TSCD677T The Flax on the Bloom



Tracks — Disc 1
1. Lough Erne Shore - Paddy Tunney
2. The Mountain Streams Where The Moorcocks Crow - Brigid Tunney
3. Polka: untitled - Joe Tunney
4. Single Jig: Pat Hart's - Joe Tunney
5. Reels: Miss Monaghan/The Green Mountain; The Scholar - Joe Tunney
6. My Charming Buachaill Roe - Annie Lunny
7. Deartháirín ó mo Chroí - Annie Lunny
8. Single Jig: Bundle and Go - John Doherty
9. Reel: Miss McLeod's - John Doherty
10. Slip Jig: Gusty's Frolics - John Doherty
11. Moorlough Mary - John Doherty
12. Reel: Marry When You're Young - John Doherty 
13. Boney Crossing the Alps - John Doherty
14. The Last Figure of the Lancers - John Doherty
15. The Rollicking Boys around Tandragee - Mick Gallagher
16. Buachaillín Donn - Maureen Melly
17. Paddy Shinahan's Cow - Maureen Melly
18. Farewell Green Erin - Maureen Melly
19. The Blackbird - Paddy Tunney
20. Reel: The Loughanure Tune - Neilidh Boyle
21. Reel: Seán sa Cheo - Neilidh Boyle
22. Pleoid ar an Fharraige is í átá Mor! - Neilidh Boyle
23. Verse and air: Sráid na mBúrcach - Neilidh Boyle
24. An Seanduine Dóite - Sheila Gallagher
25. In Aimsir Bhaint an Fhéir - Sheila Gallagher
26. The Wearing of the Britches - Pat Bell Keown
27. The Blackbird of Avondale - Maureen Melly
28. My Dark Slender Boy - Maureen Melly 
29. Reel: Bonnie Kate - Simie Doherty
30. Reel: Cuffe Street - Simie Doherty
31. Reel: The Pigeon on the Gate - Simie Doherty
32. Reel: The Tullaghan Lasses - Simie Doherty
33. Reel: Mooney's Favourite - Simie Doherty 
34. The Heathery Hills - Brigid Tunney
35. The Soldier & The Sailor - Brigid Tunney
36. Wee Paddy Molloy - Brigid Tunney
37. Hornpipe: The Atlantic Roar - John Doherty
38. Rocking the Cradle - John Doherty

Tracks — Disc 2
1. Highland: The Basket of Oysters; Jig: Jackson's Rum Punch - Johnny Pickering
2. Highlands: Green Grow the Rushes O; Love, Will You Marry Me - Johnny Pickering
3. Jigs: Biddy the Bowl Wife; I Lost My Love & I Care Not; King of the Cannibal Islands - McCusker Brothers Ceili Band
4. Polkas: untitled; untitled; Jenny Lind - McCusker Brothers Ceili Band
5. Reel: The First of May - Vincent & John McCusker
6. Mazurkas: untitled; untitled; untitled - Vincent & John McCusker
7. Highlands: Monymusk; Kafoozalum; Maggie Pickens - McCusker Brothers Ceili Band
8. Jig: Tatter Jack Walsh - Vincent & John McCusker
9. Set Dance: The Princess Royal - Vincent & John McCusker
10. Hornpipe & Barndance: The Man from Newry; The Barndance - McCusker Brothers Ceili Band
11. Set Dance: Jockey to the Fair - Vincent, John & Benignus McCusker
12. Set Dance: The Orange Rogue - John McCusker
13. Reels: McKenna's; The Tinker's Apron; The Antrim - McCusker Brothers Ceili Band
14. Single Jig: The Sweets of May - McCusker Brothers Ceili Band 
15. Reel: The Gosson that Beat his Father - John Maguire
16. Reel: The First House in Connaught - John Maguire
17. Jig: Lovely Nancy - John Maguire
18. Reel: The Maid of the House - John Maguire
19. Reel: The Boys of Leefive - John Maguire
20. Hornpipe: The Cuckoo's Nest - John Maguire
21. Polka: All the Way to Galway - Paddy McLuskey
22. March: Napoleon Crossing the Alps - Paddy McLuskey
23. Hornpipe: The Cuckoo's Nest - Paddy McLuskey
24. Reel: The Ewe with the Crooked Horn - Paddy McLuskey
25. Jig: Coming home from Reilly's Party - Danny McNiff
26. The Clap Dance: The Soldier's Joy - Eddie Moor
27. Highlands: unidentified; Monymusk - Philip Breen
28. Waltz: Woodland Whispers - Philip Breen
29. Reels: The Flax in Bloom; The Dairymaid; The Galway Rambler - Philip Breen
30. Reels: The Sailor's Bonnet; Kiss the Bride; Roaring Mary - Sean Maguire, Liam Donnelly, Tom Turkington, Bill Montgomery, John Maguire
31. Reels: The Flax in Bloom; The Millstone; The Dairymaid - Sean Maguire & Bill Montgomery

Tracks — Disc 3
1. The Dark-Eyed Gypsy - Christy Purcell
2. What Brought the Blood? - Mary Connors
3. I Am a Maid that's Deep in Love - Lal Smith
4. Here's a Health unto All Truelovers - Mary Doran
5. Three Old Jolly Sportsmen - Paddy Doran
6. The Lovely Banks of Lea - Mary Connors
7. The Bandy-Legged Mule - Christy Purcell
8. Marrow Bones (The Blind Man He Can See, no.1) - Mary Connors & Paddy Doran
9. Early, Early on the Month of Spring - Lal Smith 
10. The Lodging-House in Carrick-on-Suir - Christy Purcell
11. The Rambling Irishman - Mary Doran
12. Dungarvan - Paddy Doran
13. The Bold English Navvy - Lal Smith
14. Hornpipe: The Little Beggar Man - Paddy Doran
15. Going to Mass Last Sunday - Winnie Ryan
16. Kate from Ballinamore - Paddy Doran
17. Tis Miles I Have Rambled (The Blind Man He Can See, no.2) - Mary Connors & Paddy Doran 
18. The Fair at Spancil Hill - Christy Purcell
19. Come All You Loyal Lovers - Mary Connors
20. Early, Early All in the Spring - Winnie Ryan






















































































1. Reels: The Girl Who Broke my Heart / Billy Bocker
2. Jigs: Rooney's Favourites
3. Reels: The Enchanted Lady / The Maids of Castlebar
4. Jig: The Lark in the Morning
5. Barndance: Morrison's
6. Jigs: The Lonesome Jig / The Tenpenny Bit
7. Reels: The Edenderry / The Flowery Fields of Scotland
8. Barndance: The Dances at Kinvara
9. Reels: Larry Redican's / The Dairy Maid
10. Jigs: The Wandering Minstrel / Fasten the Leg on Her / The Road to Keash
11. Reels: The Sailor's Cravat / Lady Gordon
12. Jigs: In Memory of Morrison - Strike the Gay Harp / The Legacy
13. Hornpipe: Lad O'Beirne's Hornpipe
14. Jigs: Up Sligo / The Hearty Boys of Ballymote






























































CRCD01 Johnny O'Leary


1. John Walshe’s Polkas
2. A Night at the Fair / The Cat in the Corner
3. Murphy’s / The Greencastle
4. The Kenmare Polka / Sweeney’s  
5. Jerome Burke’s / The Cobbler
6. The Gallant Tipperary Boys / The First Cousin of the Gallant Tipperary Boys
7. The Annaghbeg Polka
8. The Hair Fell Off my Coconut / Thadelo’s Slide
9. Thadelo’s / Turkey in the Straw
10. The Campdown Races
11. The Sean Bhean Bhocht
12. The Bicycle
13. Pádraig O’Keeffe’s New Reel/ Pádraig O’Keeffe’s ‘Woman of the House’
14. Barrack Hill / If I Had a Wife
15. Bill the Weaver’s / The Blue Ribbon Polka
16. Paddy Spillane’s
17. The Knocknagree Polka / John Collins’ Fancy
18. Mick Mahony’s / The Kilcummin Slide
19. Dan O’Leary’s / Dan Sweeney’s
20. Keeffe’s Slide / Pádraig O’Keeffe’s / Julia Clifford’s Slide
21. Crowley’s Reels
22. Dan O’Leary’s
23. Thadelo Sullivan’s
24. Molly Myers’ / Jack Connell’s
25. The Green Cottage
26. The Cornerhouse / Come West Along the Road
27. Connie Fleming’s Polka
28. The Old Grey Goose





































































CRCD02 The Four Star Trio


1. Scatter the Mud / Union Quay / Rogha an Mháistir

2. Jack Sweeney's / Billy Mahony's / Sonny Riordan's

3. Fitzgerald's Hornpipe / Kimmel's Hornpipe

4. Idir Corcaigh agus Dúghlas

5. The Swallow's Tail / The Heather Breeze

6. Merrily Kiss the Quaker / The Quarry Cross

7. Abha an tSuláin / The Honeymoon Reel

8. The Walking Jig / Michelle O'Sullivan's / Bímís ag Ól

9. The Miltown Cockroach

10. Barney Brallaghan's / Ride a Mile / The Sport of the Chase

11. The Lost Polka / The Rakes of Mallow

12. The Banks of the Lee

13. Temple House / The Boy in the Boat / The Red Haired Lass

14. Ode to Whiskey

15. Hymn to St Finbarr

16. Going for Water / Mick Lynch's


























































CRCD03 The Croppy's Complaint


1. The Rights of Man : Mick O’Brien
2. The Blarismoor Tragedy : Jim McFarland
3. Croppies Lie Down : Sean Tyrrell
4. McKenna’s Dream : Frank Harte
5. An "Croppy Lie Down" : Éamon Ó Bróithe
6. Napper Tandy : The Four Star Trio
7. Father Murphy : Jerry O’Reilly
8. Bagenal Harvey’s Farewell : Sean Garvey
9. Sliabh na mBan : Áine Uí Cheallaigh
10. A ’98 March : The Four Star Trio
11. Henry Joy McCracken : Tim Lyons
12. Rody McCorley : Róisín White
13. Faithless Bony : Barry Gleeson acc. Mick Willis
14. The Cow Ate the Piper : Terry Timmins
15. Croppies’ March/Repeal of the Union : The Four Star Trio
16. Little Jimmy Murphy : Luke Cheevers
17. The Downfall of Paris :: Mick O’Brien

















































































CRCD006 Havoc in Heaven


1. Havoc in Heaven
2. Jim Jones
3. The Colleen Rue
4. The Fenian Blade
5. Barbr’y Allen
6. Bold Jack Donohue
7. The Connolly Column
8. The Wheels of the World
9. The Titanic
10. Moreton Bay
11. False Lover John
12. Living Ghosts / Isolde’s Chapel
13. Ye Men of Sweet Liberties
14. Freedom’s Pioneers
15. Navvy Tribute
     (a) The Aran Labourer
     (b) Just a Note
     (c) Wild Wild Whiskey
     (d) McAlpine's Crew
















































































CRCD04 Down From Your Pulpits, Down From Your Thrones


1. The Charming Pride of Luachair Side

2. Palmerstown Fleas

3. Dan Curleu

4. Done With Bonaparte

5. Sammy's Bar

6. Her Mantle so Gree

7. The Charming Quarry Cross

8. Michael Dwyer's Lament

9. The Carmagnoles/ La Carmagnole

10. Bridget Gare

11. The West Clare Train

12. Lovers and Friends

13. The Grey Funnel Line





















































CFTS001 Cascades of Song


1. Banks of the Nile - Rosie Stewart
2. An Crúiscín Lan - Eamonn Bróithe
3. A Tinker I Am - Con Greaney
4. An Bhean Chaointe - Páidrigín ni Úalleacháin
5. Man Who Came Home From Pretoria - Dainí Maidhcí Ó'Suilleabháin
6. An Chúicreach - Brian Ó'Domhnaill
7. Rose of Ardee - Finbarr Boyle
8. Rinne Me SmuitÓ Mintinn - Tríona ní Dhomhnaill
9. LOUGH Erne's Shore - Jim and Seamus MacFarland
10. Ar Bruach Na Laoí - Aine Uí Ceallaigh
11. Banks of The Bann - The Voice Squad
12. Lady Mary Ann - Ellen Mitchell
13. Bhattiyali-Bengali Boatman's Song - Stan Scott
14. An Abhann Mhóir - Peadar O'Ceannabháin
15. Here is To All True Lovers - Maighréad ní Dhomhnaill
16. Eleanóir A Ruin - Roisin Elsafty
17. My Good Looking Man - Nonie Lynch





















































CNF001 The Fiddle Music of Donegal Vol. 1


1. The Bunglas Lass /Mrs. McGinley's (Hornpipes)
2. Con Cassidy's Waltz /The Speaking Waltz
3. Feargal O'Gara /The Cliffs of Glencolmcille )Reels)
4. Mac Eoghan Sheain agus Inion John Chit (Polka).
5. The Marine (Single Jig)
6. Maggie Pickle (Highland)
7. Shanie Mulhearne's Reel
6. Moneymusk (Highland)
9. Untitled Mazurkas
10. The Cock's Tail (Single Reel), The Five Mile Chase /George White's Fancy (Reels)
11. An t-Eas /McCahill's (Hornpipes)
12. Con Cassidy's /John Glackin's (Germans)
13 The Fintown Girl's Lament
14. The Quaker's Wife (Single Jig) /The Boys of the Town (Double Jig)
15. The Humours of Baile na Feed and The Wee Pickle Tow (Double Jigs)
16. Neillidh 0 Baoighill's, Banrion na Bealtaine /Dulaman na Binne Buidhe (Highlands)
17. R0ise Bheag R0ise Moire's /Proinnsias O' Maonaigh's (Germans)
18. The Soldier's Joy (Hornpipe)
19. The '21 /The Iron Man (Highlands)
20. The Drunken Sailor /The Dungorman (Hornpipes)
21. The Green Fields of Glentown and Leslie's (Reels)
22. The Frost is All Over /Frank Cassidy's (Double Jigs)
23. McSweeney's Lament
































































CNF002 The Fiddle Music of Donegal Vol. 2


1. John Mhosaí McGinley's (Hornpipe)

2. King George IVth (Highland)

3.  Ril Cathaoir Rua Cabhain,

4. Highland a' Choilie / Cailíní Ard a' Ratha

5. Mazurka

6. The Old Wheel of Fortune - (Single reel)

7. Con Cassidy's /Doodley, Doodley Dank - (Jig and slip jig)

8. The Balmoral Highlanders' (March)

9.  Cailleach an Airgead /Bean Baint Duileasc agus Fhluich Si a Léine - (Double jigs)

10. An Bairseach Mná, Saitheadh an Bháid / Ril Chairain Uí Rathallaigh (Reels)

11. An Cuilfhíonn (Air)

12. Casey's Pig / Dúlamán na Binne Búidhe - (Highlands)

13. Kitty Sheain's / The Dance of the Honeybees - (Barndances)

14. Port an Chonchobhúir /Port Gan Ainm (Jigs)

15. The Pigeon on the Gate /Jenny Picking Cockles - (Reels)

16. John Byrne's (Jig)

17. The McConnell's Highland / Highland a' Choilie

18. The Liverpool /The Derry - Hornpipes)

19. Miss Monaghan - (Reel)

20. Con McGinley's /Moneymusk - (Highlands)

21. Alec McConnell's (Waltz)

22. The Cameronian - (Reel)

23. The Rising of the Sun /The Pigeon on the Gate - (Reels)









































CNF003 The Fiddle Music of Donegal Vol. 3


Dermot McLaughlin:

1. The Rannafast Jig

2. Miss McLeod's Reel

3. Miss Patterson's Slippers (reel)

4. The Wedding Jig

5. The Flogging Reel

John Byrne:

6. The Swallow's Tail (Reel)

7. Joe Byrne's Barndance /The Curlew Hills (Barndances)

8. When the Ship Leaves the Harbour (Air)

Derek McGinley:

9. Untitled Barndance /The Inishmurray Hornpipe

10. John Gallagher's Waltz

11. Is Cuma Liom (Reel)

12. Easter Snow (Air)

Matthew McGranaghan:

13. The Morning Dew /Greig's Pipes (Reels)

14. The Marquis of Huntley's Farewell /Shetland's Welcome to the Cape Breton Fiddlers Strathspey /Reel)

15. Leaving Lerwick Harbour

Jimmy Campbell:

16. The Floating Crowbar /The Boys of the Lough (Reels)

Jimmy and Peter Campbell:

17. Two Untitled Mazurkas

Peter Campbell:

18. Paddy's Rambles Through the Park /Castle Bray Highland

19. Dinky Dorrian s /King George the Fourth
























































CNF004 The Fiddle Music of Donegal - Con Cassidy


1. Con Cassidy's // Double Jig
2. The Low Highland
3. The Lazy Dog // Highland
4. La Marseillaise March
5. Parnell's March
6. The Frost Is All Over // Double Jig
7. The Rakes Of Clonmel + Old Man Dillon // Double Jigs
8. The Speaking Waltz
9. Gallagher's March
10. Untitled Mazurka
11. Lad O'Beirne's Hornpipe
12. Con Talks About Starting To Play The Fiddle
13. McFarley's Reel ( duet with Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh)
14. Con Tells The Story Behind Taibhse Chonaill
15. Taibhse Chonaill // Single Jig
16. Con Talks About Local Musicians In Teileann
17. The Slieve League // Slip Jig
18. An Mhalaidh Gharbh // Highland
19. Miss Ramsey's Highland
20. My Love Is In America// Reel
21. My Love She's But A Lassie Yet // Lancer
22. Maude Millar's // Highland
23. Gan Ainm Highland
24. The Green Mountain // Reel
25. Gan Ainm Barn Dance
26. Dúlamán Na Binne Buidhe // Highland
27. Gan Ainm Highland
28. The Ewe With The Crooked Horn // Highland
29. Gan Ainm Barn Dance
30. The Copper Plate // Reel
31. Con Talks About Séamus Ennis
32. Francie Byrne's Reel (duet with Dermot McLaughlin)
33. The Teelin Petronella // Lancer (duet with Dermot McLaughlin)
34. Cuffe Street Reel (duet with Dermot McLaughlin)
35. Con Talks About His Fiddle Playing
36. Seán Sa Cheo // Reel


























































CNF005 Nil gar ann! - Frank Cassidy

1. Hornpipe: Tuam na Farriage.
2. Reel: Down the Broom.
3. Reel: The Pinch of Snuff.
4. Air: Tiarna Muigh Eo.
5. Air: Tiarna Muigh Eo.
6. Jig: The Wedding Jig.
7. Reel: Bonnie Kate.
8. Air: Cronan na Mathar.
9. Air: Dark Loch na Gar.
10.  Seamus Ennis recalls meeting Frank Cassidy.
11. Reel: Cuffe Street.
12. Reel: The Pinch of Snuff.
13. Jig: The Irish Washerwoman.
14. Tune Into by Frank Cassidy.
15. Reel: Muineal a'Bhardail.
16. Air: Myth Island.
17. Reel: Cuffe Street.
18. Hornpipe: The Japanese Hornpipe.
19.  Con Cassidy talks about Frank Cassidy.
20. Waltz: Beautiful Ohio.
21. Jig: The Lark On the Strand.
22. Hornpipes: The Showman's Fancy - Untitled.
23. Con Cassidy talks about Frank Cassidy.
24. Reel: The Blacksmith's Fancy.
25. Reek: Rakish Paddy.
26. Dr.McCloskey talks about Frank Cassidy.
27. Air: Tiarna Muigh Eo.
28. Air: The Blackbird.
29. Hornpipe: The Japanese Hornpipe.
30. Reel: The Mason's Apron.
31. Air: Myth Island.
32. Air: Come Back to Erin.
33. Frank Cassidy's greeting to his sister Kate.
34. Reel: Bonnie Kate.
35. Air: Cronan na Mathar.






























CNF006 The Purple Heather - Vincent Champbell


1. The Wild Irishman (Reel)

2. The Doon Reel (Reel)

3. The Donegal Reel (Reel)

4. Tá Gleann Beag Aoibhinn in Éirinn (Air)

5. Roaring Mary (Reel)

6. Miss MacLeod's (Reel)

7. Lucy Campbell's (Reel)

8. Cathal Rua (Reel)

9. Untitled (Mazurka)

10. King George IV (Highland)

11. Story intro to the Fantastic Reel (Speech)

12. The Fantastic Reel (Reel)

13. Drowsey Maggie (Reel)

14. Stirling Castle (Highland)

15. The Laddie with the Pladdie (Highland)

16. The Milita (Waltz)

17. The Cuckoo (Waltz)

18. The Newfoundland (Reel)

19. Story intro to the Titanic Reel (Speech)

20. The Titanic (Reel)

21. The Shamrock (Barndance)

22. Hughie McGinley's (Highland)

23. Highland a' Coille (Highland)

24. Pigeon on the Gate (Highland)

25. The Gweebarra Bridge (Reel)

26. Stormy Weather (Reel)

27. The Merry Sisters (Reel)

28. Mickey Doherty's (Slip Jig)

29. Story intro to the Wind that Shakes the Barley (Speech)

30. The Wind that Shakes the Barley (bagpipe style) (Reel)

31. Caoineadh Aileach (Lament)

32. The Shores of the Lake (Jig)

33. The Purple Heather (Hornpipe)

34. The Flowers of Edinburgh (Reel)

35. Story intro The Glen Man's Ramble (Speech)

36. The Glen Man's Ramble (Reel)

37. The Coatie Lan (Cotillion)

38. Fisher's (Hornpipe)

39. John Johnny Phádraig's (Polka)

40. Untitled Four Part Polka (Polka)

41. Pretty Peg (Reel)

42. Fáscadh mo Léine (Reel)

43. Máire na Sop (Reel)



1. John Mhosai's (Hornpipe)

2. Story intro to the Back Door in Irish (Speech)

3. The Back Door (Highland)

4. Story intro to the Back Door in English (Speech)

5. Story intro to Cailini Ard a' Ratha (Speech)

6. Cailini Ard a' Ratha (Highland)

7. Stirling Castle (Highland)

8. Mrs Kenny's (Waltz)

9. Story intro to the Gypsy Mór's German (Speech)

10. The Gypsy Mór's German (German)

11. Story about Lilter James Toland (Speech)

12. Paddy Catt (Paddy Catt)

13. Maggie Pickie (Maggie Pickie)

14. Story intro to Tuam na Farraige (Speech)

15. Tuam na Farraige (Air)

16. Story intro to the Silver Spire (Speech)

17. The Silver Spire (Reel)

18. Story about the Tinsmith's toolkit (Speech)

19. The Oak Tree (Reel)

20. Story intro to Moll an Tiarna (Speech)

21. Moll an Tiarna (Reel)

22. The Enniskillen Dragoons (bagpipe style) (March)

23. The Ship Leaves the Harbour Tomorrow (Reel)

24. Sean McLaughlin's (Air)

25. Story intro to Síos an Bealach Mór (Speech)

26. Síos an Bealach Mór (Highland)

27. Story intro to Miss Patterson's slippers (Speech)

28. Miss Patterson's slippers (Reel)

29. Story about the Bog Oak Fiddle (Speech)

30. Untitled (Highland)

31. Story intro to Jackson's reel (Speech)

32. Jackson's (Reel)

33. Story of the Mín a' Toitean Bull (Speech)

34. The Drunken Piper (March)

35. Story intro to the Corn Rigs (Speech)

36. The Corn Rigs (Corn Rigs)

37. Story intro to Fáscadh mo Léine - In Irish (Speech)

38. Fáscadh mo Léine / The Silver Spire (Reels)

39. Story intro to Fáscadh mo Léine - In English (Speech)

40. Story intro to Muilleann na Maidí - In Irish (Speech)

41.Muilleann na Maidí (Reel)

42. Story intro to Muilleann na Maidí - In English (Speech)

43. The Cock's Tail / The Newfoundland (Reels)

















































































CNF007 'A Feeling in the Blood'



1. The Pigeon on the Gate/Jenny Picking Cockels(Reels)

2. Haste to the Wedding/Over the Hills (Jigs)

3. The Harvest Home/The Green Mountain (Hornpipe/Reel)
4. Biddy of Sligo/The Connachtman's Rambles (Jigs)

5. The Swallows Tail/The Blackberry Blossom (Reels)

6. The Dublin/Liverpool H/P's (Hornpipes)

7. Danny O'Donnell talks to Robbie Hannan (Speech)
8. Tiarna Mhuigh Eo (Air)

9. Cam na Binne Búidhe (Air)

10. Dúlaman na Binne Búidhe (Highland)

11. The Boys of the Lough (Reel)

12. An Suisun Ban (Air)

13. A Stór mo Chroi (Air)

14. The Wild Irishman (Reel)

15. The Old Mud Cabin (Air)

16. The River Roe (Air)

17. Óró a Stór a Ghrá (Air)

18. Éire mo Thír (Air)

19. Dark Loch na Gar (Air)

20. The Moving Clouds (Reel)

21. Annie Boyle talking about Séamus Ennis (Speech)

22. Sráid na mBúrcach/Tiarna Muigh Eo/An Droighnéan Donn (Airs)

23. The Girls of Céideadh (Air)

24. Tiarna Muigh Eo/Sráid na Búrcach/An Droighnéan Donn (Airs)

25. Cam na hAolna/The Moving Clouds/The Newcastle Hornpipe (Air/Reel/Hornpipe)

26. The Girls of Céideadh/Sráid na mBúrcach/An Droighnéan Donn (Airs)

27. Néillidh talking about a feeling in the blood (Speech)

28. The River Roe (Air)

29. The Harvest Home (Hornpipe)

30. An Cailín Deas Crúite na mBó (Air)

31. Pigeon in the Gate (Reel)

32. Farewell to the Green Hills Of Ireland (Air)

33. Sráid na mBúrcach (Air)

34. Seán sa Cheo (Reel)

35. The Loughanure Tune (Reel)

36. Pleoid ar an Fharraige, is í atá mór (Air)

37. Tiarna Mhuigh Eo (Air)

38. The Moving Clouds (Reel)

39. The Blackbird (Air)


CD 2

1. Talk about the state of Music in Ireland (Speech)

2. Pleoid ar na Fharraige, is atá mór (Speech)

3. Pleoid ar na Fharraige, is atá mór (Air)

4. Tiarna Mhuigh Eo (Speech)

5. Tiarna Mhuigh Eo (Air)

6. The River Roe (Speech)

7. The River Roe (Air)]

8. An Cailín Deas Crúite na mBó (Speech)

9. An Cailín Deas Crúite na mBó (Air)

10. Miss McLeod's (Speech)

11. Miss McLeod's (Reel)

12. Harvest Home (Speech)

13. Harvest Home (Hornpipe)

14. The Moving Clouds (Speech)

15. The Moving Clouds (Reel)

16. The Moving Clouds (Speech)

17. The Pigeon on the Gate (Speech)

18. The Pigeon on the Gate (Reel)

19. The Pigeon on the Gate (Speech)

20.Seán sa Cheo (Speech)

21. Seán sa Cheo (Reel)

22. Talk about bagpipes (Speech)

23. Farewell to the Green Hills (Speech)

24. Farewell to the Green Hills (Air)

25. The Song of the Boxty (Speech)

26. The Song of the Boxty (Song)

27. Sráid na mBúrcach (Speech)

28. Sráid na mBúrcach (Song and Air)

29. The Loughanure Tune (Speech)

30. The Loughanure Tune (Speech)

31. The Loughanure Tune (Reel)

32. Caoineadh/Keening (Speech)

33. Caoineadh/Keening (Caoineadh)

34. The Blackbird (Speech)

35. The Blackbird (Air)


CD 3

1. The Long Note - Néillidh Boyle (Feature Programme)

2. The Bunch of Keys (Reel)

3. The Teatotaller (Reel)

4. The Green Mountain (Reel)

5. The Spey in Spate (Reel)

6. The Heathery Breeze (Highland)

7. Untitled/Roddy McCorley (Marches)

8. Down the Broom (Reel)


















































































NF008 Drimalost and Beyond


Disc 1
1. Slip Jigs: The Slieve League - Tobin's
2. Air & Hornpipe: The Tinware Lass
3. Hornpipe & Reel: The Sailor's Hornpipe - The Sailor On the Rock
4. Air & Jig: Rocking the Cradle
5. Barndances: James Gannon's - THe Belle of the Ball
6. Reel: Biddy from Muckross
7. Talk: Sunday's at Home
8. Air & Reel: The Snowy Breasted Pearl - Kate Dalrymple
9. Jigs: Jackson's Morning Brush - The Mouse In the Cupboard
10. Reels: The Godfather - The Wind That Shakes the Barley
11. Talk: Polly Pluck
12. Polka & Reel: Polly Pluck - Bonnie Kate
13. Barndance: The Return to Laghey
14. Highland & Reel: Orange & Blue - The Fairy Reel
15. Jig: Rory O'More
16. Reel: The Tarbolton
17. Air & Set Dance: The Bold Robert Emmet - The Blackbird
18. Barndance: Johnny Gorman's
19. Slides: When Pat Came Over the Hills - The Lisheen
20. Polka & Reel: Tandem Reefer Randy - Paddy's Trip to Scotland
21. Highland: Micheal Cherry's
22. Lament & Jig: Lament for Napoleon - George Williamson's
23. Reel: The Curly Haired Lad
24. Jig: Paidin O'Raifeartaigh
25. Hornpipes: Tommy Hill's Favourite - O'Beirne's
26. Hornpipe: The Sunshine Hornpipe
27.Air & Jigs: An Cailin Deas Cruite na mBo - The Bonfire In the Border - The Mug of Brown Ale
28. Highland: Clark's Highland Fling
29. Set Dance: The Job of Journeywork
30. Talk: Remembering Granny Susie
31. German: Long German
32. Hornpipe: Johnny Cope
33. Jigs: Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be - Father Flynn
34. Reel: The Flax in Bloom
35. Jig: Whirl the Bucket About

Disc 2
1. Reels: Tom Ward's Downfall - The Reel of Mullinavat
2. Highland & Reel: Paddy the Cooper's - Dublin Porter
3. Air & Hornpipe: The West's Awake - The Banks
4. Reel: The Wheels of the World
5. Talk: About Mc Dyer
6. Highland: Anthony Kelly's
7. Carol & Reel: The Wexford Carol - Dowd's Favourite
8. Maggie Pickle
9. Jig: The Irish Washerwoman
10. Highland & Jig: The Ewe Wi' the Crooked Horn - The Rakes of Kildare
11. Talk: Finding Music in London
12. Reel: The Maid That Dare Not Tell
13. Barndance & Waltz: William McGonagall's Barndance - The Shaskeen
14. Air,Highland & Reel: The Dean Brig o' Edinburgh - Highland - Hand Me Down the Tackle
15. Barndance & Reel: Charlie Lennon's - The Duke of Leinster's Wife
16. Talk: About his father
17. Jigs: Killyburn Brae - Jackson's Fancy
18. Jig & Reel: Could You Want Anymore - My Love Is In America
19. Jig: The Wren's Jig
20. Talk: On Hearing Coleman
21. Hornpipe: THe Japanese Hornpipe
22. Jig: The Geese In the Bog
23. Reel: Te Bunch of Green Rushes
24. Talk: About Influences
25. Air & Jig: Rocking the Cradle
26. jig & Reel: Nora Crionna Reel
27. Reel: The Moving Bog
28. Air: The Dear Irish Boy
29. Highland: The Cat That Kittled in Jamie's Wig
30. Reels: Sweeney's Dream - The Moving Bog
31. Talk: Johnny Meehan sending a message home
32. Reel: Miss MacLeod's
33. Reel: Fisherman's Island
34. Jigs: Morrison's - - Sixpenny Money
35. Talk: That's not the way Paddy played that!
36. Jig: Molly Brannigan
37 Jigs: Paddy from Portlaw - Jackson's Fancy
38. Reels: The Teatotaller - The Duke of Leinster's Wife
























































CEFD161 Michael Coleman 1891-1945

1. Lord McDonald Reels
2. Cherish the Ladies Jig
3. The Boys of the Lough Reels
4. The Liverpool, O'Neill's Hornpipes
5. The Shaskeen Reels
6. Jackson's Jigs
7. Farrell O'Gara Reels
8. James Gannon's Barndances
9. The Crooked Road to Dublin Reels
10. Lord Gordon Reel
11. The Frost is all Over Jigs
12. Reidy Johnson's Reels
13. The Job of Journey work Set Dance
14. Rakish Paddy Reels
15. Tobin's Fancy Jigs
16. Crowley's Reels
17. Casey's Polkas
18. The Kerryman's Daughter, The Bird in the Tree Reels
19. Up Sligo Jigs
20. Lucy Campbell Reel
21. McDermott's Hornpipes
22. Doctor Gilbert, The Queen of May Reels
23. The Humours of Ennistymon Jigs
24. The Green Fields of America, The Swallow's Tail Reels

CD 2
1. The Grey Goose Jig
2. The Morning Dew, The Woman of the House Reels
3. Murray's Fancy Hornpipe
4. The Foxhumer Slip Jigs
5. The Duke of Leinster, And His Wife Reels
6. Larry O'Gaff Jigs
7. The Real Blackthorn Stick Reels
8. Murphy's Hornpipe
9. Jackson's Morning Brush,
The Rambling Pitchfork Jigs
10. Tarbolton, The Longford Collector, The Sailor's Bonnet Reels
11. The Sailor on the Rock Reels
12. The Monaghan Jig
13. The Pigeon on the Gate Reels
14. Apples in Winter Jigs
15. Bonnie Kate, Jenny's Chickens Reels
16. The Frieze Britches Jig
17. The Stage, The Western Hornpipes
18. Paddy Ryan's Dream Reels
19. Tell Her I Am Jigs
20. The Kerry Reel, The Boyne Hunt Reels
21. Tommy Hill's Favourite Hornpipes
22. Killarney Wonder Schottisches
23. Farewell to Ireland Reels
24. Mrs. Kenny's Barndance
























































































RCD1087 From Galway to Dublin


1. From Galway To Dublin
2. The Dawn/ Music In The Glen
3. The Wicklow Mountains High
4. The Knotted Cord/ The Hunter's Purse
5. The Banks Of Newfoundland
6. The Kerry/ Colonel Frazer/ The Steampacket
7. The Boston Burglar
8. Dunmore Lassies/ The Manchester/ The Castlebar Traveler
9. The Harvest Home
10. The Green Mountain
11. The Morning Dew/ Travelers/ Shark's Favorite
12. Sean Bhean Bhocht/ The Dancer At The Fair
13. Molly Durkin
14. The Bucks Of Oranmore
15. The Scotchman Over The Border/ The Tenpenny Bit
16. The Scholar/ The Bank Of Ireland
17. My Darlin' Coleen Bawn
18. Knocknagow/ Fowling Piece
19. Off To California/ The Liverpool
20. The Monaghan
21. Let Mr. Maguire Sit Down
22. The Green Groves Of Erin/ The Ivy Leaf
23. Alexander's/ O'Higgin's
24. George White's Favorite/ The Lass Of Carracastle
25. The Widow Malone
26. The Turnpike/ The Dublin/ Miss Thornton









































RCD1123 Milestone in the Garden


1. Miss Langford's Reel/ The Milestone at the Garden - James Morrison
2. Toss the Feathers/ Callan Lassies - John Howard
3. Over the Lakes - Fireman Barney Conlon

4. The Rocks of Bawn - Frank Quinn
5. The Doon Reel/ Quinn's Reel - Paddy Cronin 
6. The Mullingar Lee/ The Star of Munster - Hugh Gillespie

7. Cra Croi an Phiobaire (The Piper's Despair)/ Ril an Chinneidigh (Kennedy's Reel) - Denis Murphy
8. The Ace and Deuce of Pipering/The King of the Fairies - Frank O'Higgins
9. The Old Dudeen/On the Road to Lurgan - Paddy Killoran
10. Bonnie Kate /Swallow's Tail /Molly Brannigan - K. Scanlon 
11. Thistle and Shamrock - Danny O'Donnell
12. Mountain Lark/Wheels of the World - Francis Cashin and Tom Cawley

13. Port Gael-Linn - Sean Ryan 
14. High Level - Louis E. Quinn and James O'Beirne
High Level /The Newcastle - Louis E. Quinn and James O'Beirne
16. The Banks - Louis E. Quinn and James O'Beirne
17. Jackson's Reel - Michael Coleman
18. Haste to the Wedding /Over the Hills - Neil O'Boyle
19. McDermott's Reel /The Mason's Apron - Sean Maguire
20. The Poppy Leaf /The Showman's Fancy - Kathleen Harrington
21. Miss McLeod's Reel /Greenfields of Rossbeigh - Michael Hanafin
22. The Boys at the Lough /Tom Clark's Fancy - Edward V. Reavy
23. Rogha Ghearoid De Barra (Garrett Barry's) /Bruacha Loch Gabhna (The Banks of Lough Gowna) - Paddy Canny
24. The Lady of the House - Packie Dolan
25. Farrell Gara /The Silver Spire - Patrick Killoran & Patrick Sweeney
























































RCD1742 Ireland


1. An Cailin Aerach - Maire O'Sullivan
2. The Banks of the Roses - Seamus Ennis
3. An Binnsin Luachra - Maire O'Sullivan
4. The Brown Thorn - Sean Moriarty
5. Sack of Potatoes / Maid of Mt. Kisco - Ballinakill Ceili Band
6. Dance to your Daddy - Elizabeth Cronin
7. Cucanandy  - Elizabeth Cronin
8. An Mhaighdean Mhara - Kitty Gallagher
9. The Fairy Lullaby - Maire O'Sullivan
10. The Fox Chase - Mickey Doherty
11. The Rocks of Bawn - Seamus Ennis
12. Amhran Fosuiochta - Maggy McDonagh
13. The Bold Tenant Farmer - Mickey Cronin
14. The lark in the Morning  - Ballinakill Ceili Band
15. Connla - Mary Joice
16. Bean Phaidin - Colm Keane
17. She Moved Through the Fair - Margaret Barry
18. Morrissey and the Russian Sailor - Johnny McDonagh
19. The Copperplate Reel - Seamus Ennis & Steven Folan
20. Whiskey in the Jar - Seamus Ennis
21. Mo Gradh-Sa An Jug Mor Is E Lan  - Kate Moyniham
22. The Woman of the House - Seamus Ennis
23. Cois Abhainn Na Sead - Maire Keohane
24. Innsin Bheil Atha'n Ghaorthaidh - Gubnait Cronin
25. Citi Na gCumann  - Maire O'Sullivan
26. Molly Bawn  - Seamus Ennis
27. The Lament for Una Bhan - Sean McDonagh
28. Keen for a Dead Child - Kitty Gallagher
29. Were You at the Rock? - Seamus Ennis
30. Soldier, Soldier - Colm Keane
31. What Would You Do?  - Elizabeth Cronin
32. Mrs. McGrath - Seamus Ennis
33. The Death of Brugh  - Johnny McDonagh
34. The Bucks of Oranmore - Seamus Ennis














































CEFD184 Seoltai Seidte (Setting Sail)



1. SEAN'ac DHONNCHA  (amhran /song): Bean Phi idin
2. SEAN 'ac DHONNCHA  (amhran /song): Is I Do Mhamo I
3. SEAN RYAN  (fidil /fiddle), ril /reel: The Dash to Portobello
4. SEOSAMH O hEANAI  (amhran /song): Caoineadh na dTri Mhuire
5. TOMMY RECK  (pib uilleann /uilleann pipes), rileanna / reels: Bonny Kate, Mrs McLeod's, The Fermoy Lasses
6. SEOSAMH O hEANAI  (amhran /song): Neainsin Brian
7. TOMMY RECK  (pib uilleann /uilleann pipes), fonn /air: Carolan's Concerto
8. SEOSAMH O hEANAI  (amhran /song): Bean an Leanna
9. DENIS MURPHY (fidil /fiddle), rileanna /reels: The Kerry Reel, Colonel Frazer, The Steampacket
10. SEAN 'ac DHONNCHA  (amhran /song): Mainistir na Buille
11. DENIS MURPHY (fidil /fiddle) rileanna /reels: Saint Anne's, The New-Mown Meadows
12. SEAN 'ac DHONNCHA  (amhran /song): An Buinnean Bui

13. JOE DEVLIN (fidil /fiddle) poirt /jigs: The Blooming Meadows, The Queen of the Fair, The Luck Penny
14. AODH O DUIBHEANNAIGH  (amhrin /song): Geaftai Bhaile Bui
15. JOHNNY PICKERING (fidil /fiddle) poirt /jigs: Jackson's Rum Punch, The Rose in the Heather
16. AODH O DUIBHEANNAIGH  (amhran /song): Uirchill an Chreagain
17. SEAN McLAUGHLIN  (fidil /fiddle) rileanna /reels: The Earl's Chair, Tom Steele
18. AINE Ni GHALLCHOBHAIR  (amhrin /song): Ar Maidin De Mairt
19. JOHNNY PICKERING (fidil /fiddle)  comphiopai /hornpipes: The Wily Old Bachelor, The Harvest Home
20. AINE Ni GHALLCHOBHAIR  (amhran /song): Brad Bheasach
21. AINE Ni GHALLCHOBHAIR  (amhrin /song): Ar a Ghabhail chun an Chuain Damh
22. SEAN McLAUGHLIN (fidil /fiddle), rileanna /reels: Rhattigan's, Mrs McLeod's



1. SEAN de hORA  (amhran /song): An Gamhain Geal Ban
2. DENIS MURPHY  (fidil /fiddle) rileanna /reels: The Piper's Despair, Jim Kennedy's Favourite
3. DIARMUID O FLATHARTA  (amhrin /song): An Seanduime
4. WILLIE CLANCY  (pib uilleann /uilleann pipes) form amhrain /song air: Na Connerys
5. SEAN 'ac DHONNCHA   (amhran /song): An Draighnean Donn
6. PADDY CANNY  (fidil /fiddle), pooirt /jigs: Garret Barry's, Brian O'Lynn
7. SEAN 'ac DHONNCHA, (amhran /song): Ta na Paipeir dha Saighneail
8. WILLIE CLANCY (pib uilleann /uilleann pipes), rileanna /reels: The Old Bush, The Ravelled Hank of Yarn
9. SEAN 'ac DHONNCHA  (amhrin /song): Bud Thomais Mhurchadha
10. VINCENT BRODERICK (fliuit /flute), rileanna /reels: Down the Broom, The Boys of Ballisodare
11. SEOSAMH O hEANAI  (amhran /song): Amhran na Tra Saine
12. VINCENT BRODERICK (flluit /flute) poirt / jigs: Old Man Dillon, The Battering Ram
13. SEOSAMH O hEANAI  (amhrin /song): Amman na Paise
14. PADDY CANNY (fldil /fiddle), rileanna /reels: Lord McDonald's, The Fair of Ballinasloe
15. SEOSAMH O hEANAI  (amhran /song): Sadhbh Ni Bhruinneallaigh
16. SEOSAMH O hEANAI  (amhrin /song): Is Measa Liom Brodach
17. WILLIE CLANCY (pib uilleann /uilleann pipes), cornphiopai /hornpipes: The Plains of Boyle, The Leitrim Fancy
18. MAIRE Nic DHONNCHADHA  (amhrin /song): Caislean Ui Neill
19. JOE BURKE (cairdin /accordion) rileanna / reels: The Golden Keyboard, Farrell O'Gara
20. MAIRE Nic DHONNCHADHA  (amhrin /song): Piopa Ainde Mhoir
21. JOE BURKE (cairdin /accordion), rileanna /reels: The Dawn, The Moving Cloud






















































VVCD006 Packie Dolan


1. (Reels) McFadden's ( The Ewe Reel / McFadden's Favourite)

2. (Hornpipe) The Grove Hornpipe (The Liverpool Hornpipe)

3. (Song) Mother Malone

4. (Highland Flings) Miss Ramsey

5. (Reel) Fitzmaurice's Flight (The Heather Breeze)

6. (Jig) The Fair at Drumlish

7. (Reel) The Windy Gap (Ah Surely)

8. (Song) A Drink in the Morn

9. (Reels) The Lady of the House

10. (Reels) The Duke of Leinster

11. (Song) Erin's Green Shore

12. (Reels) The Steampacket /The Flogging Reel

13. (Jigs) The Cavan Lasses

14. (Reel) Mullin's Fancy (The Boys of Ballinahinch)

15. (Highland Fling) Lass of Donnybrook

16. (Reels) The Blackhaired Lass

17. (Song) One, Two, Three

18. (Jig) Royal Charlie

19. (Hornpipes)The Stack of Barley /Bantry Bay

20. (Schottische) The Killarney Wonder

21. (Hornpipe)The First of May

22. (Reel) The Kilkenny Reel






































































VVCD007 The Flanagan Brothers


1. The Cavan Reel - Reels
2. The Grand Hotel in Castlebar - Song
3. International Echoes - Novelty Piece
4. Flanagans at St. Patrick's Parade - Comic Sketch
5. Buttermilk Mary - jigs
6. Little Bridget Flynn - Song
7. Chicken Reel American - Reels
8. Up the Hill of Down Highland - Flings
9. Mick from Tralee - Song
10. Boys at the Lough - Reels
11. Just Like Home 6/8 - Two Steps
12. Fun at Hogan's - Comic Sketch
13. Around The Old Turf Fire - jigs
14. Ireland's 32 - Song
15. An Carrowath - Hornpipe
16. Tom Steele Medley - Reels
17. Erin go Bragh - Song
18. The Green Mountain - Reels
19. By Heck - Barndances
20. Maloney Puts his Name above the Door - Song
21. The Rights of Man - Hornpipe
22. The Coach Road to Sligo - jigs
23. The Half Crown Song - Song
24. The Tunes We Like to Play on Paddy's Day - Reels









































































MMCD52 Sporting Nell


1. (Reels) Mollie Brannigan /Sporting Nell
2. (Reels) The New Policeman /The Ravelled Hank of Yarn
3. (Slip Jigs) Na Ceannabháin Bhána /Will You Come Down to Limerick
4. (Reels) Martin Wynn’s No. 1 /Paddy Taylor’s
5. (Jigs) The Maid in the Meadow /Sweet Biddy Daly
6. (Air) The Dear Irish Boy

7. (Set Dance) Planxty Browne
8. (Reels) The Limestone Rock /The Road to Lisdoonvarna
9. (Strathspey) Frank Roche’s
10. (Reels) Jenny Picking Cockles /The Floating Crowbars
11. (Jigs) Scatter the Mud /Mulqueen’s
12. (Air) Anach Chuain
13. (Reel) The Pigeon on the Gate
14. (Jigs) The Leg of the Duck /Ard an Bhóthair
15. (Hornpipes) Chief O’Neill’s Favourite /Byrne’s
16. (Reels) The First of the Month /The Blackberry Blossom
17. (Jig) Cherish the Ladies
18. (Reels) The Mountain Top /The Chicago /The Flower of the Flock











































MMCD54 The Family Album


1. (Reels) My Love is in America /The Milliner's Daughter
2. (Hornpipes) Poll Halpenny /Mrs. Galvin's
3. (Jigs) Statia Donnelly /The Humours of Ennistymon
4. (Reels) The Tempest /The Steampacket
5. (Set Dance) The Ace and Deuce of Piping
6. (Reel) The Drunken Landlady
7. (Reels) John Henry's /Kiss the Maid Behind the Bar
8. (Jigs) Will You Come Home with Me? /Garret Barry's
9. (Jigs) Down the Back Lane /Petticoat Loose
10. (Flings) An Buachaill Dreoite /Kitty Got a Clinking Coming from the Fair
11. (Reels) The Mountain Top /The Clare Reel
12. (Jig) The Gold Ring
13. (Hornpipe) The Shyan Hornpipe
14. (Jigs) Tom Ennis' /Old Tipperary
15. (Reels) The Pinch of Snuff /Come West Along the Road
16. (Hornpipes) The Standing Abbey /Scully Casey's
17. (Jigs) The Rolling Wave /Alexander's March
18. (Reels) The Bank of Ireland /Bonnie Anne
19. (Jigs) The Humours of Ballyloughlin /Fraher's
20. (Reels) Last Night's Fun /The Pullet
21. (Reel) The Foxhunter's
22. (Jig) Tommy McCarthy's (c. Charlie Lennon)













































































MMCD53 The Hidden Note


The Old Torn Petticoat /Farewell to Milltown (c. Junior Crehan) (Reels)

Mrs. Ellen O'Dwyer's Fancy (Polka)

The Connacht Heifers /Gilbert Clancy's (Reels)

The Blackbird (Set Dance)

Cheer Up Old Hag /Walsh's Favourite /The Yellow Wattle (Jigs)

Thomas Burke (c. Turlough Carolan) (Harp Tune)

Gerdy Commane's /The Heather Breeze (Reels)

Poll Halpenny /An tSeanbhean Bhocht (Hornpipes)

The Trip We Took Over the Mountains (Waltz Air)

Hardiman the Fiddler /The Humours of Derrykissane (Slip Jigs)

The Ravelled Hank of Yarn /Trim the Velvet (Reels)

The Old Bush /Nellie Donovan (Reels)

Paddy Taylor's No. 1 /Paddy Taylor's No. 2 (Jigs)

Sporting Paddy /The Beauty Spot (Reels)

John Dwyer's /An Boithrin Cam (Jigs)

Kitty's Gone a' Milking /Sarah Hobb's  (Reels)






































































MMCD51 The WInd Among the Reeds


1. The Repeal of the Union /My Sweetheart Jane (Reels)
2. The Maid at the Well /The Gallowglass /Anthony Frawley’s (Jigs)
3. Old Cuffe Street /Eileen Curran (Reels)
4. The Black Rogue /I Will If I Can (Jigs)
5. Swinging on a Gate /The Corner House (Reels)
6. John Henry’s /Fasten the Leg in Her (Jigs)
7. The Ebb Tide (Hornpipe)
8. The Ceil Aodha Jig /Tatter Jack Walsh (Jigs)
9. Banish Misfortune /When the Cock Crows it is Day (Jigs)
10. Mike Rafferty’s /The Snow on the Hills (Reels)
11. An Caisdeach Ban (Air)
12. The Rollicking Boys Around Tandaragee /An Buachaill Dreoite /Pull the Knife and Stick it Again (Jigs)
13. Tory Island /Peggy on the Settle (Reels)
14. The Swallow’s Tail /The Copperplate (Reels)
15. The Promenade /The Rocky Road to Dublin (Slip Jigs)
16. The West Cork Reel /Paddy Fahy’s (Reels)




























































LUNCD052 The Piper's Apron


1.The Cliffs of Moher /Spot the Wallop  (Jigs)

2. The Boys of the 25 /The Hare's Paw /The Pinch of Snuff  (Reels)

3. Willie's Polka

4. Big Pat /Billy Brocker's /The Ballintra Lass  (Reels)

5. Will You Come Down to Limerick? /The Piper's Apron /Give Us a Drink of Water (Slip Jigs)

6. The Maids of Mont Cisco, The Crooked Road  (Reels)

7. The Gold Ring  (Jig)

8. Reddigan's /The Limestone Rock /Miss Ramsey's  (Reels)

9. Ceili na gCnoc /The Torn Jacket /Miss McGuinness  (Reels)

10. The Dusty Miller /The Silver Slipper /Willie's Fling No. 2  (Slip Jigs & Fling)

11. Sliabh Geal gCua  (Air)

12. Down the Back Lane /Sergeant Early's  (Jigs)

13.The Connacht Heifer's /The Yellow Tinker (Reels)

14. Sliabh Russell /The Connachtman's Rambles /Paddy Whack  (Jigs)

15.The Dublin Lads /I Have No Money /The Hairy Chested Frog (Reels)














































BH001CD Navvy on the Shore


1. The Navvy on the Shore /Cathal McConnells - Reels 
2. The Japanese Hornpipe - Barndance /McCormacks - Hornpipe
3. Johnnys So Long at the Fair /The Trip to the Cottage - Jigs
4. Kitty Seans Barndance /Jamesy Byrnes Downfall - Reel
5. Humours of Whiskey - Slip Jig
6. Tom Wards Downfall /Crossing the Shannon - Reels
7. Dr. Gilbert /The Donegal Peter Street - Reels
8. Herlihys Rant /Con Cassidys - Jigs
9. The Dovecot - Lament /Dochertys - Strathspey
10. Rakish Paddy - Reel
11. The Longford Tinker /Paddy Cannys - Reels
12. ODonnells - Air
13. Jamesy Byrnes No. 1 & 2 - Reels
14. Caseys /Jimmy Meehans - Polkas
15. Dermot Byrnes Delight - Strathspey /Drowsy Maggie - Reel
16. Napoleons Grand March
17. The Shaskeen - Reel
18. Johnny Dochertys - Piece / Father OFlynn - Jig
19. Sean Dun na nGall (Old Donegal) - Air /Bean a ti ar lar (The Woman Laid Out on a Board) - Reel
20. The Lowlands of Scotland - Reel
21. Tarbolton /Over the Moor to Maggie - Reels















































BH002CD The Porthole of the Kelp


1. The Musical Priest/ Jenny's Chickens
2. The Humours of Lissadel/ The Queen of May
3. Tommy Coen's/ The Reel of Mullinavat
4. The Templehouse/ Toss The Feathers
5. The Pipe on the Hob/ Brendan Tonra's Jig
6. Farewell to Miltown/ The Star of Munster
7. Pol Ha'penny
8. Colonel Fraser
9. The Bank of Ireland/ The Woman of the House
10. The Drunken Gauger
11. Banish Misfortune/ The Cliffs of Moher
12. Lucy Campbell
13. Paddy Ryan's Dream/ Over the Moor to Maggie
14. Rakish Paddy/ The Green Fields of Rossbeigh
15. The Tempest/ The West Wind
16. The Porthole of the Kelp/ The Hare's Paw





















































BH003CD The Spirit of West Clare


1: Pol Ha'penny / Murphy's. HORNPIPES
2: Colonel Frazer / Toss the Feathers. REELS
3: Banish Misfortune / Kitty's Rambles. JIGS
4: Jenny's Welcome to Charlie/The Last House in Connaught. REELS
5: Untitled. SINGLE JIG
6: The Salamanca /The Greens Groves of Erin. REELS
7: The Gallowglass / The Legacy. JIGS with Tommy McCarthy, concertina
8: The Liffey Banks /The Shaskeen /The Boys of Ballisadare /The Woman of the House/ Tansey's Favourite /The Graf Spee / Ballinasloe Fair REELS
9: The Dear Irish Boy. SLOW AIR
10: Kitty's Gone A-milking. REEL with Andy O'Boy/e, fddle, and Paddy Breen, flageolet
11: Untitled / Mrs. Kenny. WALTZES
12: Farewell to Miltown /The Star of Munster. REELS with Sean Casey, mandolin
13: Unidentified /The Mist on the Meadow /The Wandering Minstrel /The Drummer. JIGS
14: The Ace and Deuce of Pipering / Rodney's Glory. SET DANCES
15: Bonny Kate. Reel
16: The Laurel Tree. REEL tin whistle
17: The Gold Ring / The Legacy. JIGS
18: Eileen Curren/The Star of Munster/The Moving Bogs / Rolling in the Barrel/
The Moving Bogs. REELS































NUPCD008 A New Dawn, Uilleann Piping, Another Generation


1. Reel: The Shaskeen (P/D).

2. Double Jigs: The Trip to Athlone / The Hag With The Money

3. Single Jigs: Dan O'Keefe's / Nóra Chríona

4. Slow Air: An Bonnán Buí

5. Reels: The Drake's Neck / Trim the Velvet

6. Jigs: Patsy Touhey's Frolics / Unknown

7. Hornpipe / Reel: Byrne's Hornpipe / The Torn Coat

8. Jigs: When Sick, It It Tea You Want? / The Grouse In The Bog

9. Hornpipes: The Pleasures of Hope / Alexander's hornpipe

10. Reels: The Ravelled Hank Of Yarn / Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel

11. Reels: Spike Island Lasses / Miss Susan Cooper / Kilty Town

12. Jigs: Wheels Of The World / Hardiman The Fiddler / Kitty, Will You Come Down To Limerick?

13. Reels: Rakish Paddy / Ronnie Cooper

14. Slow Air: Lament For Staker Wallis

15. Hornpipe: Poll Halpenny

16. Jig: An Rógaire Dubh / Kitty's Rambles

17. Reels: Miss Monaghan / The Tempest / Ronnie Cooper

18. Hornpipes: The Tailor's Twist / The Cuckoo's Nest

19. Reels: The Rainy Day / The Scholar








































NUCD011 The Master Pipers Vol. 1


1. Jigs: Coppers & Brass /The Rambling Pitchfork

2. Reel: The Streampacket

3. Reels: The Bunch of Keys /Rakish Paddy

4. Reels: Tarbolton the Fermoy /Lasses (with John Kelly)

5. Air: An Chuileann

6. Air: Sliabhna mBan

7. Reels: Colonel Fraser /My Love Is in America /Rakish Paddy

8. Hornpipes: The Sweep's /The Harvest Home /The High Level

9. Set Dance: The Job of Journeywork

10. Set Dance: The Blackbird
































































NUCD012 The Master Pipers Vol. 2


1. The Flogging
2. The Drops Of Brandy
3. The Fermoy Lasses
4. The Three Sea Captains
5. Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel
6. Sliabh Na MBan
7. The Primrose Lass
8. The Bride's Favourite
9. Colonel Fraser
10. The Cook In The Kitchen /The Galbally Farmer
11. My Sweetheart Jane
12. Ur-Chnoc Chein Mhic Chainte
13. Jockey At The Fair
14. The Butcher's March
15. The Butchers Of Bristol
16. Sweet Biddy Of Ballyvourney
17. The Banks Of The Suir
18. The Bucks Of Oranmore
19. An T-Athair Jack Walshe
20. The Maids Of Mount Cisco
21. Cailin Deas Cruite Na MBo
22. Madame Bonaparte
23. The Stone In The Field
24. The Flogging
25. The First House In Connaught
26. Bonaparte's Retreat
27. Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel
28. The Castle Of Dromore
29. Speech: Fr. O'Riordan, Leo Rowsome And The Pipes


























































NUCD013 Piping from the Archive Vol.1

1. The Morning Dew
2. Sixpenny Money
3. Rakish Paddy; The Green Mountain; Shaskeen
4. Alexander's; The Cliff
5. The Maid behind the Bar; Touch me if you dare
6. The Newport Lass; The Hag with the money
7. Within a mile of Dublin; The Crooked Road to Dublin (The Smiles and Tears of Erin)
8. Reel The Cup of Tea
9. Hornpipes The Fairies' Hornpipe; The Quarrelsome Piper

10. Reel The Stone in the Field
11. Jigs Molloy's Advice; Maloneys
12. Reefs " The Black-haired Lass: The Dublin Reel (Jackson's)
13. Air ' Reels An Buachaill Caol Duhh; The Green Groves of Erin: The Ivy Ieaf
14. Reels The Merry Blacksmith; T he Boyne }funk (2;3())
15. Jigs The Bogs of Clones (The Butcther's March) ( 1;35)
16. Reel The Sailor's Bonnet (1;30)
17. Jigs The Lark in the Morning; Fasten the Legging; The Rambling Pitchfork
18. Colonel I razer; The Find in the Tree
19. The Boys of the Town; The Leitrim Jig
20. The Fermoy Lasses; The First House in Connaught
21. Gillan's Apples
22. The Concert Reel: The Bag of Potatoes
23. Hardiman the Fiddler
24. Trim the Velvet
25. Rick's Rambles (The Rambler); ()'Neill's; The Greencastle Hornpipe
26. The Skylark; Roaring Mary










































AnClar 06 The Clare Set 1 - The Russell Family

  1. Campbell's Reel
  2. The Heather Breeze / The Traveller
  3. St. Kevin of Glendalough
  4. The Potlick / The Peeler's Jacket
  5. The Five Mile Chase
  6. Russell's Hornpipe / Fisher's Hornpipe
  7. The Poor Little Fisher Boy
  8. The Walls Of Liscarroll / The Battering Ram
  9. Garret Barry's Reel
  10. Tommy Glenny's Reel
  11. The Connemara Stockings / The Westmeath Hunt
  12. When Musheen Went To Bunnan
  13. Tatter Jack Walsh
  14. The De'il Among The Tailors
  15. The Roscrea Cows
  16. Fair Haired Boy / The Black Haired Lass
  17. Off To California
  18. Give The Girl Her Fourpence
  19. Nora Daly
  20. Humours of Bandon
  21. Leather Away The Wattle
  22. Drowsy Maggie / Pigeon on the Gate
  23. Bucks of Oranmore
  24. Boyne Hunt
  25. Clogher Rose / The Swallow's Tail






















AnClar 06 The Clare Set 2 - Clare Concertinas

  1. Tom Tadgell
  2. The Babes in the Wood / Coolaclare Polka / Clare Dragoons
  3. The Shady Groves of Piedmont / The Humours of Ennistymon
  4. The Old Torn Petticoat / Tommy People's Favourite
  5. Mount Phoebus Hunt
  6. Ollie Conway's Selection
  7. Kilrush Races / The Clogher Reel / Burren Reel
  8. Bonaparte's Retreat
  9. Bonaparte's March
  10. Barron's / Jackson's / The Milltown Jig
  11. Rodney's Glory
  12. Tommy McMahon's Reel
  13. Over The Waves
  14. Girl I Left Behind Me / Maggie In The Wood
  15. Martin Talty's / Thomas Freil's / Joe Cunnean's Jigs
  16. Sean Ryan's / Danganella Hornpipe
  17. Job O' Journeywork
  18. The Ash Plant / The Maid of Mount Cisco
  19. The Blackbird
  20. Gravel Walks
  21. Honeymoon / Come West Along the Road
  22. Redhaired Lass / Galway Rambler
  23. Paddy Kelly's Reel / Finbar Dwyer's
  24. Trip to Durrow
  25. Three Sea Captains
  26. Donnybrook Fair / Saddle the Pony / Lark on the Strand
  27. Boys of Ballisodare / Five Mile Chase















AnClar 06 The Clare Set 3 - The Flowing Tide

  1. Harvest Home / Liverpool Hornpipe
  2. Bellharbour Reel / Tim Maloney's Reel
  3. The Cuckoo Hornpipe
  4. Three Little Drummers / The Eagle's Nest
  5. Burren No. 1 / Chris Droney's Favourite
  6. Sliam na Gapall / The Lakes Of Sligo
  7. The Blue Gentian Waltz
  8. Roddy McCorley's March
  9. The Treble Jig / The Battering Ram
  10. The Union Reel /The Kilfenora Reel
  11. The Three Part Jig / The Moate Hunt
  12. The Templehouse Reel / Matt Molloy's Reel
  13. The Killy Hornpipe / The Flowing Tide
  14. The Sailor's Polka / The Old Time
  15. Slow Air
  16. Down The Broom Reel / Sheehy's Reel
  17. Swinging On A Gate
  18. Katie's Fancy / Willie Coleman's Jig
  19. The Blue Gentian
  20. The Three Little Drummers / Blackthorn Stick
  21. Connemarra Stocking

























AnClar 06 The Clare Set 4 - John Kelly - Fiddle & Concertina

  1. Jolly Tinker
  2. Paddy On The Turnpike
  3. The Bunch of Rushes (Fiddle) / The Bunch of Rushes (Concertina)
  4. John Kelly's Slide
  5. Blackberry Blossoms / The Spike Island Lasses
  6. The Heathery Breeze
  7. Delia Kean's Jig
  8. The Blacksmith's Charm
  9. We Were Drinking and Kissing The Ladies / Old Tipperary
  10. Rocking The Baby to Sleep
  11. Eddie Dunn's Reel
  12. The Fisherman's Hornpipe
  13. The Sister Reels / Gilbert Clancy's Favourite / The Ravelled Hank of Yarn
  14. The Crooked Road to Dublin
  15. The West Cork Reel
  16. The Ivy Leaf (concertina) / The Ivy Leaf (fiddle)
  17. The Flogging Reel
  18. Scattery Island Slide
  19. The Ebb Tide
  20. The Blackbird Air / Hornpipe / Set Dance
  21. The Bunch of Keys
  22. Lord Wellington's Reel
  23. Kitty's Rambles
  24. Gilbert Clancy / West Wind / Nellie Donovan's
  25. Farewell to Sean O'Riada
  26. Francie Byrne's
  27. Killard Reel
  28. Ned Stapleton's Reel
  29. Sonny Brogan's / Cohmra Donn
  30. Lucy Campbell
  31. Unknown / Thady Casey's
  32. Lord Mayo

























AnClar 06 The Clare Set 5 - Traditional Music of Co. Clare

  1. Unknown / Elizabeth Kean's Slip Jig / Pat Kelly's
  2. I Have a Bonnet Trimmed with Blue / The Rakes of Mallow
  3. Farmer Moroney's / Mulvihill's Reel
  4. Maud Millar's / Morrison's Reel
  5. The Bucks of Oranmore
  6. My Heart's in the Highlands / The Dewdrop
  7. The Blooming Meadows / Mullagh Jig / Ballinakill Jig
  8. The Merry Sisters / Quilty Reel
  9. The Cliff / The Derry Hornpipe
  10. The Rose in the Heather
  11. Flowery Mountains / Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel / The Milin
  12. A Trip to Darrow
  13. Stack Ryan's Polka
  14. The Garden of Daisies
  15. Andy Keone's / Saddle the Pony / Tulla Jig
  16. The Three Sea Captains
  17. The Boys of Ballisodare / The Five Mile Chase
  18. Molly Put the Kettle On
  19. Maud Millar's / Molloy's Reel
  20. Wandering Minstrel
  21. Boys of Ballinahinch / Dick Gossip's Reel
  22. Blooming Meadows
  23. Carraroe Jig
  24. Jackie Coleman's / O'Brien's Reel
  25. Battering Ram / Out On the Ocean
  26. Over the Waves
  27. My Heart's in the Highlands / The Dewdrop
  28. I Have a Bonnet Trimmed with Blue / The Rakes of Mallow
  29. Sean Ryan's Hornpipe / Danganella Hornpipe






















AnClar 06 The Clare Set 6 - Clare Concertina Styles

  1. Swinging on a Gate / Tommy McMahon's Reel
  2. King of the Clans
  3. Untitled / Behind the Bush in Parkhanna
  4. Kit O'Mahoney's
  5. The Mountain Road
  6. Reels
  7. The Fairy Child
  8. The Ardgroom Set
  9. The Barn Dance
  10. Chancey Cheory / West Along the Road
  11. The Morning Dew
  12. Spike Island Lassies
  13. Jigs Incl. Jenny's Beaver Hat
  14. Toss the Feathers / Drowsy Maggie
  15. The Mason's Apron
  16. Sean O'Dwyers Fling / The Kerry Hornpipe
  17. Kesh Jig
  18. The Clare Jig
  19. Air from Thomas Moor
  20. The Fairy Hornpipe
  21. March
  22. Mrs. O'Dwyer's Fancy
  23. Apples in Winter
  24. The Cuckoo's Hornpipe
  25. God Save Ireland Says the Hero
  26. Dublin Reel / Tear the Calico
  27. Maid on the Green
  28. Skylark
  29. Paddy Kelly's Reel
  30. Battering Ram / Out on the Ocean
  31. Eddie Kelly's





































FRRR 08 Ballads and Songs of the northern of Ireland


1. Eddie Butcher - Heather down the moor

2. The lion's den

3. To my son in Amerikay

4. Shores of Benone

5. The week's work

6. Let them come to Ireland

7. Hiring Fair

8. Flora

9. Wee widow

10. Thousands are sailing

11. Coleraine regatta

12. The mountain streams

13. Joe Holmes & Len Graham - True lover John

14. Merrily kissed the Quaker

15. Tumbling through the hay

16. Bonny brown Jane

17. Wellington's medal

18. When I was a bachelor

19. Dark eyed gypsy

20. Molly Brannigan

21. Flower of Gortane































































ITMA01 Adam in Paridise


1. The Inniskilling Dragoon
2. I Long for to Get Married
3. Adam in Paradise
4. The Cocks are Crowing


















































































ITMA02 The Westmeath Hunt


1. Jackson's thought, jig
2. Lady Carbury, reel
3. The races of Athlone, reel
4. The green groves of Erin, reel
5. The ivy leaf, reel
6. Drumraney lass, jig
7. Jug of brown ale, jig
8. Within a mile of Dublin, reel
9. The Westmeath hunt, reel
10. The humours of Mullingar, reel
11. Jackson's wife to the road, reel
12. Little house under the hill, jig
13. Tory Island, reel
14. Miss Monroe's jig
15. Salamanca, reel
16. Peter Street, reel

































































RaelachCD002 NA FIR BOLG

1. Joe Bane's/Gypsy Princess (barndances)
2. John Kelly's Concertina Reel/Cronin's Reel (reels)
3. The Hare in the Corn/Cronin's (jigs)
4. The College Groves/The Flogging (reels)
5. An Suisin Ban/Galtee Hunt (set dances)
6. Sliabh Lucan Polkas/Finbarr Dwyer's (polkas)
7. Cronin's./I do not Incline (jigs)
8. Tuttle's/Bag of Spuds (reels)
9. Fraher's/Tom Busby's (jigs)
10. The Broomstick/Scully Casey's (hornpipes)
11. Willie Clancy's Mountain Top/Da Nippin Grund/Denis Murphy's (reels)
12. Paddy Cronin's/If I Had A Wife (slides)
13. Willie Clancy's Curragh Races/Crossing The Shannon/Arkil Mountain (reels)



































































ITCD001 Round Top Wagon  


1. Down That Road
2. Clasped to the Pig
3. The Wedding /Pat McCarthy's jig
4. The Battle Of Aherlow
5. There Was A Time
6. A Ramblin'Man
7. Medley:
    a) Felix And Johnny Doran (song)
    b) The Bunch of Keys/Rakish Paddy (regls)

8. A Cushla

9. No Balls at all

10. Donal Kenny

11. Michael Was Hearty
12. Gum Shellac
13. Sweet Kinnitty
14. McKelgna's Dream

15. The Round Top Wagon


























































RGCD01D May Morning Dew

1:   Craigie Hill
2:   Bonnie Light Horseman
3:   Bonnie Bunch of Roses O
4:   Banks of the Clyde
5:   Flower of Magherally
6:   Lovely Willie
7:   Lough Erne Shore
8:   The May Morning Dew
9:   Rambling Irishman
10: The Wounded Hussar
11: Shores of Lough Brann
12: Out of the window
13: Oh The Marriage
14: Rambling Boys of Pleasure
15: The Mermaid
16: Rushes Green
17: Wee Weaver
18: The Nightingale
19: What’s keeping my true love
20: The Mountain Streams

CD2 Easter Snow

1.   Going to Mass last Sunday
2.   John Adair
3.   Old Arboe
4.   Sweet Inniscarra
5.   Easter Snow
6.   Lurgy Stream
7.   Edward on Lough Erne Shore
8.   Sheephaven Bay
9.   The Blackbird
10.  When my Love and I Parted
11.  Blackwater Side
12.  Highland Mary
13.  Dark is the Colour
14.  The Mountain Streams












































WMCD001 Echoes of Sliabh Luachra

1. Slides: Denis Murphy's No.3 - The Gullane Slide
2. Polkas: The Blue Ribbon No.2 & No.1
3. Jigs: Tom Billy's - Humours of Killarney
4. Reels: Ewe Reel - Farewell to Erin
5. Hornpipes: The Smokey Chimney - Rose of Drishane
6. Slides: Johnnie the Tailor's Fancy - Willie Reidy's
7. Jigs: Denis Murphy's - O'Keefe's Pitchfolk - Tom O'Connor's
8. Polkas: Moll Morrissy's - Roseaunt - Dinie Dennehy's
9. Air& Reel: The Westwind
10. Hornpipes: Peter Wyper's - The Wonder
11. Jigs: Farewell To My Troubles - Honours of Glin
12. O'Carolans: Mrs.Edwards - David Power
13. Polkas: Timmy Clifford's - John Clifford's
14. Reels: Mamma's Pet - Johnnie When You Die - Anything for John Joe
15. Air: Dear Irish Boy
16. Polkas: Padraig O'Keefe's - Jack Reidy's
17. Hornpipes: Cronin's Rambles - Queen of May
18. Reels: The Crooked Road - The Clare Reel
19. March: Napoleon's
20. Reels: Relics of Old Decency - Stick the Minister - Follow Me Down to Carlow











































EC09 Unheard


1. Reels : Finbarr Dwyers/The Connaught Heifer 
2. Air: Flowery Vale + Flings: Tom Morans/The Streamstown
3. Reels: Dinny O Briens/Farewell to Connaught
4. Hornpipe; The Home Ruler
5. Reels: The Mullingar Lea/Star of Munster
6. Jigs: Do you want any more?/The Yellow Wattle/Humours of Ballyloughlin
7. Reels: The Knotted Chord/The Maids of Mount Cisco/The Bank of Ireland 
8. Hornpipes: Scully Caseys/Humours of Tullycrine/Caislean an Oir
9. Reels: The Ewe Reel/Paddy Fahy's 2:50
10. Jigs: The Humours of Glendart/Br Gilda's/Br Gilda's
11. Air: An Caisdeach Bán
12. Reels: The Sean Bhean Bhoch/Trim the Velvet/Red Haired Lass
13. Jigs: Trip to Sligo/Out on the Ocean
14. Reels: Monaghan Twig/Paddy Fahy's
15. Reels:Andy McGann's/Humours of Scarriff
16. Jigs: The Blooming Maedows/The Battering Ram/Munster Buttermilk
17. Barndance: Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine
18. Air: An Goirtín Eornan
19. Hornpipes: The New Century/Callaghan's
20. Polkas: The Knockabout Polkas
21. Polkas: The Groves of Gneeveguilla/Sweeney's
22. Slides: Denis and Julia/Dan O'Keefe's/Barrack Hill
23. Polkas: Fairwell to Whiskey/Padraig O'Keefe's
24. Slides: The Dingle Regatta/Padraig O'Keefe's
25. Polkas: Oh the Britches full of Stitches/Tripping to the Well
26. Slides: The Star above the Garter/The Lisheen
27. Polkas: The Lisdoonvarna/Julia Cliffords/Peg Ryans
28. Reels: Lord McDonald/The Yellow Tinker/The Sailor's Fairwell

29. Jigs: The Fairhaired Boy/Paddy Clancy's/The Trip to the Cottage
30. Reels: The Dash to Portobello/Wheels of teh World/Julia Delaney
31. Reels: Touch me if you dare/miss McGuinness
32. Reels: The Flannel Jacket/Creggs Pipes/Chattering Magpie
33. Hornpipes: Mullingar Races/Wicklow Hornpipe
34. Reels: The House under the Hill/The Hare's Paw
35. Jigs: Paddy Fahy's/Tatter Jack Walsh
36. Reels: Star of Munster/Sonny Brogan's Return/The Fishermans Lilt
37. Reels: Ah Surely/Sailing into Walpole's Marsh
38. Hornpipe: Mc Mahon's
39. Reels: Paddy Kelly's/Thady Casey's Favourite
40. Barndances: Green grow the rushes oh/Mrs Galvins
41. Reels: The Colliers/Boy on the Hilltop
42. Hornpipes: The Blackbird/Paddy Fahy's
43. Reels: The Gooseberry Bush/The Bunch of Green Rushes
44. Jigs: Jim Conroy's/The Boys of the Town
45. Reel: Jenny's welcome to Charlie
46. Hornpipe: Maggie Morrisey
47. Reels: Spike Island Lasses/Rakish Paddy
48. Reels: The Five Mile Chase/The London Lasses
49. The Hackler from Grousehall 
50. The Flower of Sweet Strabane
51. The Seeds of Love
52. Master McGrath
53. John Joe O'Reilly
54. Caroline of Edinburgh Town
55. The Maid on the Shore
56. Lament for Mick Flanagan
57. The Spree for the Scutchers of Murmod

58. The Shores of America
59. The Kilkenny Flea House
60. Farewell to Lissycasey
61. Gosford's Grand Demense
62. The Green Linnet
63. lll














































JSCD01 A Taste of Tradition


1. Mountain Streams

2. Jacket so Blue

3. Cork Harbour

4. Going to Mass Last Sunday

5. Adieu Lovely Nancy

6. The Maid of Culmore

7. The Royal Blackbird

8. The Banks of the Bann

9. Lough Erne Shore

10. Napoleon's Lamentation

11. Willie Ward

13. An Bonnan Bui

14. The Pride of Moville Town

15. Laurel Hill

16. Jimmy Murphy

17. Renardine









































MJC 1908 The Last House in Ballymakea 


CD 1
1. Jig: The Luachrachan
2. Jigs: The Pipe on the Hob / Scully Casey's
3. Song: Lament for Willie Clancy
4. Reels: Farewell to Miltown Malbay / Mother's Delight
5. Air: A Stor mo Chroi - Love of my Heart
6. Hornpipe: The Last House in Ballymakea
7. Air & Hornpipe: Caoineadh an tSagairt (The Priest's Lament) / Caislean an Oir (The Golden Castle)
8. Song: Making Children by Steam
9. Set Dance: Planxty Davis
10. Air: An Paistin Fionn (The Fair-Haired Child)
11. Reels: Redigan's / Music in the Glen

CD 2
1. Jigs: The Mist Covered Mountain / Scully Casey's
2. Air: An Raibh Tu ag an gCarraig (Were You at the Rock)
3. Reels: The Old Torn Petticoat / The Green Fields of America
4. Song: The Christmas Letter
5. Emigration (spoken)
6. Reel: The West Clare Railway
7. March & Jig: God Save Ireland / Sweet Biddy Daly
8. Reels: Pigeon on the Gate / Gardiner's / Dogs Among the Bushes / Gan Ainm
9. Set Dance: Bonaparte's Retreat
10. The Country House Dance (spoken)
11. Air: Lament for the Country House Dance
12. Set Dance: The Humours of Bandon
13. Air: Caoineadh Bean Ui Chiarrai (The Kerry Woman's Lament)
14. Jigs: Gan Ainm / The Connaught Man's Rambles






































CCM001 Music from the Reeds


1. Reels - Duke Of Leinster / Miss Langton / Fr Kelly's No.2

2. Jigs - The Cul Aodha Jig / The Maid In The Meadows

3. Air - Moran's Return

4. Reels - The Heather Breeze / Creamer's

5. Hornpipes - The Ballyoran / The Greencastle

6. Jigs - Tobin's Favourite / Ship In Full Sail / The Cat's Miaow

7. Air - The Old Resting Chair

8. Reels - The Scholar / Music In The Glen

9. Set Dance - The Three Sea Captains

10. Jigs - Choris / Humours Of Milltown (Bush On The Hill)

11. Reels - Stensons / Miss Johnston

12. Air - Anach Chuain

13. Jigs - Joe Derrane's / Coleman's / My Darling Asleep

14. Hornpipes - The Cuckoo's Nest / Tomorrow Morning

15. Reels - Green Fields Of America / Sailor On The Rock / Lad O'Beirne's









































Seamus Tansey

1. The Boys Of The Lough /The Devils Of Dublin
2. Jim Coleman's Reels
3. Jim Donoghue's Jigs
4. Martin Wynne's No.1 /Martin Wynne's No. 2
5. The Gold Ring /The Frost Is All Over
7. The Lament For The Battle Of Aughrim
8. Tom Morrison's /The Galway Rambler
9. Andy McGann's /The Old Grey Goose
10. The West Wind /Major Harrison's Fedora
11. Michael Coleman's/ Up Sligo
12. The Dear Irish Boy
13. The Maid Behind The Barrel /The Haymaker


























































GOLCD1178 The Tulla Ceili Band


1. Concertina Reel /Coffey's Reel (Reels)

2. Imelda Roland's /Cregg's Pipes (Reels)

3. The Peacock's Feather (Hornpipe)

4. Tatter Jack Walsh /The Cook In The Kitchen (Jigs)

5. The Four Courts /Tear The Calico (Reels)

6. The Battering Ram /Bill Harte's /Ward's Jig (Jigs)

7. Lad O'Beirne's /Broderick's (Reels)

8. The Battle Of Aughrim (March)

9. Cooley's /The Cup Of Tea /The Wise Maid (Reels)

10. The Hole In The Hedge /Seamus Cooley's /Kerfunken Jig (Jigs)

11. Jenny Picking Cockles /The Sligo Maid (Reels)

12. Castle Kelly /Humours Of Ballyconnell /The Duke Of Leinster (Reels)

13. The Butcher's Jig /The Lark's March /The Gander At The Pratie Hole (Jigs)

14. P.Joe's /The Mountain Lark (Reels)

































MBCD01 Draw the Bow

1. Strike The Gay Harp /The Dusty Windowsills
2. The Musical Priest
3. The Old Pinch Of Snuff
4. Thomond Bridge /The Flowers Of Spring
5. The Silver Spire /The Wheels Of The World
6. Coalminer In D /The Star Of Munster E Minor
7. Jerry's Beaver Hat /The Scotsman Over The Border
8. The Old Harvest Home /Flaherty's
9. The Coach Road To Sligo /Fraher's /Tripping Up The Stairs
10. Julia Delaney's /The Spike Island Lassies
11. Tell Her I Am /Derrane's
12. Gene Kelly's /Josie Begley's Fancy
13. Dr. Gilbert /The Queen Of The Fair
14. Harry Oh









































Goilin004 Where Linnets Sing


1. True and Single Sailor Grace Toland
2. One Morning in May Jim McFarland
3. 'S Ambó Éara Mairéad Ní Oistin
4. Johnny Seoighe  Antaine Ó Farachain
5. Mountain Streams Jim McFarland
6. Lone Shanakyle Mairéad Ní Oistin
7. Williw Ward Jim McFarland
8. Seacht nDólás na Maighdine Muire  Antaine Ó Farachain
9. The Cambria
Grace Toland
10. Dónall Óg Mairéad Ní Oistin
11. The Lion's Den
Grace Toland
12. The Four Seasons  Antaine Ó Farachain
13. Reaping of the Rushes Green Jim McFarland
14. An Raicín Álainn Mairéad Ní Oistin
15. Pride of Moville Town
Grace Toland
16. Mo Cheallaichín Fionn  Antaine Ó Farachain




















































GTRAX108CD I Sang That Sweet Refrain


1. Paddy in Glasgow
2. Maid of Ballydoo (Kevin Mitchell)
3. Granuaile (Kevin Mitchell)
4. Banks of Brandywine (Kevin Mitchell)
5. Red Haired Man's Wife (Kevin Mitchell)
6. Inishfree (Kevin Mitchell)
7. Rangy Ribs I Bought from Micky Doo
8. Blue Tar Road (Kevin Mitchell) (3:46)
9. Paudeen Roe (Kevin Mitchell) (3:07)
10. False Lover John (Kevin Mitchell) (6:06)
11. Fanad Mare (Kevin Mitchell) (1:50)
12. Mantle So Green (Kevin Mitchell) (6:06)
13. Flower of Crosby's Mill (Kevin Mitchell) (2:55)
14. Gosforth's Fair Demesne (Kevin Mitchell) (3:32)
15. Granemore Hare (Kevin Mitchell) (3:43)
16. Johnnie Gallagher (Kevin Mitchell) (5:02)





















































TERRCD001 Path Across the Ocean

1. Path Across the Oceon

2. Mullingar Recuit
3. Roy Roger Um
4. Sleeveless Charms
5.What Will We Do When We Have No Money?
6. This Is Macaronic
7. Irish Jubilee
8. Sweet Daffodil Mulligan
9. Sheila Nee Iyer (Síle Ní Ghaidhre)
10. False, Flase Fly
11. Calf Meal in Roscrea
12. Slip Jigs and Reels
13. Shriekin' Artaner
14. Cupid's Visitation to Mick Dwyer












































Properbox 3 Farewell to Ireland


1. I'm Leaving Tippery - Pat White
2. Farewell to Ireland
3. Moving Bogs Miss Thornton - Flanagan Brothers
4. Arrah, Come in Out of the Rain, Barney McShane
5. Banks of Newfoundland
6. Dunmore Lassies/Manchester Reel /Castlebar Traveller - Tom Morrison
7. Drink in the Morning - Packie Dolan
8. George White's Favourite /The Lass of Carracastle - Paddy Sweeney
9. Job of Journeywork - Michael Coleman
10. Steampacket/Morning Star /Miss McLeod's - Patsy Touhey
11. Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door - John McGettigan
12. Rakes of Clonmel - Frank Murphy
13. Miller's Reel/Duffy the Dancer
14. Beggarman - Flanagan Brothers
15. Boys of Bluehill/The Stack of Wheat
16. Back in the Garden /The Flowers of the Red Mill - John McKenna
17. Dowd's Favourite - Hugh Gillespie
18. Johnny Will You Marry Me? - Dan Sullivan's Shamrock Band
19. Ricketts Hornpipe /The Stack of Barley - Dan Sullivan's Shamrock Band
20. Nano's Favorites - Dan Sullivan

1. Night Pat Murphy Died - Flanagan Brothers
2. Bridie Morley's - John McKenna
3. Ginger's Favourite /The Bogs of Allen
4. Let Mister Maguire Sit Down
5. Tailor's Twist /The Flowers of Spring
6. Maggie Pickens /Cameron's Wife
7. College Grove /The Floogin'
8. Erin's Green Shore - Packie Dolan
9. Mrs. Kenny's - Michael Coleman
10. Blackhaired Lass /The Dublin - Michael Coleman
11. Molly Durkin - Murty Rabbett
12. Jolly Tinker/The Pretty Girls of Mayo - Paddy Killoran
13. Versevanna - Hugh Gillespie
14. Green Groves of Erin /The Ivy Leaf
15. Martha, the Flower of Sweet Strabane - John McGettigan
16. Rambling Pitchfork - Edward Mullaney
17. Paddy in London - Flanagan Brothers
18. Sweet Flower of Milltown/The Boys from Knock - Tom Morrison
19. Wicklow Mountains High - Frank Quinn
20. Kikenny for Me /The Boys of Ireland

1. Rare Old Irish Whiskey
2. Fisher's /The Cliff
3. Maggie in the Woods /Spanish Ladies /Rose Tree
4. Lovely Molly
5. Royal Charley - Packie Dolan
6. Leitrim Thrush /Fermoy Lasses - Flanagan Brothers
7. McDermott's /Memories of Sligo - Paddy Killoran
8. Myself and Martin Tracy - John Griffin
9. Real Old Mountain Dew - John Griffin
10. Tom Clarke's Fancy /The Boys at the Lough
11. Bank of Ireland/Wind That Shakes the Barley
12. Martin Wynne's /Craig's Pipes
13. Black Rogue/Saddle the Pony - Tom Ennis
14. It's the Same Old Shillelagh - Pat White
15. Green/Jackson's /A Drink of Water
16. Colonel Frazier - John McKenna
17. Humours of Mullingar /Jackson's Wife to the Road - William J. Mullaly
18. Paddy McGinty's Goat - Frank Quinn
19. Cherry Blossom - Frank Quinn
20. Twelve Stone Two - Frank Quinn

1. From Galway to Dublin - Dan Sullivan's Shamrock Band
2. Stack of Oats /The Shannon Waves
3. Farrell Gara /The Silver Spire - Paddy Killoran
4. Rodney's Glory
5. Tommy Murphy Was a Soldier
6. Irish Mazurka - Hugh Gillespie
7. Chicago Reel - Edward Mullaney
8. Tan Yard Side - Frank Quinn
9. Night Cap /Mysteries of Knock
10. Morning Dew /The Traveller's /Shark's Favourite - Eleanor Kane
11. Me Husband's Flannel Shirt
12. Grove - Patrick Dolan
13. Stack of Barley/Bantry Bay - Michael Coleman
14. Bonnie Kate/Jenny's Chickens - Michael Coleman
15. Tickling Mary Jane
16. Tap Room/The Moving Bogs
17. Kildare Fancy /The Stack of Wheat - Tom Ennis
18. My Irish Molly-O - Flanagan Brothers
19. Scotch Mary - Joe Flanagan
20. Irish Delight/Tura Lura Lura (That's an Irish Lullaby) - Flanagan Brothers










































TOLCD15 Live in Lishdoonvana


1. Reels: Traveller /Kilavil
2. Reels: Maid of Hollywell /Red Haired Lass
3. Reels: The Green Mountain /The Road to Rio /Paddy Murphy's Wife
4. Jigs: Rogaire Dubh /O'Mahony's /Pet of the Pipes
5. Reels: Touch Me If You Dare /The Copperplate /The Cameronian's
6. Kilrush Polkas
7. March: Belphaegor
8. Reels: Sheehan's /The Merry Blacksmith /Music in the Glen
9. Reels: Austin Tierney's /Kilmaley (The Glen Allen) /Reavy's (Hunter's House) /Rakis Paddy
10. Jigs: Rambling Pitchfork /The Girl at the Spinning Wheel /Carraroe
11. Waltzes: Seamus McManus's /Oslo
12. Jigs: The New Rigged Ship /The Cape Breton Favourite (Johnny Wilmoth's) /Jim Cameron's
13. Reels: Rattigan's /Moring Star /Dublin Porter
14. Reels: Sligo Maid /Union /High Reel /The Dairy Maid






















































Mac1 Open Heath


1. Reels: Joe Bane's /The Green-Gowned Lass
2. Hornpipe: Off to California
3. Jig: John Naughton's Jig
4. Reels: Bag of Spuds /The Doonagore Reel
5. Hornpipes: Peacock's Feather /Harvest Home
6. Reels: Reel of Rio /The Reel of Bogie
7. Jig: Joe Bane's
8. Schottische: Bonnie Scotland /Bill O'Malley's
9. Reels: The Morning Star /Joe Bane's
10. Jigs: The Boy in the Wood /The Rooms of Dooagh
11. Reels: Big Pat's Reel /Maids of Galway
12. Reel: The Humours of Tullycrine
13. Reels: Over the Moor to Maggie /Boil the Kettle Early























































DU1004 The Fabulous Kilfenora Ceili Band


1. Reels: Miss Monaghan /The Yew Reel /Tim Maloney's
2. Reels: Kilmaley Reel /Sligo Maid /The Union
3. Reels: Lucy Campbell /Kilcarragh Reel /The Maid of Hollywell
4. Jigs: Harry's Loch /The Hairpin Bend /Slattery's Grove
5. Polkas: The Lisdoonvarna Polka /The Lakes of Sligo
6. Jigs: The Kilfenora Jig
7. Jigs: The Returned Yank /The Limestone Quarry /The Idle Road
8. Jigs: The Clogher Rose /Jude's Farewell /Crags of Burren
9. Reels: McCormack's Fancy /Around the Tree /The Blue Meadow
10. Reels: Millstone /Shuffle the Cards /Cavan Reel
















































DU1000 Echoes of Erin The Tulla Ceili Band


1. Jigs: The Battering Ram /Tell Her I Am
2. Jigs: Gallagher's Frolics /Blooming Meadow
3. Jigs: The Kilfenora Jig
4. Polkas: The Hayden Fancy
5. Reels: Cottage Groves /The Sally Gardens
6. Set Dance: The Siege of Ennis
7. Reels: Tim Maloney's /Cooley's
8. Reels: St. Ruth's Bush /The Corner House
9. Reels: Farewell to Connaught /The Bucks of Oranmore
10. Reels: Imelda Roland's /The Connolly Reel
11. Jigs: Sean Ryan's Jig /The Leitrim Jig
12. Hornpipes: The Good Natured Man /Kitty's Wedding




























































MTCD329-0 The Hardy Sons of Dan


Adieu to Lovely Garrison Packie McKeaney
The Constant Farmer's Son James McDermott
The Reaping of the Rushes Green Philip McDermott
The Huntsman's Horn James and Paddy Halpin
Molly Bawn Maggie Murphy
Willie Rambler James Halpin
Let the Wind Blow High or Low James McDermott
Donagh Hill Red Mick McDermott
To Reap and Mow the Hay James and Paddy Halpin
My Father's Serving Boy Maggie Murphy
The Thoughts of Long Ago James McDermott
Bad Luck Attend the Old Farmer James Halpin
The Hardy Sons of Dan Red Mick McDermott
Johnny Harte James Halpin
With the Old Navvy Boots On James McDermott
Cavenagh Hill James Halpin
Marrowbones Red Mick McDermott
The Wild Side of Life Maggie Murphy
The Kildallan Brown Red James and Paddy Halpin


The Huntsman's Horn Big John Maguire
Willie-O Maggie Murphy
Bonny Wood Green Packie McKeaney
Seek Not from Whence Love She Came Mary Anne Connelly
The Grangemore Hare Patsy Flynn
Young Edmund Maggie Murphy
Bring the Gold Cup Back to Newtown Big John Maguire
The Lisburn Lass Mary Anne Connelly
The Clones Murder Tom Tinneny
Killyburn Brae Maggie Murphy
Willie Leonard Patsy Flynn
Lough Ooney Big John Maguire
Lurgan Stream Mary Anne Connelly
The Green Fields of Ferbane Big John Maguire
Seven Years Since I had a Sweetheart Maggie Murphy
The Town I Loved So Well Big John Maguire and daughter Kate
Barbara Allen Patsy Flynn
The Little Old Mud Cabin on the Hill Eddie Coyle





















































MTCD331-2 /Goilin 005-06 Around the Hills of Clare


1. Tom Lenihan - Hills of Clare
2. Nora Cleary - Little Ball of Yarn
3. Martin Howley - Golden Glove
4. Vincie Boyle - Patrick Sheehan
5. Martin Reidy - Peeler and the Goat
6. Ollie Conway - Banks of Sullane
7. Tom Lenihan - Constant Farmer's Son
8. Tom Lenihan - Talk about belief in story
9. Pat MacNamara - Banks of the Nile
10. Nonie Lynch - Shannon Scheme
11. Jamesie McCarthy - Kerry Cock
12. Nora Cleary - Lord Levett
13. Austin Flanagan - Green Flag of Erin
14. Nora Cleary - East Clare Election
15. Martin Reidy - Lismore Turkeys
16. Kitty Hayes - May Morning Dew
17. 'Straighty' Flanagan - Banks of Sweet Dundee
18. Martin Howley - Blow the Candle Out
19. Mikey Kelleher - Quilty Burning
20. Tom Lenihan - Croppy Boy
21. Martin Reidy - Maid of the Moorlough Shore
22. Martin Howley - North Star
23. Patrick Lynch - Battle of Billingsgate (recitation)

1. Nora Cleary - Lilting
2. Martin Howley -Doctor Crippen
3. Austin Flanagan - O'Reilly to America
4. Martin Long - Child In The Budget
5. Vincie Boyle - Three Brave Blacksmiths
6. Tom Lenihan - Caroline of Edinburgh
7. 'Straighty' Flanagan - Sprightly Young Damsel
8. Nora Cleary - Mac and Shanahan
9. Pat MacNamara - I Left my Hand
10. Martin Howley - The Old Armchair
11. Vincie Boyle - The Half Crown
12. Martin Reidy - O'Reilly from the County Kerry
13. Mikey Kelleher - Daughter Dearest Daughter
14. Michael Flanagan - Girl from Clahandine
15. Ollie Conway - Stór Mo Croí
16. Jamesie McCarthy - The Titanic
17. Nonie Lynch - My Good Looking Man
18. Pat MacNamara - Mr Woodhurren's Courtship
19. 'Straighty' Flanagan - Erin's Lovely Home
20. Martin Howley - Donnelly
21. Tom Lenihan - Cailín Deas Cruíte Na mBó
22. Tom Lenihan - Talk about 'the blas'
23. Martin Reidy - Tangaloni
24. Kitty Hayes - Farewell To Miltown Malbay












































































MTCD353-5 As I Roved Out


CD one

1. As I Roved Out
2. A Servant Maid in Master's Garden
3. The Canny Oul Lad
4. Leave Not Your Kathleen
5. A Man in Love
6. The Young Sailor Cut Down
7. The Armagh Nationalists
8. Farewell My Love
9. Derry Gaol
10. Derry Gaol Duet
11. The County Galway Girl
12. Jack Donohue
13. The Irishman
14. Mary of Kilmore
15. Now That the Winter is Over
16. You and I in One Bed Lie
17. The Banks of the Callan
18. I Courted a Wee Girl
19. The Peeler and the Goat
20. A Rich Farmer's Daughter
21. New Year's Song

22. The Jolly Thresher


CD two

1. 'Twas in the Month of January
2.  Take Back the Engagement Ring
3.  John Reilly
4.  Keady Convent
5.  Keady Town
6.  The Factory Girl
7.  Barbara Allen
8.  Barney Mavourneen
9.  Blow Ye Winds Hi-O
10.  Annie Dear I'm Called Away
11.  The Butcher Boy
12.  Caroline and her Young Sailor Bold
13.  Castleblaney Besoms
14.  The Laurel Wear
15.  The Cot in the Corner
16.  The Mother of a Slave
17.  Dobbin's Flowery Vale
18.  John Mitchell
19.  The Alphabet Song
20.  Johnny Doyle
21.  Love is Easing
22.  Land of My Birth
23.  The Magpie's Nest
24.  The Magpie's Nest
25.  My Name is Pat Clancy
26.  Nothing's Too Good for the Irish


CD three

1. Skibbereen
2.  My Love is Like a Red Red Rose
3.  Erin's Lovely Home
4.  The May Morning Dew
5.  Mary of the Curling Hair
6.  The Scutchers
7.  Robert Burns and his Highland Mary
8.  The Wind that Shakes the Barley
9.  Miss Jenny
10.  Space
11.  The Banks of the Callan
12.  Barbara Allen
13.  Blow Ye Winds Hi-O
14.  The Butcher Boy
15.  The Canny Oul Lad
16.  Caroline and her Young Sailor Bold
17.  Castleblaney Besoms
18.  Derry Gaol
19.  Dobbin's Flowerey Vale
20.  The Factory Girl
21.  I Courted a Wee Girl
22.  Johnny Doyle










































































Kyloe108/109 On the Tip of my Tongue


CD 1

1. Lucky Me

2. Granny's Story / A Visit to Granny

3. Jamie Freel

4. Brigit's Coat

5. A Monk Called Macher

6. Finn's Wife

7. Finn and the Blackbirds

8. The Three Wishes

9. Columcille


CD 2

1. The Truth

2. The Laird o Co

3. The Gypsy's Curse

4. The White Trout

5. The Wee Christmas Cabin of Carn-na-ween

6. The Grimen

7. The North Wind

8. The End of My Tale


































































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