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WGS431CD  'Better Days a Comin' - Sara Grey and Kieron Means Track List 

Sara Grey and her son, Kieron Means, play American music, as distinct from Americana - theirs is the real deal. Old-time ballads, cowboy songs and Primitive Methodist hymns are all grist to their individual mill. Sara's unique frailing banjo style and Kieron's blues-inflected guitar are in perfect harmony and this, instinctive, family symbiosis is what sets them apart. Passionate and heartfelt vocals are the icing on the cake. Kieron and I wanted to make this CD together….just the two of us as a statement of our love for old songs and tunes.

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WGS432CD 'Through the Woods' - Rattle on the Stovepipe  Track List

A new album from Rattle on the Stovepipe. Great music as usual. The trio brings together two of the British folk scene's most admired veterans, Dave Arthur and Pete Cooper. Both have been members of leading bands and duos for decades now but never has either been heard to better effect than in this line-up. The third member is the much younger multi-instrumentalist Dan Stewart… one of Europe's leading Old Timey banjo players

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WGS425CD 'Roam the Country Through' - Jeff Warner Track List

I’ve been surrounded by traditional song for as long as I can remember. As a boy, and later as a teen, I was with my parents, Anne and Frank Warner, on some of their song-collecting trips in North Carolina and New York State’s Adirondack Mountains. I learned first-hand the value rural singers placed on the songs passed down to them. I’m glad I got to meet people for whom old songs were their main—sometimes only—music.

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WGS385CD 'Long Time Travelling' - Jeff Warner  Track List

My association with the old songs goes back a long way. My father had me up on stage with him, singing “The Old Chisholm Trail,” when I was eight. I got taken along (of necessity) as a boy on some of their later song collecting trips to the mountains and seacoast of North Carolina and the Adirondack Mountains of New York. I'm glad I got to meet rural people for whom traditional song was their main - sometimes only - music. Some of the songs on this album are from those people I met, and got to know better through the recordings they made for my parents.

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