traveller's Tales Volume One'  Track List

11 tracks featuring songs and stories and ballads from Stanley Robertson, Duncan Williamson and William Williamson

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Kyloe101 'Traveller's Tales Volume Two'  Track List

13 tracks featuring songs and stories and ballads from Gabrielle Ijdo, Stanley Robertson and Duncan Williamson.

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Kyloe102  'Borderers' Track List

More of Mike Yates excellent recordings this time from the border area of Scotland where he has found abundant fruits which feature here, with no less than eight singers,

two fiddle players, an accordion player and a tin whistle player.

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Kyloe107 'Hamish Henderson Collects'  Track List

Songs ballads and a story from the School of Scottish Studies archive.

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Kyloe110 'Hamish Henderson Collects Vol. 2'   Track List

More songs and ballads from the School of Scottish Studies archive.

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