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ĎMouthorgan, concertina & accordion music from Chagford, Devoní


Jack Rice (mouthorgan)  Les Rice (Concertina & Mouthorgan)  Jason Rice (piano accordion)

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Fifty years ago the pubs of the small remote Dartmoor town of Chagford would regularly ring to the sound of mouthorgan, concertina and accordion music or the rattle of a stepdance board. On carnival day the streets would be filled by revellers following the music and drums of the Merrymakers band.

At the centre of this music making were two cousins, Jack and Les Rice. One a tall, thin, reserved man who could play the mouthorgan like no one else and the other a flamboyant gent who won all the stepdancing competitions.

Their tradition lives on in the hands of Jackís grandson, Jason, who has now teamed up with Mark Bazeley, grandson of the other Dartmoor musical legend Bob Cann. A living tradition and long may their dynasties survive!




1. The Harvest Schottische - Jack Rice (mouthorgan)
2. The Washerwoman - Les Rice (anglo concertina)
3. George Cannís /Dorsetshire Hornpipes - Jack Rice (mouthorgan)
4. Waltzes - Jack Rice (mouthorgan)
5. George Cannís - Jack Rice (mouthorgan)  - Gordon Rice (melodeon) - Fran Rice (recorder)
6. The Magzina - Les Rice (anglo concertina)
7. Stepdance to the Cliffe Hornpipe - Jack Rice (stepdancing) - Bob Cann (melodeon)
8. Polka /The Boat is Tipping Over - Jack Rice (mouthorgan)

9. Will Holmanís Jig - Les Rice (anglo concertina)
10. George Cannís Waltz - Jack Rice (mouthorgan)
11. The Cokey /Stepdance Hornpipes - Jack Rice (mouthorgan)
12. The Veleta - Les Rice (mouthorgan)
13. Ri Too Ral - The New Merrymakers (carnival band)
14. The New Rigged Ship /Jim Cannís Barn Dance /Woodland Flowers - Jack Rice (mouthorgan)
15. Dorset Four Hand Reel - Jack Rice (mouthorgan)

16. The Scottish /George Cannís /The Cliffe Hornpipes - Les Rice (mouthorgan)
17. Quadrilles  - Les Rice (anglo concertina)
18. The Londonderry /The Trumpet Hornpipes - Jack Rice (mouthorgan)

19. Bob Cannís Uncleís Jig - Jack Rice (mouthorgan)
20. Stepdance Tunes - Les Rice (anglo concertina)
21. Sweet Rosy OíGrady - Jack Rice (mouthorgan)
22. Stepdance to the Schottische Hornpipe - Les Rice (stepdancing) - Jack Rice (mouthorgan)

23. The Monkey Hornpipe /Waltz - Les Rice (anglo concertina)

24. Will Smallís Hornpipe /The Cliffe Hornpipe - Jack Rice (mouthorgan)

25. Nothing Over 6d in the Store - Jack Rice (mouthorgan) - Paul Wilson (fiddle)

26. When I Grow Too Old to Dream - George Allen (melodeon) - Les Rice (anglo concertina)

27. Heel & Toe Polka - Jason Rice (piano accordion)

28. Lincolnshire Poacher /The Feathers - Jason Rice (piano accordion) - Mark Bazeley (melodeon)

29. The Primrose Polka - Jason Rice (piano accordion) - Mark Bazeley (melodeon)

30. Cock of the North /Scotland the Brave /I Love a Lassie - Jack Rice (mouthorgan) - Les Rice (anglo concertina) - Paul Wilson (piano accordion)


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