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When the May is all in Bloom

‘Traditional singing from the South East of England’


Bob Copper (Peacehaven, Sussex) John Copper (Peacehaven, Sussex) Louie Fuller  (Lingfield, Surrey) Gordon Hall (Pease Pottage, Sussex) Bob Lewis (Midhurst, Sussex) Ron Spicer (West Hoathly, Sussex)

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These are six of the finest singers from the South East of England singing songs they have had passed down to them from their family and friends. For this CD they were asked to sing their favourite songs, which had not been recorded before. Bob Copper, who has been recorded extensively with his family, chose songs he had collected in the 1950s whilst working for the BBC, 'George Collins' and 'The Trees they do Grow High' . His son, John, chose a couple of comic songs, 'Shift up a little bit Farther' and 'The Clothes Horse' that he had learnt from his grandfather, Jim Copper's song book. Bob Lewis sings ' The Spotted Cow' which he learned from his mother and 'Colin and Phoebe' a favourite of another classic Sussex singer 'Pop' Maynard. Ron Spicer learned 'Lily White Hand' from his father George Spicer and sings to his own accordion accompaniment  his stunning version of 'The Constant Lovers'. Louie Fuller's 'Twenty -one Years on Dartmoor' is a popular song with traveller singers and the raunchy 'Spotted Dick' came from her father! Last but not least the magnificent Gordon Hall contributes two classic ballads 'The Grand Conversation with Napoleon', and 'Broomfield Hill' plus the humorous Music Hall ditty 'Maas Simkins'


This was the first CD to have been produced of newly commissioned recordings of traditional English singers and is still thought by many to be one of the best!


Tracks (click on the title to see the words of each song and read notes about it)           

1. George Collins Bob Copper (3.37)

2. Lily White Hand Ron Spicer (1.58)

3. Spotty Dick Louie Fuller (1.47)

4. The Spotted Cow Bob Lewis (2.33)

5. The Grand Conversation on Napoleon Gordon Hall (6.03)

6. Shift up a little bit Farther John Copper (2.41)

7. Colin and Phoebe Bob Lewis (3.10)

8. Maas Simkins Gordon Hall (4.57)

9. Constant Lovers Ron Spicer (3.32)

10. Searching for Lambs Bob Lewis (2.09)

11. Twenty-one Years on Dartmoor Louie Fuller (3.43)

12. The Trees they do Grow High Bob Copper (4.21)

13. The Clothes Horse John Copper (3.06)

14. Broomfield Hill Gordon Hall (10.04)


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