TSCD671  You Never Heard So Sweet


1. Ned Adams: The Bold Princess Royal          

2. Joe Spicer: Heave on the Trawl          

3. Lily Cook: Caroline and her Young Sailor    

4. George Maynard: Down by the Seaside       

5. Noah Gillette: The Bonny Bunch of Roses O          

6. Bob & Ron Copper: Birds in the Spring       

7. George Burton: The Pretty Ploughboy          

8. Lily Cook: The Lark in the Morning    

9. Luther Hills & Mark Fuller: Dame Durden    

10. Jim Barrett: Spencer the Rover        

11. Jim Swain: Jim the Carter Lad

12. Turp Brown: Six Jolly Miners

13. Fred Hewett: While Jones’s Ale Was New 

14. Mrs. Hewett: Old Johnny Buckle      

15. George Attrill: The Broken-Down Gentleman        

16. George Maynard: Cloddy Banks      

17. Enos White: The Bold Dragoon        

18. Jim Copper: Lemany     

19. Gladys Stone: Deep in Love

20. Luther Hills with Mark Fuller: The Foggy Dew     

21. George Spicer: The Folkestone Murder      

22. Harry Upton: Canadee-i-o

23. Lottie Chapman: The Silver Pin       

24. Frank Cole: The Bold Trooper 5:27

25. Albert Beale: The Moon Shines Bright        

26. Bob & Ron Copper: Shepherds, Arise!      






















































TSCD672D  I'm A Romany Rai


CD1: I Were Borned in an Old Gypsy Wagon
1. Phoebe Smith: I’m a Romany Rai
2. Tom Willett: The Roaming Journeyman
3. Janet Penfold: Won’t You Buy My Sweet Blooming Lavender?
4. Rebecca Penfold: The Banks of Sweet Primroses
5. Charlie Scamp: How Old Are You, My Pretty Fair Maid?
6. Mary Fuller: Oh, What a Life
7. Wally Fuller: The Game of Cards
8. Charlie Scamp: Come, Father, Build Me a Boat
9. Sheila Smith: Dear Father, Pray Build Me a Boat
10. Phoebe Smith: Higher Germany
11. Tom Willett: The Rose of Ardene
12. Rebecca Penfold: Meeting is a Pleasant Place
13. Jack Fuller: Briny O’Then
14. Wally Fuller: The Bold Drunkards
15. Chris Willett: The Little Ball of Yarn
16. Jack Fuller: Green Grow the Laurels
17. Rebecca Penfold: The Banks of the Sweet Dundee
18. Charlie Scamp: Young Leonard
19. Phoebe Smith: Down by the Sheepfold
20. Chris Willett: Thorny Park
21. Wally Fuller: The Bold Poachers
22. Tom & Chris Willett: Down by the Tanyard Side
23. Wally Fuller: I Am a Man That’s Done Wrong to My Parents
24. Charlie Scamp: Barbary Allen
25. Charlie Scamp: A Blacksmith Courted Me
26. Phoebe Smith: A Blacksmith Courted Me

CD2: Carolyne Hughes and her Family
1. Carolyne Hughes: The Soldier and the Lady
2. Carolyne Hughes: The Sprig of Thyme
3. Carolyne Hughes: A Blacksmith Courted Me
4. Carolyne Hughes: The London Murder
5. Carolyne Hughes & daughter: As I Was A-walking One May Summer’s Morning
6. Carolyne Hughes: Once I Had a Colour
7. Carolyne Hughes: My Father He Built Me a Shady Bower
8. Carolyne Hughes: Georgie
9. Carolyne Hughes: Young Willie
10. Carolyne Hughes: My Black Dog and Sheep Crook
11. Carolyne Hughes: If I Were a Blackbird
12. Carolyne Hughes: Down by the Old Riverside
13. Carolyne Hughes: A Wager, a Wager
14. Carolyne Hughes: The Brake of Briars
15. Carolyne Hughes: The Bird in the Bush
16. Carolyne Hughes: Flash Girls and Airy
17. Carolyne Hughes: The Game of Cards
18. Carolyne Hughes: Catch Me, Bold Rogue, If You Can
19. Celia Warren: Jealousy Thoughts
20. John Hughes: The Long Lost Child
21. Carrie Hughes: Henry My Son
22. John Hughes: Barbry Allen
23. Carolyne Hughes & Daughter: Billy Boy
24. Carolyne Hughes: The Cuckoo
25. Carolyne Hughes: Died for Love
26. Carolyne Hughes: Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender
27. Carolyne Hughes: The Little Boy
28. Carolyne Hughes: Adieu to Old England
29. Carolyne Hughes: The Butcher Boy
30. Carolyne Hughes: My Truelove Was a Sailor Lad
31. Carolyne Hughes: Meet Me Tonight in the Moonlight
32. Carolyne Hughes: Tuning
33. Carolyne Hughes: The Draggle-Tailed Gypsies




























TSCD673T  Good People, Take Warning



1. Bob & Ron Copper: The Bold Fisherman      3:37

2. Jean Elvin: The Boston Smuggler   4:05

3. Maggie Chambers: Doran’s Ass      1:50

4. Bess Cronin: Molly Bawn                 2:11

5. Paddy Doran: Seven Yellow Gypsies             1:35

6. Ben Butcher: In Sheffield Park        1:39

7. Maggie Stewart: The Braes o’ Strathblane     4:05

8. Phil Tanner: The Bonny Bunch of Roses       3:09

9. Jeannie Robertson: Johnnie Cock                9:23

10. Gabriel Figg: Holloman’s Ivy         2:34

11. Sarah Makem: Carolina and the Sailor         4:17

12. Lucy Stewart: The Jolly Beggar    1:18

13. Thomas Moran: The Blind Beggar’s Daughter            2:44

14. Jim O’Neill: Her Mantle So Green                 4:40

15. Mick McAlinden: My Father’s Serving Boy   5:17

16. Maureen Melly: The Trip over the Mountain                1:39

17. Sam Larner: The London Steamer                2:13

18. Phoebe Smith: The Oxford Girl    4:13

19. Margaret Jeffrey: When I Was a Young Maid              3:41



1. Jean Elvin: Blooming Caroline        6:17

2. Harry Cox: The Crabfish  2:51

3. Bess Cronin: Barbara Allen              2:11

4. Mary Toner: Jogging up to Claudy                 1:46

5. Harry List: The Light Dragoon        1:42

6. Dodie Chalmers: The Golden Victory            3:36

7. Gladys Stone: Her Servant Man      2:43

8. Seamus Ennis: Captain Wedderburn             4:10

9. Sarah Makem: Our Ship She’s Ready             1:50

10. Paddy McCluskey: Willie and Mary              2:15

11. Lucy Stewart: Two Pretty Boys     1:16

12. Jim Copper: You Seamen Bold     3:46

13. Jean Mathew: The American Stranger          3:43

14. Paddy Grant: McCaffery                 4:01

15. Thomas Moran: The Blind Man He Could See            1:49

16. Ethel Findlater: The Maid of the Cowdie and Knowes               2:01

17. Harry Upton: The Wreck of the Northfleet    4:54

18. Mary Doran: Oxford City                3:24

19. Joe Thomas: The Banks of Sweet Dundee 2:00

20. Dot Foubister: The Brig Columbus               2:35

21. Michael Gallagher: The Devil and the Bailiff                1:48

22. Jim O’Neill: The Moorlough Shore               3:30

23. Charlotte Higgins: Lord Bateman                 4:36



1. Maggie Chambers: The Banks of the Silvery Tide        4:13

2. Bob & Ron Copper: The Hungry Fox             2:25

3. Lucy Stewart: The Twa Sisters        3:38

4. Thomas Moran: Handsome Polly   2:49

5. Peter Donnelly: John McCann        6:25

6. Togo Crawford: The Gates o’ the Drum         2:35

7. Mary Anne Stewart: The Dowie Dens o’ Yarrow            5:46

8. Harry Cox: The Squire and the Gypsy            2:26

9. Emily Bishop: Blow the Windy Morning        2:10

10. Joseph Higgins: The Banks of the Bann     2:44

11. Michael Gallagher: Hiring Time     1:43

12. Jean Mathew: The Bleacher Lassie              2:08

13. Joe Moran: Willie Lennix               2:49

14. Sam Larner:  Pretty Polly                3:59

15. Bess Cronin: Well Sold the Cow   4:32

16. Fred Jordan: Six Pretty Maids       3:58

17. George Bloomfield: Young George Oxbury                1:34

18. Mary McGarvey: Young but Growing            2:56

19. Leslie Johnson: Butter and Cheese and All                 2:57
























TSCD675 Good Humour for the Rest of the Night


1. The Soldier's Joy (Country Dance)
2. The Ribbon Country Dance
3. We All Go A-hunting Today
4. Ned's Father's Strathspey
5. The Ladies' Hornpipe
6. Barbara Bell
7. The Coquet Reel
8. The Lads of North Tyne (Hornpipe)
9. The Mosstroopers Polka
10. The Wild Hills of Wannies (Waltz)
11. My Love She's But a Lassie Yet (Jew's harp)
12. The Clinch Polka (melodeon)
13. The Clinch Polka (duet)
14. George Foreman's Hornpipe
15. The Sylph (Country Dance)
16. Highland Laddie (Country Dance)
17. The Keel Row (Country Dacne)
18. The Heel and Toe Polka: Duncan Gray
19. Proudlock's Hornpipe
20. Patrick Conroy's March
21. Patrick Conroy's Waltz No.1
22. Patrick Conroy's Waltz No.2
23. The Rollicking Irishman (Jig)
24. Corn Rigs (Country Dance)
25. Jake Hutton's Strathspey
26. Durham Rangers/The Rights of Man
27. Circassian Circle: Good Humour
28. The Tune for Step-dancing
29. Russian Ballet
30. Nancy
31. Drops of Brandy (Country Dance)
32. The Maltese Schottische
33. Roxburgh Castle (Country Dance)
34. The Lancers, Figure 1
35. The Lancers, Figure 2
36. The Lancers, Figure 3
37. The Lancers, Figure 4
38. The Lancers, Figure 5
39. The Last Figure of The Lancers
40. The West End (Hornpipe)
41. Corn Rigs (Country Dance)
42. The Garden House (Polka)
43. Louden's Bonny Woods and Braes (Schottische)
44. The Gilsland Hornpipe
45. Peter Robson's Polka
46. The Roman Wall (Jig)
47. Billy's Father's Polka
48. The Circassian Circle: The Whinshields Hornpipe
49. The Circassian Circle: Whinham's Reel
50. The Triumph (Country Dance)
51. Corn Rigs (Country Dance)
52. The Ribbon Dance (Country Dance)
53. Cock Your Leg Up
54. The Self (Country Dance)
55. The Circassian Circle, First Figure
56. The Circassian Circle, Second Figure: Bonnets of Dundee
57. Roxburgh Castle (Country Dance)
58. Caddam Woods
59. Jack Heron's Waltz

60. The Circassian Circle






























TSCD676D The Barley Mow


Tracks on the audio CD:

1. The Nutting Girl - Cyril Poacher
2. Nancy of Yarmouth - Fred Ling
3. Newlyn Town - Bob Scarce
4. Maggie May - Geoff Ling
5. General Wolfe - Bob Scarce
6. The Yellow Handkerchief - Eli Durrant
7. The Oak and The Ash - Edgar Button
8. The Herring - Edgar Allington
9. The Northamptonshire Poacher - Jim Baldry
10. The Knife on the Window - Harry List
11. The Sailor and his Truelove - Arthur Smith
12. Muddley Barracks - Jumbo Brightwell
13. Three Jolly Sportsmen - Bob Scarce
14. Blow The Candle Out - Edgar Button
15. Hares in the Plantation - Jim Baldry
16. Fagan the Cobbler - Wickets Richardson
17. The Broomfield Wager - Cyril Poacher
18. Good Luck to the Barley Mow - Jack French


































TSCD677T The Flax in Bloom

1. Lough Erne Shore - Paddy Tunney
2. The Mountain Streams Where The Moorcocks Crow - Brigid Tunney
3. Polka: untitled - Joe Tunney
4. Single Jig: Pat Hart's - Joe Tunney
5. Reels: Miss Monaghan/The Green Mountain; The Scholar - Joe Tunney
6. My Charming Buachaill Roe - Annie Lunny
7. Deartháirín ó mo Chroí - Annie Lunny
8. Single Jig: Bundle and Go - John Doherty
9. Reel: Miss McLeod's - John Doherty
10. Slip Jig: Gusty's Frolics - John Doherty
11. Moorlough Mary - John Doherty
12. Reel: Marry When You're Young - John Doherty 
13. Boney Crossing the Alps - John Doherty
14. The Last Figure of the Lancers - John Doherty
15. The Rollicking Boys around Tandragee - Mick Gallagher
16. Buachaillín Donn - Maureen Melly
17. Paddy Shinahan's Cow - Maureen Melly
18. Farewell Green Erin - Maureen Melly
19. The Blackbird - Paddy Tunney
20. Reel: The Loughanure Tune - Neilidh Boyle
21. Reel: Seán sa Cheo - Neilidh Boyle
22. Pleoid ar an Fharraige is í átá Mor! - Neilidh Boyle
23. Verse and air: Sráid na mBúrcach - Neilidh Boyle
24. An Seanduine Dóite - Sheila Gallagher
25. In Aimsir Bhaint an Fhéir - Sheila Gallagher
26. The Wearing of the Britches - Pat Bell Keown
27. The Blackbird of Avondale - Maureen Melly
28. My Dark Slender Boy - Maureen Melly 
29. Reel: Bonnie Kate - Simie Doherty
30. Reel: Cuffe Street - Simie Doherty
31. Reel: The Pigeon on the Gate - Simie Doherty
32. Reel: The Tullaghan Lasses - Simie Doherty
33. Reel: Mooney's Favourite - Simie Doherty 
34. The Heathery Hills - Brigid Tunney
35. The Soldier & The Sailor - Brigid Tunney
36. Wee Paddy Molloy - Brigid Tunney
37. Hornpipe: The Atlantic Roar - John Doherty
38. Rocking the Cradle - John Doherty

1. Highland: The Basket of Oysters; Jig: Jackson's Rum Punch - Johnny Pickering
2. Highlands: Green Grow the Rushes O; Love, Will You Marry Me - Johnny Pickering
3. Jigs: Biddy the Bowl Wife; I Lost My Love & I Care Not; King of the Cannibal Islands - McCusker Brothers Ceili Band
4. Polkas: untitled; untitled; Jenny Lind - McCusker Brothers Ceili Band
5. Reel: The First of May - Vincent & John McCusker
6. Mazurkas: untitled; untitled; untitled - Vincent & John McCusker
7. Highlands: Monymusk; Kafoozalum; Maggie Pickens - McCusker Brothers Ceili Band
8. Jig: Tatter Jack Walsh - Vincent & John McCusker
9. Set Dance: The Princess Royal - Vincent & John McCusker
10. Hornpipe & Barndance: The Man from Newry; The Barndance - McCusker Brothers Ceili Band
11. Set Dance: Jockey to the Fair - Vincent, John & Benignus McCusker
12. Set Dance: The Orange Rogue - John McCusker
13. Reels: McKenna's; The Tinker's Apron; The Antrim - McCusker Brothers Ceili Band
14. Single Jig: The Sweets of May - McCusker Brothers Ceili Band 
15. Reel: The Gosson that Beat his Father - John Maguire
16. Reel: The First House in Connaught - John Maguire
17. Jig: Lovely Nancy - John Maguire
18. Reel: The Maid of the House - John Maguire
19. Reel: The Boys of Leefive - John Maguire
20. Hornpipe: The Cuckoo's Nest - John Maguire
21. Polka: All the Way to Galway - Paddy McLuskey
22. March: Napoleon Crossing the Alps - Paddy McLuskey
23. Hornpipe: The Cuckoo's Nest - Paddy McLuskey
24. Reel: The Ewe with the Crooked Horn - Paddy McLuskey
25. Jig: Coming home from Reilly's Party - Danny McNiff
26. The Clap Dance: The Soldier's Joy - Eddie Moor
27. Highlands: unidentified; Monymusk - Philip Breen
28. Waltz: Woodland Whispers - Philip Breen
29. Reels: The Flax in Bloom; The Dairymaid; The Galway Rambler - Philip Breen
30. Reels: The Sailor's Bonnet; Kiss the Bride; Roaring Mary - Sean Maguire, Liam Donnelly, Tom Turkington, Bill Montgomery, John Maguire
31. Reels: The Flax in Bloom; The Millstone; The Dairymaid - Sean Maguire & Bill Montgomery

1. The Dark-Eyed Gypsy - Christy Purcell
2. What Brought the Blood? - Mary Connors
3. I Am a Maid that's Deep in Love - Lal Smith
4. Here's a Health unto All Truelovers - Mary Doran
5. Three Old Jolly Sportsmen - Paddy Doran
6. The Lovely Banks of Lea - Mary Connors
7. The Bandy-Legged Mule - Christy Purcell
8. Marrow Bones (The Blind Man He Can See, no.1) - Mary Connors & Paddy Doran
9. Early, Early on the Month of Spring - Lal Smith 
10. The Lodging-House in Carrick-on-Suir - Christy Purcell
11. The Rambling Irishman - Mary Doran
12. Dungarvan - Paddy Doran
13. The Bold English Navvy - Lal Smith
14. Hornpipe: The Little Beggar Man - Paddy Doran
15. Going to Mass Last Sunday - Winnie Ryan
16. Kate from Ballinamore - Paddy Doran
17. Tis Miles I Have Rambled (The Blind Man He Can See, no.2) - Mary Connors & Paddy Doran 
18. The Fair at Spancil Hill - Christy Purcell
19. Come All You Loyal Lovers - Mary Connors
20. Early, Early All in the Spring - Winnie Ryan




























TSCD678 Orkney

1. The Greeny Hill March - The Garson Trio
2. King William's March - The Garson Trio
3. The Victoria Waltz - The Garson Trio
4. Napoleon Crossing The Rhine - John Fraser
5. Jig: Rory O'More - John Fraser
6. The Foursome Reel - John Fraser
7. Two Wedding Marches - John Fraser
8. Scapa Flow - The Anderson Brothers' Band 
9. Untitled Waltz - Billy & Jimmy Meil
10. Hornpipes: Byrne's; The Elk's Festival - The Orkney Strathspey & Reel Society -

11. Polkas: Untitled; Untitled - The Orkney Strathspey & Reel Society
12. Jigs (Two Quadrille Tunes) - Peter Pratt
13. Miss Brown's Hornpipe - Peter Pratt 
14. The Morning Star - Peter Pratt
15. Strathspey: Kitty My Navel - Peter Pratt 
16. Barndance: Paddy Carter - Peter Pratt 
17. Bob Johnstone's Strathspey & Reel - Bill Grieve
18. Deerness Quadrille Tune - Tom Thomson
19. The Venus Polka - The Garson Trio
20. Jigs: Off She Goes; Dumfries House; Unidentified - The Garson Trio
21. The Red House - Jim Leslie
22. The House on the Hill - Jim Leslie
23. The Glimps Holm March - Ronnie Aim
24. Untitled March - Ronnie Aim
25. The Grand March - The Orkney Strathspey & Reel Society
26. Strathspey: Smith's a Gallant Fireman - John Burgess, Mary Omand & Tom Thomson
27. Two Quicksteps: Unidentified; Patience Quadrille - John Burgess, Mary Omand & Tom Thomson
28. The Grand March (No.2) - John Burgess, Mary Omand & Tom Thomson
29. Strathspey: Archie o' Lamb Holm; Pipe March: Unidentified - Peter Pratt
30. The Bride's Reel - Peter Pratt
31. Tune for the Quadrille (The Rose Tree) - Peter Pratt
32. Strathspeys: Moneymusk; The Iron Man - The Garson Trio
33. March: The House of Skene; Strathspeys: The Four Stringer; MacDonald Black - The Garson Trio
























 TSCD651 Come Let us Buy the License

1 SARAH MAKEM voice: I Courted A Wee Girl
2 GEOFF LING voice: The Green Bushes
3 MARY ANN HAYNES voice: Lovely Johnny
4 TOMMY McGRATH voice: The Colleen From Coolbaun
5 POP MAYNARD voice: Our Captain Calls All Hands
6 WILLIE CLANCY voice: The Song Of The Riddles
7 JIMMY McBEATH voice: The Bonnie Lass O'Fyvie
8 PADDY TUNNEY voice: The Old Man Rocking The Cradle
9 HARRY COX voice: The Bold Fisherman
10 ROSE MURPHY fiddle: The Lonely Maid
11 JOE HEANEY voice: Who Are You, My Pretty Fair Maid?
12 JACKNORRIS voice & accordeon: The Gown Of Green
13 BELLE STEWART voice: The Bonnie Wee Lassie Fae Gouroch
14 PHIL TANNER voice: The Sweet Primroses
15 EDDIE BUTCHER voice: David's Flowery Vale
16 TURP BROWN voice: Abroad As 1 Was Walking
17 MARGARET BARRY voice & banjo: The Blarney Stone
18 WAITER PARDON voice: Peggy Benn
19 MARTIN GORMAN voice with chorus: The Little Drummer
20 JOSEPH TAYLOR voice: The Gypsy Girl
21 JIMMY McBEATH voice: Bound To Be A Row
22 MICHO RUSSELL voice: Nora Daly
23 PADDY TUNNEY voice: When A Man's In Love He Feels No Cold
24 JEANNIE ROBERTSON voice with chorus: An Old Man Come Courting Me






































TSCD652 My Ship Shall sail the Oceon

1 CYRIL POACHER voice: A Broadside
2 PADDY TUNNEY voice: The Lowlands Of Holland
3 TOM WILLETT voice: Riding Down To Portsmouth
4 JOHNNY DOUGHTY voice: Come My Own One, Come My Fond One
5 JOHN RAE dulcimer: The Sailor On The Rope / The Bonnie Bunch Of Roses
6 SAM LARNER voice: In Scarborough Town
7 LIZZIE HIGGINS voice, with chorus: Sandy's A Sailor
8 TURP BROWN voice: The Streams Of Lovely Nancy
9 GEORGE LING voice: On Board The Leicester Castle
10 MARY ANN CAROLAN voice: In London So Fair
11 WALTER PARDON voice: A Ship To Old England Came
12 FRANK VERRILL voice: Jesus At Thy Command
13 HARRY UPTON voice: The Royal Albion
14 HARRY COX voice: The Pretty Ploughboy
15 MICHO BUSSELL voice: The Poor Little Fisherboy
16 BOB HART voice: Cod Banging
17 JOHNNY DOUGHTY voice: Round Rye Bay For More
18 PHIL TANNER voice: Young Henry Martin
19 CYRIL POACHER voice: A Sailor And His True Love
20 BOB ROBERTS voice, with chorus: The Fish And Chip Ship
21 JUMBO BRIGHTWELL voice: The Oak And The Ash
22 WILLIE SCOTT voice: The Banks Of Newfoundland
23 FRED JORDAN voice: The Dark-Eyed Sailor
24 WAITER PARDON voice: Jack Tar Ashore











TSCD653 O'er his Grave the Grass Grew Green

1 PACKIE MANUS BYRNE voice: The Holland Handkerchief
2 FRED JORDAN voice: The Bonny Boy
3 PADDY TUNNEY voice: What Put The Blood?
4 JOSEPH TAYLOR voice: Worcester City
5 LIZ JEFFERIES voice: VVillie, The Bold Sailor Boy
6 STANLEY ROBERTSON voice: The Clattering Of The Clyde Waters
7 GEORDIE HANNA voice: Young Edmund In The Lowlands Low
8 FRED HEWETT voice: The Prickle Holly-Bush
9 JOHN MacDONALD voice & accordeon: Lord Ronald
!0 JUMBO BRIGHTWELL voice: Newry Town
11 BEN BUTCHER voice: Cruel Lincoln
12 FREDA PALMER voice: Maria Marten
13 LIZZIE HIGGINS voice: The Cruel Mother
14 PADDY TUNNEY voice: Lady Margaret
15 JOHN REILLY voice: The Well Below The Valley
16 JOHN MacDONALD voice: The Dewie Dens Of Yarrow
17 PHOEBE SMITH voice: Molly Vaughan
18 ENOS WHITE voice: George Collins
19 BELLE STEWART voice: The Two Brothers
20 SCAN TESTER voice: The Lakes Of Coalflin
21 NORA CLEARY voice: Willie-0














TSCD654 Farewell, My Own Dear Native Land

1 PADDY TUNNEY voice: The Green Fields Of Canada
2 MARY ANN HAYNES voice: Erin's Lovely Home
3 EDDIE BUTCHER voice: Killyclare
4 WALTER PARDON voice Van Dieman's Land
5 MARGARET BARRY voice & banjo: If You Ever Go Over To lreland
6 MICHAEL COLEMAN fiddie with piano: Farewell To lreland /Unidentified
7 GEORDIE HANNA voice: Brockagh Brae
8 CYRIL POACHER voice: Australia
9 WILLIE ROSS bagpipes: Leaving St. Kilda
10 PADDY TUNNEY voice: Craigie Hill
11 TOMMY McGRATH voice: She Lived Beside The Anner
12 WILLIE SCOTT voice: You Boys O'Callieburn
13 MARGARET BARRY & MICHAEL GORMAN voice, banjo & fiddle: Eileen McMahon
14 SARAN ANNE O'NEILL voice: Carrickmannon Lake
15 MICHAEL GROGAN accordeon: My Love She's In America / Hand Me Down The Tackle
16 WILLIE CLANCY voice: Erin's Lovely Lee
17 CHRIS WILLETT voice: The Old Miser
18 MARGARET BARRY & MACHAEL GORMAN voice, banjo & fiddle: Farewell, My Own Dear Native Land
19 SARAN ANNE O'NEILL voice: John Reilly
20 PADDY BREEN voice: Sweet Inishcara











TSCD655 Come All My Lads That Follow the Plough

1 MARY ANN HAYNES voice: Hopping Down In Kent
2 JOE HEANEY voice: The Rocks Of Bawn
3 DAVIE STEWART voice: The Tarves Rant
4 SAM LARNER voice The Pleasant Month Of May
5 BOB FORRESTER voice: Copshawholm Fair
6 POP MAYNARD voice: The Weaver's Daughter
7 JINKY WELLS fiddle & voice: The Maid Of The Mill
8 STRAIGHTY FLANAGAN voice: The Grazer Tribe
9 JOHN MacDONALD voice & accordeon: The Mains O'Fogieloan
10 FRED JORDAN voice: We're AII Jolly Fellows As Follow The Plough
11 BOB HART voice: The Farmer's Servant
12 DAVIE STEWART voice: I am a Miller To My Trade
13 HOCKEY FELTWELL voice: Four Horses
14 JIMMY MCBEATH voice: Nicky Tams
15 PADDY TUNNEY voice: The Lark In The Morning
16 LIZZIE HIGGINS voice: Lovely Molly
17 PADDY BEADES voice with fiddle & piano-accordion: The Bonnie Labouring Boy
18 JIMMY McREATH voice: The Barnyards O'Delgaty
19 HARRY UPTON voice: The Rich Lady Gay
20 TOM LENINAN voice: The Cranbally Farmer
21 WILLIE KEMP & CURLY MacKAY voice & piano-accordion: Wi' Ma Big Kilmarnock Bonnet
22 WILLIE SCOTT voice: The Lads That Was Reared Among Heather
23 EDDIE BUTCHER voice: Tossing The Hay
24 JOHN MacDONALD voice: Sleepytoon
25 THE HYDE BROTHERS rnelodeons: Back O' The Haggart











TSCD656 Tonight I'll Make You My Bride

1 WALTER PARDON voice: The Raggle-Taggle Gypsies
2 BELLE STEWART  voice: Here's A Health To All True Lovers
3 EDDIE BUTCHER voice: Another Man's Wedding
4 MARY ANN CAROLAN voice: The Maid Of Ballymore
5 STANLEY ROBERTSON voice with chorus: The Ballad Of The Ewe Buchts
6 NORA CLEARY voice: The Green Wedding
7 JIMMY KNIGHTS voice: Marrowbones
8 PADDY TUNNEY voice: The Month Of January
9 LIZZIE HIGGINS voice: The Forester
10 CYRIL POACHER voice The Maid And The Magpie
11 PHOEBE SMITH voice: Young Ellender
12 POP MAYNARD voice Colin And Phoebe
13 LIZ JEFFERIES voice: Matt Highland
14 PACKIE MANUS BYRNE voice: Molly Bawn
15 JOSEPH TAYLOR voice@ Bold William Taylor
16 NORA CLEARY voice The Bold Trooper
17 GEORDIE HANNA voice: Kate Of Ballinamore
18 LIZZIE HIGGINS voice: The Laird O' The Dainty Doonby
19 MARY ANN HAYNES voice: Long A -Growing
20 PADDY TUNNEY voice The Mountain Streams Where The Moorcocks Crow












TSCD657 First I'm Going to Sing You A Ditty

1 JOHNNY DOUGHTY voice: Herrings' Heads
2 TOMMY McGRATH voice with chorus: Burke's Engine
3 SCAN TESTER concertina: Untitled Schottische
4 JIMMY McBEATH voice: You Canna Put It On To Sandy
5 ROSE MURPHY fiddle: Ladybower's / The Sister
6 POP MAYNARD voice: Three Sons Of Rogues
7 MARY ANN CAROLAN voice: Young Bob Ridley
8 BOB CANN melodeon: Uncle George's Hornpipe / Tommy Roberts' Hornpipe
9 JOHN MacDONALD voice: The Ball O'Kerriemeer
10 TOM BROWN voice: Widdlecombe Fair
11 SAM BOND mouth-organ: Oh, The Hampshires Do Like Duff
12 MAURICE voice: A Nice Piece Of Irish Pig's Head
13 CURLY McKAY & WILLIE KEMP piano-accordion, voice & trump: Glendarel Highlanders /Kenmure's On And Awa' /Lovat Scouts /Monymusk
14 MAGGY MURPHY Voice: Clinking O'er The Lea
15 SID STEER voice: The Derby Ram
16 MARTIN GORMAN voice with chorus: Old King Cole
17 BAMPTON MORRIS with Jinky Wells fiddle & voice: Live Perforrnance - Banbury Bill
18 FRED JORDAN voice: Down The Road
19 JOHN REILLY voice: The Rosin Box
20 EL.LEN O'DWYER concertina: The Stack Of Barley
21 HENRY MITCHELMORE voice: Most Beautiful Leg Of The Mallard
22 JIM WILSON voice with chorus: The Keyhole In The Door
23 PADDY BREEN voice & tin-whistle: The Blue Meadow
24 NED PEARSON fiddle & voice: The Varsoviana (Original Tune), The Varsoviana (LaterTune)
25 ALBERT RICHARDSON voice: The Old Sow
26 NORA CLEARY voice: The Codfish
27 WILL & IAN POWRIE accordeon & fiddle: Stirling Militia / Ruthven House / Fairy Dance
28 CHARLIE WILLS voice with chorus: Up To The Rigs Of London Town
29 JIM & SEAMUS DONAGHUE tin-whistle & tambourine: The Pigeon On The Gate

































TSCD658 A Story I'm Just About to Tell

1 JOHN MacDONALD accordeon: Majuba Hill
2 BOB HART voice: A Broadside
3 MARGARET BARRY & MICHAEL GORMAN voice, banjo & fiddle: The Wild Colonial Boy
4 JOE HEANEY voice: The Wife Of The Bold Tenant Farmer
5 DAVIE STEWART voice & accordeon: MacPherson's Rant
6 MARTIN HOWLEY voice: The Young Horseman
7 JOHN MacDONALD voice & accordeon: The Haughs O'Cromdale
8 ROBERT CINNAMOND voice: The Aghalee Heroes
9 SHEILA STEWART voice: Young Jimmy Foyers
10 TOM COSTELLO voice: A Grand Conversation On Napoleon
11 LUCY FARR fiddle: The Glen Of Aherlow
12 JOSEPH TAYLOR voice: Creeping Jane
13 FREDDY McKAY voice: Skibbereen
14 WILLIE SCOTT voice: Bloody Waterloo
15 TOMMY McGRATH voice: Down In The Town Of Old Bantry
16 DAVIE STEWART voice & accordeon: Boulavogue
17 BERNARD O'SULLIVAN & TOMMY McMAHON concertinas: Bonaparte's Retreat
18 SARAH MAKEM voice: The Wind That Shakes The Barley
19 JASPER SMITH voice: Hartlake Bridge
20 JOE HEANEY voice: Morrissey And The Russian Sailor
21 CYRIL POACHER voice: The Bonny Bunch O'Roses
22 MAY BRADLEY voice: Calvery
23 STRAIGHTY FLANAGAN voice: Michael Power
24 MARGARET BARRY voice & banjo: The Bold Fenian Men






























TSCD659 Rig-a-Jig-Jig

1 SCAN TESTER & RABBITY BAXTER concertina & tambourine: Jenny Lind
2 JINKY WELLS fiddle & voice The Flowers Of Edinburgh. Bobbing Around
3 PERCY BROWN melodeon: The Yarmouth Breakdown
4  OSCAR WOODS melodeon: The Italian Waltz
5 THE BOSCASTLE & TINTAGEL PLAYERS concertinas, cello & stepping: The Boscastle Breakdown
6 JACK HYDE mouth-organ: Shepherd's Hey
7 SCAN TESTER concertina: In And Out The Windows. The Monkey Hornpipe
8 THE DORSET TRIO fiddle, concertina & cello: Hands Across. The Four-Handed Reel
9 BOB CANN melodeon: Woodland Flowers /Uncle Jim's Barndance
10 STEPHEN BALDWIN fiddle: Greensleeves. Napoleon's March
11 JIMMY DIXON & RON WHATMORE mouth-organs: Over The Waves / The Cuckoo Waltz
12 WALTER BULWER rnandolin-banjo: Old Mrs Cuddledee WALTER BULWER fiddle: The Egg Hornpipe / The Shipdham Hornpipe / The Sailor's Hornpipe
13 SCAN TESTER & RABBITY BAXTER concertina & tambourine: Untitled Polka
14 ARNOLD WOODLEY fiddle: Johnny's So Long At The Fair
15 BILL KIMBER concertina: Over The Hills To Glory
16 FONT WHATLING melodeon: Untitled Polka / Golden Slippers. Mick's Tune.
17 BILLY COOPER dulcimer: The Irish Washerwoman / Garyowen / Rory O'More / St Patrick's Day
18 THE DORSET TRIO fiddle, melodeon & cello: The Italian Schottische
19 STEPHEN BALDWIN fiddle: The Gypsy Hornpipe. Untitled Schottische
20 SCAN TESTER & DAISY SHERLOCK concertina & piano: Untitled Schottische
21 PERCY BROWN melodeon: The Veleta. The Heel And Toe Polka
22 FRED WHITING fiddle: The Earl Soham Slog. Harkie Nestling's
23 RUTH ASKEW & GEORGE PRIVETT melodeon & spoons: The Manchester Hornpipe /Click Go The Shears
24 THE DORSET TRIO fiddle, concertina & cello: Sheep-Shearing. Untitled Polka
25 OSCAR WOODS melodeon: Untitled Polka. Untitled Polka
26 BERTIE CLARK fiddle: The Maid Of The Mill. Bacca Pipes, Jockey To The Fair.
27 JIMMY DIXON & RON WHATMORE mouth-organs: Nobody's Darling But Mine / Untitled. Ouick- Step Medley
28 THE SAILORS' HOBBY HORSE melodeon & two drums: Live Performance





































TSCD660 Who's that at my Bedroom Window?

1 BOB HART voice: Seventeen Come Sunday
2 FRED HEWETT voice: Three Maidens To Milking Did Go
3 JEANNIE ROBERTSON voice: When I Was Noo But Sixteen
4 POP MAYNARD voice: Rolling In The Dew
5 WILLIE SCOTT voice: The Bonnie Wee Tramping Lass
6 PADDY TUNNEY voice: The Old Petticoat
7 HARVEY NICHOLSON voice: The Copshawholm Butcher
8 JOHN REILLY voice: Adieu Unto All True Lovers
9 JIMMY McBEATH voice: The Bold English Navy
10 SARAH ANNE O'NEILL voice: Standing In Yon Flowery Garden
11 GEOFF LING voice: Died For Love
12 BELLE STEWART voice: Betsy Bell
13 JIM SWAIN voice: The Banks Of Sweet Mossing
14 FRANK QUINN voice & fiddle: The Tan Yard Side
15 PADDY BREEN voice: On The Banks Of The Silvery Tide
16 LIZZIE HIGGINS voice: The Banks Of Red Roses
17 JUMBO BRIGHTWELL voice: Blow The Candle Out
18 SARAN MAKEM voice: The Factory Girl
19 POP MAYNARD voice: The Seeds Of Love
20 PADDY TONNEY voice: Blackwaterside
21 JIMMY McBEATH voice: The Wind Blew The Lassie's Plaidie Awa
22 FREDA PALMER voice: The Wandering Girl
23 PHOEBE SMITH voice: Captain Thunderball
24 WALTER PARDON voice: Let The Wind Blow High Or Low
25 MARGARET BARRY voice & banjo: She Moved Through The Fair































TSCD661 My Father's the King of the Gypsies

1 PHOEBE SMITH voice: The Yellow Handkerchief
2 HARRY BRAZIL voice: Sally Morrow
3 LEMMIE BRAZIL melodeon: God Killed The Devil
4 WIGGY SMITH voice: There Was A Rich Farmer At Sheffield
5 JASPER SMITH voice: Father Had A Knife
6 PHOEBE SMITH voice: Sweet William
7 LEVI SMITH voice: The Haymakers
8 LEVI SMITH voice: One Penny
9 AMY BIRCH voice: Over Yonder's Hill
10 JASPER SMITH voice: The Moon Shine Bright
11 MINTY SMITH voice The Basket Of Eggs
12 Bill ELLSON voice & rnouth-organ: Will You Buy My Sweet Blooming Lavender? Love Is Pleasing
13 MANY ANN HAYNES voice: Little Dun Dee
14 HARRY LEE fiddle: The Breakdown. The Flowers Of Edinburgh
15 CHRIS WILLETT voice: The American Stranger
16 WIGGY SMITH voice: The High-Low WeII
17 JASPER & LEVI SMITH rnouth-organ, voice & drum: Cock O'The North / Garryowen / Flowers Of Edinburgh / Stop lt Away / The Girl 1 Left Behind Me / Step lt Away
18 JASPER SMITH voice: Down In The Meadow
19 PHOEBE SMITH voice: The Tan Yard Side
20 PETER INGRAM voice: Mandi Went To Poove The Gri / Untitled Stepdance Tune / Can You Rokker Romany?
21 HARRY BRAZIL voice: A Blacksmith Courted Me
22 JASPER SMITH voice: The Small Birds Whistle
23 MANY ANN HAYNES voice: The Female Drummer
24 CHRIS WILLETT voice: Once I Was A Servant
25 MANY ANN HAYNES voice: The Colour Of Amber
26 JASPER SMITH voice: The Squire And The Gypsy
27 TOM ORCHARD voice, with TOMMY ORCHARD stepdancing: Two Untitled Stepdance Tunes. TOM ORCHARD melodeon: Untitled Stepdance Tune
28 LEVI SMITH voice: The Game Of Cards
29 AMY BIRCH voice: Royal Comrade
30 LEVI SMITH voice: Georgie
31 MANY ANN HAYNES voice: The Young Officer
32 MAY BRADLEY voice: Under The Leaves


































TSCD662 We've Received Orders to Sail

1 JUMBO BRIGHTWELL voice: The Loss Of 'The Ramilly'
2 PADDY TUNNEY voice: Captain Coulson
3 POP MAYNARD voice: A Sailor ln The North Country
4 HARRY COX voice: Just As The Tide Was A-Flowing
5 CHRIS WILLETT voice: The Rambling Sailor
6 SAM LARNER voice: TheSailors' Alphabet
7 JOHN REA dulcimer: Coil The Hawser / Lord MacDonald
8 CYRIL POACHER voice: Nancy Of Yarmouth
9 JOHNNY DOUGHTY voice: Baltimore
10 MAY BRADLEY voice: The Willow Tree
11 HARRY COX voice: Come All You Men Throughout This Nation
12 JAMES McDERMOTT voice: My Mother's Last Goodbye
13 BOB HART voice: The Female Cabin Boy
14 WALTER BULWER fiddle: The Sailor Cut Down In His Prime
15 JOHNNY DOUGHTY voice: Up The Channel
16 GEORGE LING voice: Jolly Jack The Sailor
17 NORA CLEARY voice: Farewell, Lovely Mary
18 FRANK VERRILL voice: Stowborough Town
19 GERRY WIMSEY tin-whistle: Ships Are Sailing / The Heather Breeze
20 JOHNNY DOUGHTY voice: Will You Marry Me?
21 TOM BROWN voice: Windy Old Weather
22 HARRY COX voice: The Bold 'Princess Royal'
23 CYRIL POACHER voice: Plenty Of Thyme
24 JOHNNY DOUGHTY voice: The Streets Of Port Arthur
25 SAM LARNER voice: The Lofty Tall Ship
26 POP MAYNARD voice with chorus; Polly On The Shore





























TSCD663 They Ordered Their Pint of Beer & Bottles of Sherry

1 FRED JORDAN voice: John Barleycorn
2 MARGARET BARRY & MICHAEL GORMAN voice. banjo & fiddle: Two Hundred Years A-Brewing
3 DAVIE STEWART voice with chorus: The Merchant's Son
4 TOM NEWMAN voice: My Old Hat That I Got On
5 JOHN GRIFFIN voice & flute with piano: The Real Old Mountain Dew
6 GEORGE SPICER voice: Coming Home Late
7 WILLIE SCOTT voice: Piper O'Neill
8 MARY ANN CAROLAN voice: Bold Doherty
9 DONALD CUMMING & EDDY HOLMES accordeon & dulcimer: The Bottom Of The Punchbowl / The Teetotaller
10 WIGGY SMITH voice: When I Was A Young Man
11 DAVIE STEWART voice: I'm Often Drunk And Seldom Sober
12 MICHO RUSSELL voice: When Mursheen Went To Bunnan
13 FRED JORDAN voice: When Jones's Ale Was New
14 JEANNIE ROBERTSON voice: The Bonnie Wee Lass Who Never Said No
15 WILLIE KEMP & CURLY MacKAY voice & piano-accordion: The Tinklers' Wedding
16 PADDY TUNNEY voice: The Cow That Drank The Poteen
17 LOUIE FULLER voice: Young Maria
18 WILL POWRIE accordeon with piano: The Drunken Piper / Highland Whisky / The High Road To Linton
19 GEORGE DUNN voice: My Little Grey Horse
20 TOM LENINAN voice: Paddy's Panacea
21 MICHAEL GORMAN (nephew) fiddle: The Broken Pledge
22 WILLIE SCOTT voice: Jock Geddes And The Soo
23 WASSAILERS (Drayton) voices: Live Performance
24 GEORGE SPICER voice with chorus: The Barley Mow




































TSCD664  Troubles They have Few

1 EDDIE CORCORAN & SEAMUS TANSEY tin-whistle & tambourine: BonnyKate / Jenny's Chickens
2 MIKEEN McGARTHY voice: The Herring
3 JACK ELLIOTT voice with chorus: Old Johnny Booger
4 WILLIE KEMP & CURLY MacKAY ocarina & piano-accordion: Mackenzie Highlanders / The Inverness Gathering
5 MARGARET BARRY & MICHAEL GORMAN voice, banjo & fiddle: The Leprechaun
6 JUMBO BRIGHTWELL voice: The Derby Miller
7 WILL ATKINSON mouth-organ: Tell Her I Am / Teviot Brig
8 WALTER PARDON voice: The Hungry Army
9 JIMMY McBEATH voice: Hieland Rory
10 PERCY BROWN melodeon: Old Joe, The Boat Is Going Over / UntitledPolka FONT WHATLING & WATTIE WRIGHT melodeon & stepping: The Pigeon On The Gate
11 AUSTIN FLANAGAN voice: The Barley Grain
12 NED PEARSON fiddle: The Heel And Toe Polka The Morpeth Rant
13 CHARLIE POTTER voice: Sing Ivy
14 HARRY UPTON voice: I Am A Donkey Driver
15 MICHAEL GROGAN accordeon: The Oueen Of The Fair / The Lark In The Morning
16 WILLIE KEMP & CURLY MacKAY voice & piano-accordion: The Ball O'Kerriemear
17 ALBERT SMITH, JASPER SMITH, MINTY SMITH, RAY DRISCOLL & JOE JONES Jew's harp & voices: Jingles, Recitations & Dance Tunes
18 WILLY TAYLOR, JOE HUTTON & Will ATKINSON fiddle, small pipes & mouth-organ: Off To California / The Greencastle
19 MARTIN GORMAN voice: It's Nowt To Do With Me
20 PHIL TANNER voice: The Four-Hand Reel
21 JIMMY McBEATH voice: Johnny Mclndoe
22 BOB BRADER voice: Old John Wallis
23 JULIA CLIFFORD fiddle: Ballydesmond / Knocknabowl
24 GEORGE SPICER voice: I Wish There Was No Prisons
25 DONALD DAVIDSON rnouth-organ: The Inverness Gathering / Dornoch Links
26 JOHNNY DOUGHTY voice: I'm Going To Be Mother Today
27 UNIDENTIFIED & MARGARET BARRY voice & banjo: A Parody


































TSCD665 As Me & My Love Sat Courting

1 BILL KIMBER concertina: Haste To The Wedding
2 BELLE STEWART voice: Queen Among The Heather
3 JIMMY HALPIN  voice:JohnnyHarte
4 POP MAYNARD voice The Aylesbury Girl
5 MARGARET BARRY & MICHAEL GORMAN voice, banjo & fiddle: The Half-Door
6 LOUI E FULLER voice: Green Grow The Laurels
7 JOHN REILLY voice: Old Carathee
8 DIDDY COOK voice, with chairman & chorus: The Blackbird
9 JAMESY McCARTHY voice: Coochie Coochie Coo Go Way
10 WALTER PARDON voice: I Wish, I Wish
11 JANE TURRIFF voice & piano: What Can A Young Lassie Dae Wi' An Auld Man?
12 PADDY TUNNEY voice: Johnny, Lovely Johnny
13 MARY ANN CONNELLY voice: Lurgan Stream
14 MICHAEL GORMAN & MARGARET BARRY fiddle & banjo: I'll Marry And I Won't Be A Nun
15 WALTER PARDON voice: One Cold Morning In December
16 LIZ JEFFERIES voice: Rosemary Lane
17 ROBERT CINNAMOND voice: It Was Early, Early All In A Spring
18 STANLEY ROBERTSON voice with chorus: Moorlough Maggie
19 STEPHEN BALDWIN fiddle: Just As The Tide Was Flowing
20 PADDY TUNNEY voice: The Wearing Of The Britches
21 HARRY BURGESS voice: A Week Before Easter
22 JIMMY McBEATH voice: I'm A Stranger In This Country
23 BOB BRADER voice: The Banks Of Sweet Dundee
24 TOM LENINAN voice: Sixteen Years, Mama
25 PADDY TUNNEY voice: Bonny Tavern Green
































TSCD666 You Lazy Lot of Bone Shakers

1 THE BRITANNIA COCONUT DANCERS with The Nutters Band Live Performance - The Nut Dance
2 JINKY WELLS (of Bampton Morris) fiddle & voice: Highland Mary
3 BAMPTON MORRIS Live Performance - The Quaker
4 EMMA VICKERS (of Burscough Pace-Eggers) voice: The Pace-Egging Song
5 THE MERRYMAKERS (Padstow) Live Performance - The Happy Wanderer
6 GEORGE DUNN voice: While Shepherds Were Watching Their Flocks By The Night
7 WRENBOYS (Listowel) Live Performance - By The Bright Silvery Light Of The Moon. Live Performance - Highland Fling
8 BILL KIMBER (of Headington Quarry Morris Dancers) concertina: Double Set Back
9 MUMMERS voice & melodeon: So Now We've Gained Our Victory. The Quaker
10 WAPPING IRISH FLUTE & DRUM BAND & GUEST PIPERS Live Performance - Dublin Fair / The Boys Of Wexford. Live Performance - Garryowen
11 STEPHEN BALDWIN fiddle: The Girl I Left Behind Me
12 THE RIPON SWORD DANCERS (Mummers) Live Performance
13 ABINGDON TRADITIONAL MORRIS DANCERS Live Performance - Jockey To The Fair
14 PHIL TANNER voice: The Wassail Song
15 HELSTON TOWN BAND Live Performance - The Furry Dance
16 SCAN TESTER concertina: While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks By Night
17 FRANK BOND (of North Waltham Jolly Jacks) voice: God Bless The Master Of This House
18 SAM BOND (of North Waltham Jolly Jacks) voice: Where Does Father Christmas Go To?
19 BAMPTON MORRIS Live Performance - Bobbing Around
20 THE SAILORS' HOBBY HORSE (Minehead) Live Performances
21 BILLY BUCKINGHAM & OTHERS voices: The Waysailing Bowl
22 WIDNES STAR NOVELTY BAND The Great Little Army March
23 WASSAILERS (Bodmin) voices Live Performance
24 THE ABBOTS BROMLEY HORN DANCERS Live Performance - Cock O'The North
25 THE BRITANNIA COCONUT DANCERS with The Nutters Band Live Performance - The Garland Dance No.3
26 THE MERRYMAKERS (Padstow) Live Performance - The Sash

































TSCD667 It Fell on a Day, a Bonny Summer Day

1 LIZZIE NOGGINS voice: A Beggar Man
2 JOHN BEILLY voice: Lord Baker
3 WALTER PARDON voice: Jack Hall
4 JOHN MacDONALD voice & accordeon: The Bonnie Hoose O'Airlie
5 MARY DELANEY voice: Buried In Kilkenny
6 WILLIE SCOTT voice: The Dowie Dens O' Yarrow
7 PACKIE MANUS BYRNE voice: Young Alvin
8 SHEILA STEWART voice with chorus: The Mountain Streams Where The Moorcocks Grow
9 ROBERT CINNAMOND voice: There Was A Lady Lived In The West
10 HARRY COX voice: In Worcester City
11 MARY DELANEY voice: What Put The Blood?
12 LIZZIE NOGGINS voice: Lady Mary Ann
13 JOHN REILLY voice: Once There Lived A Captain
14 JEANNIE ROBERTSON voice: The Gypsy Laddies
15 HARRY COX voice: Young Edmund
16 SARAN MAKEM voice: Barbara Allen

































TSCD668 To Catch a Fine Buck Was My Delight

1 BOB ROBERTS voice: While Gamekeepers Were Sleeping
2 GEORDIE HANNA voice: On Yonder Hill There Sits A Hare
3 WILLIE SCOTT voice: The Irthing Water Hounds
4 JOSEPH TAYLOR voice: The White Hare
5 JIMMY KNIGHTS voice: Out With My Gun In The Morning
6 BIG JOHN MAGUIRE voice: The Huntsman's Horn
7 HARRY BURGESS voice: The Hungry Fox
8 WIGGY SMITH voice: The Oakham Poachers
9 FELIX DORAN uilleann pipes & voice: The Fox Hunt
10 JASPER SMITH voice: Thornymoor Park
11 PHILIP McDERMOTT voice: The Fair Of Rosslea
12 POP MAYNARD voice: Williarn Taylor
13 WILLIE SCOTT voice: The Kielder Hunt
14 WIGGY SMITH voice: Hares In The Old Plantation
15 JACK ELLIOTT voice: Champion He Was A Dandy
16 PHILIP McDERMOTT voice: The Reaping Of The Rushes Green
17 HARRY BRAZIL voice: Bold Keeper
18 CHARLIE WILLS voice: The House That Jack Built
19 WAITER PARDON  voice: The Poachers' Fate
20 JIMMY HALPIN voice: Killafole Boasters
21 GEORGE TREMAIN melodeon: The Huntsman's Chorus
































TSCD669 Ranting & Reeling

1 WILL ATKINSON mouth-organ: Hexham Races / The Stool Of Repentance
2 TOM HUNTER & BILLY BALLANTINE fiddle & piccolo: The Gilsland Hornpipe
3 NED PEARSON fiddle: Untitled Hornpipe. Untitled Polka
4 BILLY BALLANTINE piccolo: Bonny North Tyne
5 WILLY TAYLOR fiddle: The Braemar Gathering /J.D. Burgess
6 Will ATKINSON rnouth-organ: The Friendly Visit / The Greencastle / The Lass On The Strand
7 WILLY TAYLOR, JOE HUTTON & WILL ATKINSON fiddle, small pipes & rnouth-organ: Christie MacLeod / The Gallowglass Rant / Charlie Hunter
8 JIM RUTHERFORD fiddle: The Morpeth Rant
9 ARTHUR MARSHALL melodeon & THE LOFTUS SWORD DANCERS The Oyster Girl - lst Figure. The Lass Of Dallowgill - 2nd Figure.
10 WILLY TAYLOR fiddle: Willy Taylor's Polka. There's Nae Good Luck
11 WILLY TAYLOR accordeon: The Pop Along Polka
12 WILLY TAYLOR, JOE NUTTON & Will ATKINSON fiddle, small pipes & mouth-organ: Mrs. Jamieson's Favourite / Parnell's March
13 NED PEARSON fiddle: The Polka Mazurka. Paddle Your Own Canoe
14 WILL ATKINSON mouth-organ: Farewell To The Creeks
15 ADAM GRAY fiddle: Tom Hepple's Polka. The Tow House Polka
16 ROB FORRESTER mouth-organ, with ALF ADAMSON'S BAND The Wild Rover / Copshawholm Fair / Yon Flowery Garden
17 WILL ATKINSON rnouth-organ: J.B.Milne / The New High Level
18 DAVIE ROGERSON fiddle: The Tenpenny Bit / The Rakes Of Kildare / I Lost My Love And I Care Not. Untitled Reel
19 BILLY BALLANTINE & JIMMY HUNTER piccolo & mouth-organ: Rosalie, The Prairie Flower. My Lodging / Blow The Wind Southerly
20 NED PEARSON fiddle: Corn-Rigs. Untitled Jig For The Sylph 1. Untitled Jig For The Sylph 2
21 WILL ATKINSON mouth-organ: Longueval
22 JAKE HUTTON, TOM HUNTER & BILLY BALLANTINE two fiddles & piccolo: The Kielder Schottische
23 BILLY BALLANTINE piccolo: The Sylph. Proudlock's Hornpipe
24 NED PEARSON fiddle: The Highland Laddie. The Pin Reel The Cambo March
25 WILL ATKINSON rnouth-organ: A.M.Shinnie / The Hogmaney Jig / Elizabeth Adair
26 DAVIE ROGERSON fiddle: Untitled Hornpipe. The Swallow's Tail
27 THE CHEVIOT RANTERS band The Ideal Schottische
28 WILLY TAYLOR, JOE HUTTON & WILL ATKINSON fiddle, small pipes & mouth-organ: Kelso Accordion And Fiddle Club / Linda McFarlane / The Scairlaveg






























TSCD670 There is a Man Upon the Farm

1 BELLE STEWART voice: TheOvergate
2 PADDY TUNNEY voice: The Wee Weaver
3 FRED JORDAN voice: We Shepherds Are The Best Of Men
4 THE BELHAVEL TRIO fiddle, uilleann pipes & accordeon: The Job Of Journeywork
5 TED LAURENCE voice: The Flies Are On The Tummits
6 JIMMY MCBEATH voice: Come All You Tramps And Hawkers
7 JUMBO BRIGHTWELL voice: Muddley Barracks
8 WILLIE SCOTT voice: The Shepherd's Song
9 JACK ELLIOTT voice with chorus: In The Bar-Room
10 SEAN MAC DONNCHADNA voice: An Spailpin Finach (The Migrant Labourer)
11 JAMESY McCARTHY voice: Come To The Hiring
12 JOHN MacDONALD voice & accordeon: The Wandering Shepherd Laddie
13 HARRY HOLMAN voice: There Was A Poor Thresherman
14 BIG JOHN MAGUIRE voice: The Neatly Thatched Cabin
15 JACK ELLIOTT voice with chorus: The Banks Of The Dee
16 MARY ANN CAROLAN voice: My Father's A Hedger And Ditcher
17 POP MAYNARD voice: Ground For The Floor
18 JIMMY McBEATH voice: Airlin's Fine Braes
19 MARY ANN HAYNES voice: The Little Ball Of Yarn
20 PADDY & JIMMY HALPIN voices: To Reap And Mow The Hay
21 TOM WILLETT voice: The Roaming Journeyman
22 WILLIE SCOTT voice: When The Kye Comes Hame
23 BELLE STEWART voice: The Berry Fields O'Blair














































RCD1775 Classic Ballads of Britain & Ireland Vol. 1


1. Strawberry Lane [The Elfin Knight]
2. The False Knight upon the Road
3. The Outlandish Knight [Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight]
4. The Douglas Tragedy
5. The Twa Sisters
6. Lord Randal
7. Edward
8. King Orfeo
9. The Cruel Mother
10. Broomfield Hill [Broomfield Wager]
11. Captain Woodburn (Wedderburn's Courtship)
12. The Two Brothers
13. The King's Daughter
14. Lord Bateman
15. Lord Thomas and Fair Ellen
16. Lord Lovel
17. Lord Gregory [The Lass of Roch Royal]
18. Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard [Little Matty Groves]
19. Barbara Allen
20. George Collins
21. False Lamkin
22. The Pricketty Bush [The Maid Freed from the Gallows]
23. The Bailiff's Daughter of Islington
24. The Famous Flower of Servantmen


















































RD1776 Classic Ballads of Britian & Ireland Vol. 2


1. The Royal Forrester (The Knight and the Shepherd's Daughter)
2. The Baffled Knight (Clear Away the Morning Dew)
3. Robin Hood and Little John (Child No. 125)
4. The Jew's Daughter (Sir Hugh)
5. The Battle of Harlaw
6. Mary Hamilton (The Four Mary's)
7. The Bonny Hoose O' Airlie
8. The Gypsie Laddie
9. Georgie (Geordie)
10. The Dowie Dens O' Yarrow
11. Clyde's Water (The Mother's Malison)
12. The Green Wedding (Catherine Jaffray)
13. Eppie Morrie
14. The Laird O'Drum
15. Glenlogie (Jean O'Bethelnie)
16. The Bonny Rantin' Laddie
17. The Grey Ghost
18. Lang Johnnie More
19. Willie's Fatal Visit (Willie's Fate)
20. The Cuckold's Song (Our Goodman)
21. The Farmer's Curst Wife
22. The Jolly Beggar
23. The Beggarman (The Gaberlunzie Man)
24. The Keach in the Creel
25. The Golden Victory (Golden Vanity)
26. The Mermaid
27. The Trooper and the Maid









































RD1778 Songs of Seduction


1. Blackbirds and Thrushes
2. The Bonnie Wee Lassie Who Never Said No
3. Bundle and Go
4. Blow the Candle Out
5. The Foggy Dew
6. Toorn-A Ma Goon
7. Rolling in the Ryegrass
8. The Jolly Tinker
9. The Jolly Tinker
10. The Long Peggin' Awl
11. The Thrashing Machine
12. Up to the Rings of London Town
13. The New Mown Hay
14. The Overgate
15. Rolling in the Dew
16. She Is a Rum One
17. The Knife in the Window
18. The Cunning Cobbler
19. The Nutting Girl
20. The Magpie's Nest
21. Dublin City
22. The Orkney Style of Courtship
23. The Light Drago'n
24. The Cuckoo's Nest [Two Versions]
25. Twa' n' Twa (The Cuckoo's Nest)
26. The Soldier and the Lady
27. Behind the Bush in the Garden
28. Never Wed an Auld Man
29. The Maid of Australia
30. The Merchant's Son and the Beggar Wench
31. The Bold English Navy
32. Firlock Stile
33. The Wind Blew the Bonny Lassie's Plaidie Awe' [Three Versions]



















































MTCD 315-6 'Have Drop Mair'


CD 1
1 - False Lover John
2 - Feein Day
3 - The Hills of Glen Swilly
4 - Far o'er the Forth
5 - Miss Mouse's Ball
6 - Wae's Me for Prince Chairlie
7 - The Wind that Shakes the Barley
8 - An Old Maid in a Garret
9 - Border Widow's Lament
10 - The Boston Burglar
11 - Lady Mary Ann
12 - Clyde's Waters
13 - Seán Ó Duibhir a'Ghleanna
14 - Queen Amang the Heather
15 - Old Ardboe
16 - Johnston and the Young Colonel
17 - The Creggan White Hare
18 - As I Cam in by Yon Castle Wall
19 - The Lea Rig
20 - Have a Drop Mair

CD 2

1 - Sarah Jane
2 - Young Emsley
3 - Dobbin's Flowery Vale
4 - The Echo Mocks the Corncrake
5 - The Shamrock Shore
6 - Willy's Fatal Visit
7 - The Bold Rogue
8 - Mary Mild
9 - Erin's Farewell
10 - It Was Aa for Oor Rightfu King
11 - Captain Coulson
12 - I Must Away, Love
13 - The Wheels of the World
14 - The Birken Tree
15 - The Braes o' Stra'blane
16 - O'Reilly from the County Cavan
17 - The Calton Weaver
18 - Twa Brithers
19 - The Royal Blackbird






































































MTCD333 'The Birds Upon the Tree'


1. The Birds Upon the Tree Charlie Bridger

2. The Bonny Labouring Boy Bob Blake

3. The Man in the Moon Scan Tester & Rabbidy Baxter

4. Three Jolly Boys George Spicer

5. Henry My Son Fred Jordan

6. Mr Lobski Archer Goode

7. When I Was a Boy George Fradley

8. The Seeds of Love Unknown singer

9. Poor Dog Tray Packie Manus Byrne

10. The Mulberry Bush Harry Cockerill

11. Jack and the Squire Freda Palmer

12. The Bonny Light Horseman Jacquey Gabriel

13. The Doughty Packman Ray Driscoll

14. The Holly and the Ivy Ivor Hill & family

15. Little by Little and Bit by Bit Charlie Bridger

16. I'll Sing of Martha Freda Palmer

17. Dales Waltz Harry Cockerill

18. A British Soldier's Grave Archer Goode

19. Billy Brown Freda Palmer

20. The Old Drunken Man Alice Francombe

21. Feyther Stole the Parson's Sheep George Fradley

22. The Oyster Girl Harry Cockerill

23. Johnny o' Hazelgreen Packie Manus Byrne

24. Nowt to do wi' Me George Fradley

25. What is the Life of a Man Archer Goode

26. Was sail Song Alice Francombe

27. Barbara Allen Debbie & Pennie Davis




































































MTCD356-7 King's Head Folk Club


CD One
Toast - Jack Smith
Bonny Udny - Daisy Chapman
Dark Eyed Sailor - Percy Webb
Kitty from Ballinamore - Seamus Ennis
Banks of Claudy - Albert Shaw
'Arry, 'Arry, 'Arry, 'Arry, - Terry Vosper
Three Reels - Barry & Gorman
Banks of the Clyde - Alf Wildman
Mountains of Mourne - Meg Aitken
Benefit Concert - Albert Shaw
Bunch of Violets - Daisy Chapman
Jealousy - Jack Smith
Rambling Boys ... Oliver Mulligan
Country Carrier - Percy Webb
Danny Boy - Meg Aitken
How Could I Marry - Jack Smith
Died for Love - Alf Wildman
Fairies' Hornpipe - Seamus Ennis
Faithful Sailor Boy - Percy Webb
Down in the Valley - Daisy Chapman
Flash Company - Phoebe Smith
Three Flowers - Freddie McKay
Goshens Cockups - Jack Smith
Kissin in the Dark - Daisy Chapman


CD Two
Nobody Noticed Me - Bob Cann -
Lay Him Away ... Albert Shaw
Go and Leave Me - Percy Webb
London Lights - Lizzie Higgins
Ramsey Ram - Alf Wildman
Londonderry - Barry & Gorman
Game of All Fours - Phoebe Smith
My Old Shoes - Lizzie Higgins
Christmas Day ... Freddie McKay
Horn of the Hunter - Albert Shaw
Pinch of Snuff - Seamus Ennis
Granny's Old Armchair - Jack Smith
Tiddler - George Belton
Skibbereen - Tim Lyons
Rap a Tap Tap - Percy Webb
Rose of Mooncoin - Barry & Gorman
Rich Farmer from Chester - Jack Smith
Betsy Bell - Lizzie Higgins
P'rambulator - Percy Webb
Wild Rapperee - Albert Shaw
Bailiff's Daughter ... - Alf Wildman
False Bride - Seamus Ennis
Young Taylor - Jack Smith
Tunes - Scan Tester





































































FSCD70 'Anglo International'


Disc One
Alan Day
1. Limey Pete/Billy Whitlock’s
2. Rosbif Waltz
Frank Edgley
3. The Blue-eyed Rascal (set dance)
4. The Maid of Feakle / Over the Moor to Maggie (reels)
5. Archie’s Fancy / Elsie Marley / The Muckin’ of Geordie’s Byre (waltz, jigs)
Roger Digby & Bob Davenport
6. Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Waller arr. Digby)
7. Over the Rainbow(Arlen/Harbury)/The Lady is a Tramp(Rodgers/Hart)
8. The Bonny Lass/ The Merry Month of May (Trad arr Digby)
9. Sous Les Toits de Paris (Nazelles/Moretti arr Davenport,Digby)
Nigel Chippendale
10. Petit Valse/Mazurka
John Watcham
11. Morris Tune Medley
Tom Lawrence
12. The Humors of Tullycrine/The Fairies (Hornpipes)
13. The Old Yellow Tinker/The Yellow Tinker (Reels)
14. Winnie Hayes/Julia Clifford's (Jigs)
Harry Scurfield
15. St James Infirmary
Will Duke
16. General Jackson Schottische/Untitle Schottische/Untitled Schottische
17. Untitled Waltz (from Scan Tester)/Green Hills of Ireland Waltz
Regardt de Bruin
18. Saterdagaand Settees
19. Fynloop Settees
20. Herinnering Aan Bles
Roger Edwards with Trio Threlfall
21. Double Lead Through (English country dance)
22. Bonny Labouring Boy (Eng. trad)
23. The Rose Polka
Mary MacNamara
24. The Corn Stack/The Trip to Sligo (Reels)
25. No names (Jigs)
26. The Mountain Top/Bill Whalley’s (Reels)

Disc Two
Andrew Blakeney-Edwards
1. Maple Leaf Rag
2. Rondo a la Turque
3. Dearest Dicky
Kate McNamara
4. John Brennans/The Mossy Banks (Reels)
5. The Gold Ring/Jim McHughes (Jigs)
6. The Bee’s Wing/The Flowing Tide (Hornpipes)
Andy Turner
7. Bedfordshire March / The Decennial
8. Packington's Pound / All in a Garden Green
Mandy Murray
9. Eddie Kelly’s Jigs
10. Mandy Murray’s
11. The Drogheda Lasses/The game of love
Zulu Squashbox music
12. Ntombi Suka S’Hambe
13. Matshidiso
Scan Tester
14. 17th March Jig
15. Step Dance Tune
16. Un-named Schottische
17. Step dance tune/Roaming in the Gloaming/I love a lassie
Bertram Levy
18. Paddyrocker
19. Jig Medley
20. Reb Dovidls Nign
Zak van der Vyver
21. Ashton
22. Only Child
23. Wipneusie
John Kirkpatrick
24. Poppa Piccolino.
25. Gigue
26. The Hen's March to the Midden
27. The Fellow that Played the Trombone

Disc Three
Chris Sherburn
1. The Lilting Banshee/Sean Ryan’s Jig
2. Sliabh Russell/The Hunter’s Purse/The Collier’s Reel
Andy Turner
3. Sadlors Baloon / Eastwell Park
4. March from Scipio / Iron Legs
Niall Vallely
5. The Iron Man/Highland/James Byrne’s Reel/Con McGinley’s Reel
6. The Mathematician/The Independent/Sean McGuire’s Reel
7. Round Midnight
Felix Castro
8. Muinhera de Sobrado dos Monxes
9. Repimpin
Fred Kilroy
10. Blaze Away
11. Southern Selection
12. Old Comrades March
Jody Kruskal
13. Krazy for Kasha/Fresh Start/Running for your life (Reels)
14. Simple Simon/Manic Holiday/Parnell’s March (Jigs)
Noel Hill
15. The Lament for Limerick (Slow air)
16. The road to Garrison/Dr Gilbert’s Reel/The thrush in the storm
17. Fanny Power/Tabhair dom do Lamh


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