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My Colleen by the Shore

'Songs in the Irish tradition from Liverpool'


Bruce Scott

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The Irish music scene in Liverpool has long been a vibrant one and out of it has grown one of the finest traditional singers in the country. Bruce Scott, a one time demolition worker who travelled Ireland in the 1960s busking and learning songs, has brought together a great and unusual collection of traditional songs sung in a way that reflects his lifetime of singing.

As if that wasn’t enough, he has in recent years started writing his own songs and four of them feature on this CD, including the title track ‘My Colleen by the Shore’ which won Bruce the ‘All Ireland Newly Composed Ballads’ competition in 2004. 



Tracks (click on the title to see the words of each song and read notes about it)

1. Rocks of Bawn - 3.53

2. The Tipperary Tinker - 2.50

3. Streams of Bunclody - 4.41

4. Summer in Bonclody - 4.00

5. Easy & Slow - 3.19

6. The Herring - 2.40

7. Lowlands of Flanders - 4.17

8. The Bold McShane - 2.46

9. It Was in the Month of January - 3.39

10. The Deck of the Baltimore - 4.26

11. My Liverpool Rose - 3.24

12. On the Deck of Patrick Lynch's Boat - 2.49

13. She Moved Through the Fair - 2.49

14. Buck St John’s Black Army - 2.44

15. My Collen by the Shore - 3.54


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