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VT1114DR One of the Best - CD Inlay, tray card and label


Many people buy a download and then burn it onto CD.


Here you have an opportunity to create all the paper parts for your custom CD.


All you need is a jewel case, a printer, a pencil and ruler, plus a guillotine, rotatrim or pair of scissors.


If you click onto the following images or links, you will get a printable PDF of each part:













Inlay    'One of the Best' inlay pdf


Booklet (with full notes)    'One of the Best' Booklet pdf

 If you would like to reproduce a CD booklet with full notes you will need a printer which will print back to back and using the pdf link above you can print paginated pages.













Tray card     'One of the Best' traycard pdf


















CD Label     'One of the Best' CD label pdf


Some helpful hints:

1. When you print these paper parts make sure your printer is set to print 'to actual size' not 'to fit'.

2. Before you start cutting up your paper parts draw lines through the crop marks with a pencil and ruler through to the edge of the paper, otherwise you will lose some of your crop marks as you cut.

3. The label sheet has a label for both VT114DR 'One of the Best' and VT118DR 'Always Ask An Expert'. This is to save labels as you will only need one for each.



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