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English Books


Bibliography and photos of Bob Cann and the Pixies, plus notation of the dances that are regularly danced in the village halls of Dartmoor.

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Also available is VT113CDR 'A Dartmoor Country Dance Party'

which includes recordings of Pixies playing for the dances in the book (now download only).



'A Survey of Traditional Music Making in Mid-Suffolk' - John Howson Detailed information and reminiscences from a lively musical tradition. Includes over 100 photos.

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Also available is VTDC8CD 'Many a Good Horseman' the double CD which includes singers and musicians mentioned in the book

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This book focuses on songs noted down by Ralph Vaughan Williams who visited Southwold in Suffolk in 1910. He collected fifteen songs from local fishermen particularly the Hurr family. The book contains scores for all the songs, plus lyrics and notes and also photographs and biographies of the singers.  


EATMT Book - £5.99  Out of stock, new edition due late 2023.


This book of tunes from East Anglia is more than just a tune book. It’s aim is to shed light on the way in which traditional music in Suffolk and Norfolk has thrived and mutated during the 20th century. Polkas, waltzes, hornpipes, schottisches and jigs, with comparative versions, transcribed from recordings of more than 20 different melodeon, fiddle & dulcimer players, as well as biographies, photographs and contextual information about traditional music in East Anglia.


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Jig dolls are many things - dancing dolls, puppets, toys, wooden artefacts, percussion instruments. This revised and expanded edition of the seminal work by Rennie and Pat Pickles (1988) has twice the number of pages in the original book and more than three times the number of illustrations, the majority now in full colour, as well as a bibliography and index. Following Rennie's death in 1987, Pat Pickles continued to amass information and images, and eventually found an ally in Katie Howson, then Artistic Director of the East Anglian Traditional Music Trust, to help in her wish to publish an expanded edition. Pat and Katie worked together over several years, taming the torrent of new material and shaping it into this new publication which pieces together a history from descriptions, printed references and museum examples from the British Isles. The authors describe three case studies (Yorkshire, East Anglia, and the Seth Davy legend) and then reach beyond the British scene, to explore evidence of dancing dolls in Europe, the United States and Canada, Australia and Africa. The book then surveys commercially produced jig dolls and mechanical dancers before ending with a round-up of recent developments and innovations. The book was shortlisted for the Katharine Briggs Folklore Award in 2019.


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Irish Books



This brand new book (2022), contains over 200 tunes composed by legendary accordion player Jackie Daly. Jackie was born in Co. Cork, where he was surrounded by the rich musical tradition of Sliabh Luachra, and he went on to become one of the most influential box players in Irish music . He has performed all over the world with bands including De Danann, Patrick Street, Buttons and Bows, and in a duo with Matt Cranitch. The tunes have Jackie's characteristic witty titles and remarks, and include jigs, hornpipes, reels, polkas, slides and planxties.

There is further information about the book on the Irish Traditional Music Archive website plus links to some recordings.

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IRB34 THE IRISH FIDDLE BOOK: The Art of Traditional Fiddle Playing

This book (and accompanying CD) by respected musician, teacher, lecturer and broadcaster Matt Cranitch, explains and shows in detail the various techniques used by fiddle players in creating a traditional style of playing Irish music. It is aimed not only at the beginner, but also the fiddle-player (or violinist) with some knowledge and experience who wishes to learn more. Particular emphasis is given to bowing and ornamentation, with individual chapters devoted to jigs, slides, polkas, hornpipes, airs and reels. The book also attempts to convey something of the excitement felt in playing music, and the CD is an invaluable aid to learning as it allows the listener to hear how the music and ornamentation should sound.

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IRB30 HUNTING THE HAIR and other pursuits Contents

A new book and CD of comic songs written by Con Ó Drisceoil. He is celebrated, throughout Ireland and England for his first book “The Spoons Murder and other mysteries” which was published in 2006 and his talent for creating comic songs was recognised in 2009 when he was awarded the TG4 Gradam Ceoil as Composer of the Year. He also of course well known as a fine button accordion on which he specialises in the music of Cork and Kerry. In this work he has the good fortune to enjoy, in the group The Four Star Trio, the company of musicians Johnny McCarthy and Pat Ahern,

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IRB33 THE SPIRIT OF THE REELS - The story of the Famous Liverpool Céilí Band

'The Spirit of the Reels', relives the times and triumphs of The Famous Liverpool Ceílí Band. Following this traditional Irish band from their Liverpool origins, to their All-Ireland victories in the 1960s and their remarkable tour of the States. Bringing to life the humourous exploits of these outstanding musicians in a fascinating history of traditional Irish music and the social change they lived through. 

“This is a story of music, mirth, magic and memories which is unique and inspiring in its substance and in its telling. This celebrated ensemble encapsulated the story of Ireland – her history, culture, quest for independence, emigration and tenacity of character. They were a torch of hope and pride and a barometer of potential and achievement.” Dr. Labhrás Ó Murchú, Ardstiúrthóir CCÉ


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VTDC12CD 'I thought I was the only one' - Dulcimer players from East Anglia   Archival recordings and a film of Billy Bennington'


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