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TSCD309 Kerry Fiddles


Fiddle music from the Cork /Kerry border known as Sliabh Luachra (The Rushy Mountain).


1. The Top of Maol /The Humours of Ballydesmond

2. The Fisherman's /Byrne's Hornpipes

3. Muckross Abbey/Mulvihill's

4.  Cronin's /The Stack of Barley

5. O'Donnell's Lament

6. Danny Ab's Slide

7. The Frieze Breeches /Paudeen O'Rafferty

8. Chase Me Charlie /Tom Billy's Favourite

9. Kennedy's Favourite /The Woman of the House

10. Apples in Winter /The Maid on the Green /The Thrush in the Straw

11. The Old Man Rocking the Cradle

12. The Humours of Galtymore /Callaghan's /The New-Mown Meadows

13. Calaghan's /The Rights of Man

14. Johnny When You Die /The Swallow's Tail /Miss MacLeod's.

























































CEFCD057 Sesmus Creagh - Jackie Daly

One of the greatest musical traditions in Ireland is that which belongs to the music of Sliabh Luachra, home of some of the best traditional music we are ever likely to hear. The finest exponents of this music must certainly be Jackie Daly and Séamus Creagh.

1. Seamus O Caoimh
2. Cailini Mha Cromtha
3. An Gleann Faoi Dhraiocht
4. An tEar Ar An gCrann
5. Con O Conaill
6. Liam O Suilleabhain
7. A Oganaigh An Chuil Chraobaigh
8. Brid Mhin Bhaile Mhu'irne
9. Cornphiopa Ui Bhroin
10. Bi Liom/Sortanna Suiri
11. A Brat Chomh Deas Glas
12. Sean Mhici Padraig O Caoimh
13. Donncha O Murchu
14. An Tailliuir Ban
15. Na Ceithre Thiomaint


































































OSS CD 112 Séamus Creagh, Aidan Coffey


One of the greatest musical traditions in Ireland is that which belongs to the music of Sliabh Luachra, home of some of the best traditional music we are ever likely to hear. The finest exponents of this music must certainly be Jackie Daly and Séamus Creagh.

1. Reels: The Trip to Cullenstown / The Blacksmith
2. Jigs: Hughie Travers / The Cat in the Corner
3. Polkas: Johnny O'Leary's 1 & 2
4. Waltzes: Muistoja Karpaateilta
5. Reels: The Providence / The Humours of Westport
6. Slides: The Ceanngulla / The Gleanntán Frolics
7. Hornpipe: The Derry
8. Jigs: The Gold Ring 1 & 2
9. Jigs: The Humours of Driinagh / Johnny O'Leary's / Seanduine Dóite
10. Hornpipes: The Old Blackguard / The Glenbeigh
11. Reels: Johnny Allen's / The Cúil na nGabhar
12. Polkas: Matt Teehan's 1 & 2
13. Slow Air: 'Sé Fáth mo Bhuartha
14. Jigs: Paddy Taylor's / John Mahinney's No. 1
15. Reels: Mulqueen's / The Moving Cloud
























































CEFCD104  Eistigh Seal

Cork fiddle player Matt Cranitch, made this classic recording in 1984 when it was released on CD. Accompanied by his sister Bríd Crantch on piano, he plays a selection of great Irish airs from the tradition.

1. An raibh tu ag an gCarraig?
2. An buachaill caol dubh.
3. An Chuilfhionn.
4. Caoineadh Eoghain Rua.
5. Roisin Dubh.
6. Sliabh Geal gCua.
7. Maidin ro-mhoch.
8. Taimse im chodladh.
9. Eamonn Magaine.
10. Marbhna Luimnigh.
11. Maidin i mBeara.
12. Caoineadh Ui Dhomhnaill.
13. An raibh tu ag an gCarraig?














































OSS CD 70 A Small Island


Traditional music from Cork on box, fiddle and keyboards. Pat Sullivan is a box-player with a lively, energetic style which has endeared him to set-dancers in particular. Vince Milne is an imaginative and flamboyant fiddle-player from the Clonakilty area of West Cork. Bríd Cranitch is widely respected as a keyboard player who is never content to limit herself to the monotonous vamping we sometimes hear from céilí band pianists.

1. Jigs: Both Meat and Drink / Tobin's Favourite / Michael Coleman's Jig
2. Tune: Thomas Burke
3. Tunes: The Three Tunes
4. Reel: Lord Gordon
5. Tunes: Carolan's Dowry / Sean McGovern's (Polka) / Knocknagree Polka (Polka)
6. Jigs: Paddy O'Brien's Jig / The New House / Sean Maguire's Jig
7. Reels: The Maid Behind the Bar / George White's Favourite
8. Hornpipes: West the Hill / Paddy O'Brien's Hornpipe
9. Slides: Cúil Aodha Slides
10. Tune: Captain O'Kane
11. Slip Jigs: Barney Brannigan's / The Sport of the Chase icon
12. Reels: Rattigan's / Dublin Porter / The Woman of the House




























































MJC 1908The Last House in Ballymakea - Junior Crehan  (1908-1998)  


This 2-CD set produced by Junior's daughter Ita contains 25 tracks of the famous West Clare fiddle player talking and playing, sometimes together with family members and musician-friends like Tony Crehan (concertina), Angela & Ita Crehan (tinwhistles), P.J. Crotty (flute), Bobby Casey (fiddle) and Eamon McGivney (fiddle). A couple of additional tracks consist of Junior's wife Cissie singing a song, and Junior's mother Baby playing concertina--she was recorded in 1963 at age 87. This is an essential archival recording fro anyone interested in Irish fiddle music.


CD 1
1. Jig: The Luachrachan
2. Jigs: The Pipe on the Hob / Scully Casey's
3. Song: Lament for Willie Clancy
4. Reels: Farewell to Miltown Malbay / Mother's Delight
5. Air: A Stor mo Chroi - Love of my Heart
6. Hornpipe: The Last House in Ballymakea
7. Air & Hornpipe: Caoineadh an tSagairt (The Priest's Lament) / Caislean an Oir (The Golden Castle)
8. Song: Making Children by Steam
9. Set Dance: Planxty Davis
10. Air: An Paistin Fionn (The Fair-Haired Child)
11. Reels: Redigan's / Music in the Glen

CD 2
1. Jigs: The Mist Covered Mountain / Scully Casey's
2. Air: An Raibh Tu ag an gCarraig (Were You at the Rock)
3. Reels: The Old Torn Petticoat / The Green Fields of America
4. Song: The Christmas Letter
5. Emigration (spoken)
6. Reel: The West Clare Railway
7. March & Jig: God Save Ireland / Sweet Biddy Daly
8. Reels: Pigeon on the Gate / Gardiner's / Dogs Among the Bushes / Gan Ainm
9. Set Dance: Bonaparte's Retreat
10. The Country House Dance (spoken)
11. Air: Lament for the Country House Dance
12. Set Dance: The Humours of Bandon
13. Air: Caoineadh Bean Ui Chiarrai (The Kerry Woman's Lament)
14. Jigs: Gan Ainm / The Connaught Man's Rambles











































































BH003CD The Spirit of West Clare


This is probably one of the most important releases of the decade! illustrious fiddle player Bobby Casey (1926-2000) was born near the Crosses of Annagh, Co. Clare. His father was John 'Scully' Casey, the leading fiddler of his day in West Clare, although it wasactually from Junior Crehan that Bobby learnt his first tune. Moving to London in 1952 Bobby forged several key musical friendships with other exiled Claremen including Tommy McCarthy, Joe Ryan and Vincent Griffin, and exerted enormous influence on London's traditional Irish music scene. In the late 60s Bobby featured on the seminal album ‘Paddy in the Smoke’ and the music on this new CD was recorded at around the same time by Reg Hall and Bill Leader.


1: Pol Ha'penny / Murphy's. HORNPIPES
2: Colonel Frazer / Toss the Feathers. REELS
3: Banish Misfortune / Kitty's Rambles. JIGS
4: Jenny's Welcome to Charlie/The Last House in Connaught. REELS
5: Untitled. SINGLE JIG
6: The Salamanca /The Greens Groves of Erin. REELS
7: The Gallowglass / The Legacy. JIGS with Tommy McCarthy, concertina
8: The Liffey Banks /The Shaskeen /The Boys of Ballisadare /The Woman of the House/ Tansey's Favourite /The Graf Spee / Ballinasloe Fair REELS
9: The Dear Irish Boy. SLOW AIR
10: Kitty's Gone A-milking. REEL with Andy O'Boy/e, fddle, and Paddy Breen, flageolet
11: Untitled / Mrs. Kenny. WALTZES
12: Farewell to Miltown /The Star of Munster. REELS with Sean Casey, mandolin
13: Unidentified /The Mist on the Meadow /The Wandering Minstrel /The Drummer. JIGS
14: The Ace and Deuce of Pipering / Rodney's Glory. SET DANCES
15: Bonny Kate. Reel
16: The Laurel Tree. REEL tin whistle
17: The Gold Ring / The Legacy. JIGS
18: Eileen Curren/The Star of Munster/The Moving Bogs / Rolling in the Barrel/
The Moving Bogs. REELS






























































BH002CD The Porthole in the Kelp


A stalwart of the London Irish scene (as was his father, Clare-born Bobby Casey) shows off his his unique and even eccentric fiddle style.


1. The Musical Priest/ Jenny's Chickens
2. The Humours of Lissadel/ The Queen of May
3. Tommy Coen's/ The Reel of Mullinavat
4. The Templehouse/ Toss The Feathers
5. The Pipe on the Hob/ Brendan Tonra's Jig
6. Farewell to Miltown/ The Star of Munster
7. Pol Ha'penny
8. Colonel Fraser
9. The Bank of Ireland/ The Woman of the House
10. The Drunken Gauger
11. Banish Misfortune/ The Cliffs of Moher
12. Lucy Campbell
13. Paddy Ryan's Dream/ Over the Moor to Maggie
14. Rakish Paddy/ The Green Fields of Rossbeigh
15. The Tempest/ The West Wind
16. The Porthole of the Kelp/ The Hare's Paw























































CICD113 An Buachaill Dreoite


Superb old-fashioned fiddle playing from the legendary Clare fiddler.


1. Auchdon House
2. Kilhouries /The Munster /The Maid On The Green
3. St Ruth's Bush/ Gerry Crommane's
4. Peeler Creek /Sonny's Mazurka /The Irish Mazurka
5. Paddy O'Brien's /The Few Bob
6. Ged A Theid Mi Do M'Leabaidh
7. Killoran's Reels
8. An Buachaill Dreoite /Mrs Galvin's
9. Dark Lochnagar
10. The Bunch Of Rushes /Sporting Nell
11. Sliabh Na MBan /Delahunty's
12. Farewell To Ireland /The Humours Of Lissadell
13. The Trip To Durrow
14. The Gold Ring /Paddy Taylor's
15. The Dear Irish Boy
16. The Boyne Hunt /Morrison's
17. The Tailor's Twist /Cronin's
18. Martin Wynne's /The Mountain Road
19. Louie's /The Princess Royal
20. The Old Torn Petticoat /Rakish Paddy
21. The Coolin


























































CICD129 Traditional Music from the Legendary East Clare Fiddler


'The leader of the famed Tulla Ceili Band.  


1. Sean Sa Cheo /Dick Cosgrove's
2. The Gallowglass /The Rakes Of Clonmel
3. The Beauty Spot /The Cashmere Shawl
4. Poll Ha'penny /The Rights Of Man
5. The Goat In The Green /Tonra's
6. Seargent Early's Dream /Sporting Nell
7. The New House /The Robin's Nest
8. The Daisy Field /Molly Bawn
9. The Caves Of Kiltanon /The Quilty Shore
10. Mayor Harrison's Fedora /The Stone In The Field
11. Dunphy's
12. Toss The Feathers /Repeal Of The Union
13. Old Tipperary /Down The Back Lane
14. The Boys Of The Lough /The Old Blackthorn





























































FCLAR 4 John Kelly - Fiddle & Concertina

John Kelly was born in the district of Rehy West, County Clare, and for over thirty years was a force in Irish music - he was a member of Seán Ó Riada's Ceoltóirí Cualainn, of the Castle Ceilidh Band, and of Ceoltóirí Laighean, and regular musician at respected Dublin sessions. John's fiddling is in the relaxed Clare style and his concertina playing is spikier, with subtle variations of notes, the occasional harmonic effect, and again that off-beat emphasis.

  1. Jolly Tinker
  2. Paddy On The Turnpike
  3. The Bunch of Rushes (Fiddle) / The Bunch of Rushes (Concertina)
  4. John Kelly's Slide
  5. Blackberry Blossoms / The Spike Island Lasses
  6. The Heathery Breeze
  7. Delia Kean's Jig
  8. The Blacksmith's Charm
  9. We Were Drinking and Kissing The Ladies / Old Tipperary
  10. Rocking The Baby to Sleep
  11. Eddie Dunn's Reel
  12. The Fisherman's Hornpipe
  13. The Sister Reels / Gilbert Clancy's Favourite / The Ravelled Hank of Yarn
  14. The Crooked Road to Dublin
  15. The West Cork Reel
  16. The Ivy Leaf (concertina) / The Ivy Leaf (fiddle)
  17. The Flogging Reel
  18. Scattery Island Slide
  19. The Ebb Tide
  20. The Blackbird Air / Hornpipe / Set Dance
  21. The Bunch of Keys
  22. Lord Wellington's Reel
  23. Kitty's Rambles
  24. Gilbert Clancy / West Wind / Nellie Donovan's
  25. Farewell to Sean O'Riada
  26. Francie Byrne's
  27. Killard Reel
  28. Ned Stapleton's Reel
  29. Sonny Brogan's / Cohmra Donn
  30. Lucy Campbell
  31. Unknown / Thady Casey's
  32. Lord Mayo





















































GLCD1233 Welcome Here Again

Martin Hayes epitomizes the fiddle music of County Clare for many people. He started playing when he was seven years old and, by the age of thirteen, was touring with the Tulla Ceili Band, arguably the most revered and famous ceili band in Ireland at the time which was led by his father, PJ Hayes. Martin Hayes: fiddle, viola, Dennis Cahill: guitar, mandolin, bass


1. The Clare Reel
2. The High Jig
3. Reels: Lane to the Glen / Fahy's
4. Air: The Dear Irish Boy
5. Slip Jig: The Night Poor Larry was Stretched
6. P. Joe's Reel
7. Jig: An Rogaire Dubh
8. Reel: Jenny's Welcome to Charlie
9. Reel: The Girl That Broke my Heart
10. Air: The Wind Swept Hill of Tulla
11. Set Dance: The Galtee Hunt
12. Reels: John Naughton's Green Mountain / Welcome Here Again
13. Reel: Mulqueen's
14. Slip Jig: The Booley House Jig
15. Reels: O'Reilly's Greyhound / Palmer's Gate
16. Coleman's March
17. Reels: The New Post Office / The Pigeon on the Gate / The New Custom House
18. Frank Keane's Reel












































GLCD1127 Martin Hayes

Martin Hayes was just coming to international prominence when this, his first solo album, was released. He plays fiddle in a style modeled on the playing of the older fiddlers in his home county of

 Clare in the west of Ireland; it 's a gentle, understated approach, never very fast, with lots of slides and a subtle but very expressive use of dynamics. On this album, Hayes had not yet achieved the maturity of tone that would later manifest itself on his next effort (Under the Moon, GLCD 1155), nor is his intonation as effortlessly perfect as it would later become. But his basic conception is fully in place: his aching, midtempo delivery of "The Morning Star" (which is usually played much more briskly) is completely convincing, as is his intricate solo turn on "The Star of Munster" and the simple but gorgeous "The Britches." Guitarist Randal Bayes is a modest presence throughout, but pay attention to what he's doing and you'll find it's almost as impressive as Hayes' playingMusicians Martin Hayes (fiddle), with Randal Bays (guitar), Jim Chapman (piano)

1. The Morning Star / The Mountains Caoilte
2. Paddy Fahy's Jig / Sean Ryan's Jig
3. The Whistler From Rosslea / Connor Dunn's
4. The Golden Castle / Billy Malley's Schottishe
5. The Star Of Munster
6. The Colliers / Johnny's Wedding
7.  PJ MacNamara's / John Naughton's
8. The Brown Coffin / The Good Natured Man
9. Joe Bane's / The Green Gowned Lass
10. I Buried My Wife And Danced On Her Grave / The Rooms Of Doogh / The Mist Covered Mountain
11. The Britches
12. Tommy Coen's Reel / The Shallow









































GLCD1127 Under the Moon

Martin Hayes is a fiddler from County Clare whose sure but gentle touch and deep musical intelligence have combined to produce one of the most satisfying recordings of traditional music in a long time. Accompanied in most cases by only an understated guitar, and in duet on one lovely track with his father, Hayes performs a long set of tunes that range from the familiar ("Rakish Paddy," "The Cliffs of Moher") to the more obscure ("Kilnamona Barndance," "Farewell to Milltown"). What is special about this album isn't so much the material Hayes has chosen, though it's all lovely; instead, it's his unflagging focus on the tunes themselves rather than on his own virtuosity that makes "Under the Moon" both musically inspiring and emotionally rewarding. In a field dominated by fiery virtuosos, many of whom seeming intent on throwing every fleet-fingered ornament possible into every phrase they play, Hayes plays for the tune itself. He interprets and embellishes it, of course, but always in a way that reveals the music rather than obscuring it. There are no barnburners on this album; even the uptempo numbers are played with gentle assurance instead of headlong abandon. When he cuts a note, it is with the quietest, quickest tap of a finger; when he slides into another, it is with the slow, languorous grace of a lover's caress. Yet he never sounds overearnest or academic in his playing, either; he sounds conscientious, not self-conscious. The effect is one of an expatriate speaking after a long exile the native language that he loves, or of a father gently explaining an ancient craft to his child. Stunning. It nearly made me tear up. ~ Rick Anderson

1 Bill Malley's Barndance/Kilnamona Barndance: Bill Malley's Barndance
2 Cloonagroe Reel/West Clare Reel
3 O'Connell's March/Galway Bay Hornpipe/The Banshee's Wail over the Man
4 Hole in the Hedge/Seamus Cooley's Jig
5 Bony Crossing the Alps/The Maids of Feakle: Bony Crossing The Alps
6 Kitty Come Down to Limerick/Catherine Kelly's
7 Rakish Paddy
8 Pat Canny's/Come West Along the Road
9 Fair Haired Molly/Farewell to Milltown
10 Lark's March/Kilfenora Jig/The Cliffs of Moher: Kilfenora Jig
11 Graf Spey/The Boys of Balisodare
12 Crooked Road/The Foxhunter's Reel: The Crooked Road
13 Lucy Farr's




























































GLCD1181 The Lonesome Touch

The Lonesome Touch finds Martin Hayes and guitarist Dennis Cahill turning in another collection of lovely, suprisingly innovative Irish folk and celtic music. Hayes and Cahill keep within the traditions of the music, but open it up with luxurious space and inventive phrasing. Like their previous collection, Under the Moon, it's a pretty, enchanting record that shows how Irish music can move forward without losing its roots. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

1 Paddy Fahy's Reel
2 Kerfunken Jig
3 Paul Ha'penny/The Garden of Butterflies/The /Broken Pledge/The Mother
4 John Naughton's Reel/Another Paddy Fahy Reel
5 Cat in the Corner/John Naughton's Jig
6 Old Bush/The Reel With the Burl
7 Lament for Limerick
8 My Love is in America
9 Tell Her I Am/Gallagher's Frolics
10 Rolling in the Barrel/The Morning Dew
11 Bucks of Oranmore/Eileen Curran/Jimmy on the Moor
12 Peggy's Waltz









































GLCD1195  Live in Seattle

If Irish fiddle music and the prospect of relentless reels is where you and folk music part company, then prepare for a road-to-Damascus-type conversion. Raised in East Clare, where the fiddle style is "generally slow and lyrical in nature," Seattle resident Martin Hayes and his accompanying guitarist Dennis Cahill deliver an enthralling and energetic set which seems to be imbued with the very spirit of Ireland. Comprised of the second half of a January 1999 concert, this recording is no sentimental, idealised evocation of a far-away land, but a celebration of a music which is shown to be rich and diverse, ranging from slow and tender to fast and furious. This is particularly evident on the epic, 27-minute medley central to this performance, during which 11 tunes including "Rakish Paddy" and elements of Pachelbel's 'Canon' are woven into a rich tapestry. The aural equivalent of James Joyce, it's highly lyrical. If you have yet to succumb to Irish fiddle music then this is the album to do the trick. Recorded live at The Tractor Tavern, Seattle, Washington on January 31, 1999. Includes liner notes by Martin Hayes.

1 Martin Rochford's/Green Gowned Lass: Martin Rochford's / Green Gowned Lass
2 Port Na bPucai/Kilnamona Barndance/Ship in Full Sail/Jer the Rigger/The Old Blackthorn/Exile of Erin/Humours of Tulla/Fitzgerald's Hornpipe/Rakish Paddy/Finbarr Dwyer's Reel No. 1/P Joe's Pecurious Pachelbel Special: Port Na Bpucai / Kilnamona Barnda
3 Carraroe/Out on the Ocean: Carraroe: / Out On The Ocean:
4 Mary McMahon of Ballinahinch/Miss Lyon's: Mary McMahon Of Ballinahinch: / Miss Lyon's
5 Dowd's No. 9/Come West Along the Road: Dowd's No. 9 / Come West Along The Road



































































TARACD 2006 Noel Hill and Tony Linnane


The great Clare fiddle player Tony Linnane joins the reknowned concertina player Noel Hill on this excellent CD.


1 Humours Of Ballyconnell / Drunken Landlady / Ryan's Reel
2 Geese in the Bog
3 Joe Cooley's Hornpipe / Miss Monaghan
4 Skylark / Foxhunter's
5 Reevey's Reel / Golden Keyboard
6 Killoran's Reel / Mountain Road
7 Anderson's Reel / Carthy's / Sweeney's Dream
8 Jonny Cope
9 Scotsman Over The Border / Tom Billy's Jig
10 Pigeon on the Gate
11 Daniel O'Connell / The Home Ruler / Kitty's Wedding
12 Lady Ann Montgomery / Cooley's Ree



























































CEFD161 Michael Coleman 1891-1945 


The double CD comes with a revised edition of the Harry Bradshaw biography of Coleman which features photos and interviews with people who knew Coleman. Michael Coleman (1891-1945) emigrated to the USA where he enjoyed a very successful recording career. His records have influenced generations of players. So famous is Coleman that the area of south Sligo where he came from is known in music circles as ‘Coleman Country’. This collection of vintage recordings has been unavailable for a time and the revised edition in its new format will be much appreciated by devotees of authentic fiddle music. Coleman was a master musician and the exemplar of the Sligo style of fiddle playing. This collection comprises 48 tracks which were recorded in the States mainly in the 1920s, when Coleman was in his prime.


1. Lord McDonald Reels
2. Cherish the Ladies Jig
3. The Boys of the Lough Reels
4. The Liverpool, O'Neill's Hornpipes
5. The Shaskeen Reels
6. Jackson's Jigs
7. Farrell O'Gara Reels
8. James Gannon's Barndances
9. The Crooked Road to Dublin Reels
10. Lord Gordon Reel
11. The Frost is all Over Jigs
12. Reidy Johnson's Reels
13. The Job of Journey work Set Dance
14. Rakish Paddy Reels
15. Tobin's Fancy Jigs
16. Crowley's Reels
17. Casey's Polkas
18. The Kerryman's Daughter, The Bird in the Tree Reels
19. Up Sligo Jigs
20. Lucy Campbell Reel
21. McDermott's Hornpipes
22. Doctor Gilbert, The Queen of May Reels
23. The Humours of Ennistymon Jigs
24. The Green Fields of America, The Swallow's Tail Reels

CD 2
1. The Grey Goose Jig
2. The Morning Dew, The Woman of the House Reels
3. Murray's Fancy Hornpipe
4. The Foxhumer Slip Jigs
5. The Duke of Leinster, And His Wife Reels
6. Larry O'Gaff Jigs
7. The Real Blackthorn Stick Reels
8. Murphy's Hornpipe
9. Jackson's Morning Brush,
The Rambling Pitchfork Jigs
10. Tarbolton, The Longford Collector, The Sailor's Bonnet Reels
11. The Sailor on the Rock Reels
12. The Monaghan Jig
13. The Pigeon on the Gate Reels
14. Apples in Winter Jigs
15. Bonnie Kate, Jenny's Chickens Reels
16. The Frieze Britches Jig
17. The Stage, The Western Hornpipes
18. Paddy Ryan's Dream Reels
19. Tell Her I Am Jigs
20. The Kerry Reel, The Boyne Hunt Reels
21. Tommy Hill's Favourite Hornpipes
22. Killarney Wonder Schottisches
23. Farewell to Ireland Reels
24. Mrs. Kenny's Barndance










































































TSCD525D The Sligo Champion


'A Musical Biography by Reg Hall' After playing fiddle in rural Sligo with the likes of Michael Coleman before he emigrated to America, Gorman became a mainstay of the vibrant London Irish scene.



1. Down The Broom / The Pigeon On The Gate : reels
2. Michael Coleman's Hop-Jig
3. Bonnie Ann : reels
4. The Versavienna
5. The Lark In The Morning : jig
6. Jamesy Gannon's Barndances
7. The Anchonry Lasses / Lady Gardner's Troops: reels
8. Gorman's / The Boys of Bluehill: hornpipes
9. The Moss o' Ballagh Fair: song
10. Jamesy Gannon's March
11. The Polka Mazurka
12. The Laurel Tree / The High Reel: reels
13. The Frieze Britches
14. Farrell Gara / Ah, Surely: reels
15. Chaffpool Post / Jamesy Gannon's: barndances
16. Jamesy Gannon's Waltz
17. Happy To Meet and Sorry To Part: jig
18. Ships Are Sailing / The Heather Breeze: reels
19. Untitled March
20. Tell Her I Am / The Merry Old Woman: jigs
21. The Rights Of Man: hornpipe
22. Put The Cake In The Dresser: reel
23. Untitled Tune In 6/8: !st Part Of The Lancers
24. The Keel Row: 3rd Part Of The Lancers
25. Untitled Polka : 4th Part Of The Lancers
26. The College Grove: reel
27. The Maid I Ne'er Forgot: reel
28. The Kildare Fancy: hornpipe
29. Miss McLeod's / The Duke Of Leinster: reels



1. The Star Of Munster : reel
2. Gurney's Fancy : jig
3. The Blackbird : set dance
4. The Veleta
5. Chief O'Neill's Favourite : hornpipe
6. The Mountain Road : reel
7. The Mountain Road / Bonnie Kate / Jenny's Chickens : reels
8. The Chanter's Song
9. The Jolly Old Man : jig
10. Fermoy Lasses / THe Holly Bush : reels
11. The King Of The Fairies : set dance
12. The Burnt Cabbage : reel
13. The Banks Of The Silvery Tide : song
14. The Mug Of Brown Ale / The Black Rogue: jigs
15. McFaddens : reel
16. The Strayaway Child / The Lark In The Morning : jigs
17. Within A Mile Of Dublin : reel
18. The Dark Woman Of The Glenn
19. The Old Bush / The Galty : reels
20. The Turfman From Ardee : song
21. Mulhare's / Dinny O'Brien / Farewell To Connacht / Reavey's : reels
22. The Tempest / Colonel Rodney : reels
23. The Broken Pledge : reel
24. The Avonmore : reel
25. A Rainy Day : reel
26. Happy To Meet And Sorry To Part : jig
27. The Harvest Home : hornpipe
28. The Bunch Of Keys / The Boys Of Ballisadare / The Sligo Miad / Molloy's : reels

































































TSCD474 Her Mantle so Green  


The Queen of London Irish pub singers in the scene's hey-day in the mid 1950s. Plus tunes from the formidable Michael Gorman and Martin Byrnes, with some extra tracks that were not on the original Topic LP.

1. The Cycling Championship of Ulster
2. The Flower of Sweet Strabane
3. reel: Dr Gilbert
4. The Turfman from Ardee
5. jigs: The Rambling Pitchfork / Fasten the Legging
6. The Galway Shawl
7. polkas: Maguire's Favourite / Tralee Gaol / Maggie in the Wood
8. The Wild Colonial Boy
9. Dwyer's Hornpipe
10. My Lagan Love
11. hornpipe: The Boys of Bluehill
12. reels: The Yellow Tinker / The Corner House
13. The Factory Girl
14. Her Mantle So Green
15. reels: The Bunch of Keys / The Heather Breeze
16. Our Ship is Ready



























































CICD 173 Consider the Source

The album includes a large selection of tunes as well as a slow air and two songs, sung by Dan Milner and Niamh Parsons respectively. Brian is accompanied on the album by Brendan Dolan, Joanie Madden, Billy McComiskey, Felix Dolan, John Nolan, Eamon O'Leary, Heather Martin Bixler, Gabe Donohue and Brad Albetta


1. Reels: Trim the Velvet / Lord Gordon's
2. Jigs: Keys to the Convent / The Knockawhinna / Teviot Bridge icon
3. Hornpipes: Tailor's Twist / Galway Bay / O'Kelly's Fancy
4. Matt Hyland
5. Reels: John McGrath's / Dave Collins' / Larry Redican's icon
6. Waltz Set: Velveta Waltz / Oslo Waltz
7. Reels: Jackson's No. 1 / Jackson's No. 2 / The White Leaf
8. Slow Air: The Wounded Hussar icon
9. Reels: The Peeler's Jacket / Lucy Campbell / The Humours of Westport
10. Jigs: Killimor / Pat McKenna's / Father Hanley's
11. O' Carolan Tune: Madam Maxwell
12. Jigs: O'Mahony's Frolics / Condon's Frolics / Swans Among the Rushes
13. Highland Mary
14. Hornpipes: The Eclipse / The Sunshine icon
15. Reels: Bonnie Kate / Jenny's Chickens / The Mason's Apron / Peter Street


























































CICD 168 A Tribute to Andy McGann


Andy McGann was born and raised in New York to Sligo parents and became one of the key figures in traditional Irish music in the US. He grew up in a community that was loyal to the Sligo-American style of music that had been established in the US a generation earlier by immigrants from Sligo including Michael Coleman and James Morrison. McGann's playing was beautifully sweet without being saccharine, deeply expressive and elegant, and it is a style than many young musicians have tried to emulate. He would eventually become the standard-bearer of the Sligo-American style made famous by Coleman and, indeed, pass the tradition on to other players including his protégé Brian Conway. In 1965 Andy McGann together with two good friends and musicians, Joe Burke and Felix Dolan, recorded the album A Tribute to Michael Coleman. More than forty years later, on 1 April 2006 in the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago, Joe Burke, Felix Dolan and Brian Conway performed together in a concert titled ‘A Tribute to Andy McGann', honouring a great musician and friend who had passed away in 2004. The CD booklet includes extensive notes on Andy McGann and on the three musicians on the album.

1. Jigs: Molloy's Jig / The Humours of Castlelyons
2. Reels: Crowley's Reels
3. Hornpipes: The Cliff Hornpipe / The Sunshine Hornpipe (Joe Burke solo)
4. Jigs: The House in the Glen / Coleman's Maid on the Green
5. Reels: The Flogging Reel / The Boys of the Lough (Brian Conway solo)
6. Air & Hornpipe: Bantry Bay / The Bantry Hornpipe
7. Reels: Miss Lyon's Fancy / The New-Mown Meadow
8. Air: The Blackbird (Joe Burke solo)
9. Carolan Piece (tune): Carolan's Draught
10. Jigs: The Old Grey Goose / Rosewood (Brian Conway solo)
11. Reels: The Bunch of Currants / The Gossoon that Beat his Father
12. Slip Jigs: Kitty, Come Down to Limerick / The Kid on the Mountain
13. Air & Reel: The Coolin / The Fisherman's Island (Brian Conway solo) icon
14. Jigs: The Luckpenny / The Pipe on the Hob icon
15. Reels: Bonnie Kate / Jenny's Chickens (Joe Burke solo)
16. Jigs: The Queen of the Fair / The Maid in the Meadow
17. Reels: The Bucks of Oranmore / Reidy Johnson's / The Bucks of Oranmore




























































CHC 10 Two Sligo Masters

For the past few years, the Coleman Heritage Centre in Gurteen, Sligo, has been busy producing collections of archival recordings. This one, the newest, is a little unusual as, instead of consisting of a collection of mostly private recordings by different musicians and from different time periods, it is a re-release of two commercial LPs produced in the late 1970s by the US label Shanachie, John Vesey's "The First Month of Spring," and Eddie Cahill's "Ah! Surely." Although it would have been nice to hear those two master musicians play together, these were solo LPs, with guitar accompaniment, and the producers of the new release made a point of keeping them separate by making this a 2-CD set. For those who never had a chance to get those classic recordings when they were first out, here's a great opportunity to hear them. With Mick Moloney: guitar

CD 1 - John Vesey
1. Reels: THe Reel of Rio / The Maid Behind the Bar
2. Jigs: Up Sligo
3. Reels: Mulvahi's / McFadden's Handsome Daughter
4. Reels: The Collier's / The Blackberry Blossom
5. Reels: Martin Wynne's 1 & 2
6. Reels: Around the World for Sport / The Curlew
7. Jigs: The Pride of Rockchapel / The Cat that Ate the Candle / Munster Buttermilk
8. Reel: Reel of Bogey (The Tramp)
9. Reels: Ah! Surely / An Corran Bui
10. Reels: My Love is Fair and Handsome / The Pride of Rathmore
11. Reels: Love at the Endings / The Old Blackthorn Stick
12. Reels: Last Night's Fun / The Master's Return

CD 2 - Eddie Cahill
1. Reels: The Laurel Bush / The Flower of Redhill
2. Reels: The Sailor on the Rock / The Duke of Leinster
3. Polkas: Sweeney's / A bfhaca tu mo Sheamuisin
4. Reels: Kitty Gone a-Milking / The Bird in the Bush
5. Jigs: Jim Conroy's / The Boys of the Town
6. Reels: Ah! Surely / The Old Copper Plate
7. Hornpipes: Jerry Daly's / Dunphy's
8. Reels: McKenna's
9. Reels: The Mountain Top / The Four Hand
10. Flings: The Primrose Lass / Green Grow the Rushes
11. Reels: The Silver Spear / Miss McLeod's
12. Polkas: THe Half Door / The Lakes of Sligo
13. Jigs: The Maids of Glenroe / Munster Buttermilk
14. Reels: Josie McDermott's / Down the Broom


























































GLCD1206 Saffron and Blue


Manus plays in the Irish style with customary polish and variation. An eclectic choice of tunes from Scotland and Quebec as well as Ireland. The predominant accompaniment is piano. Manus has played with several bands including Moving Cloud.

Manus Mcguire was born in Tullamore, County Offaly, and raised in Sligo Town. He won the prestigious Fiddler of Dooney competition in Sligo at the age of 14 where his musical mettle became apparent. He has recorded several albums with Moving Cloud and Buttons & Bows who rank amongst Ireland's finest bands. "A singular achievement, this mesmerizing, thoroughly masterful album represents an important benchmark in the annals of Irish fiddling." Earl Hitchner (The Wall Street Journal, Irish Echo).

1. Genevieve's Waltz

2. Howling At the Moon - Sunset Over Scariff - The Gortcommer Welcome

3. Le Vingt-Quarte de Juin

4. Charlie Hunter's Jig - Willie Jamieson's Delight

5. Lupins on Larkhill - Flight of the Falcons

6. An Gleanntan Alainn

7. Boys of the Lough

8. Molly At the Fair - The Pride of Rathmore

9. A Granddaughter's Dream

10. Highest Hill in Sligo - Saffron and Blue

11. The Ariel Hornpipe - Eleanor Kane's Hornpipe 12. Methlick Style - Bobby Tulloch's Reel - Rhoda's Bon Hoga

13. Munster Bacon - Boys of Bodyke

14. Billy Brocker's - Tom Ward's Downfall - The Torn Jacket - The Liffey Banks - Lucy Campbell























































GLCD 1227 Ar An Bhfidil


Oisín Mac Diarmada (fiddle, whistle), with John Carty (fiddle), Séamus Quinn (piano), Damien Stenson (flute), Seán McElwain (bouzouki), John Blake (guitar), Tristan Rosenstock (bodhrán)


1. The Tap Room/The Kerryman's Daughter (reels)
2. Mary Brennan's Favourite/The White Leaf (fling & reel)
3. The Strayaway Child Jig
4. The Flannel Jacket/The Maid That Dare Not Sail (reels)
5. Moneymusk/Jim Hannon's (flings)
6. Jackson's Morning brush, the rambling pitchfork (jigs)
7. Bean A' Leanna (slow air)
8. Larry McDonagh's/Cock Up & C & C (single jigs)
9. The Maids of Mount Kisco/Johnny Henry's (reels)
10. The Morning Thrush (reel)
11. The Lard in the Morning/Tony Kenny's/Sheila's Jig (jigs)
12. The Frisco Hornpipe/Walsh's Hornpipe (hornpipes)
13. The Tinker's Frolic/John Egan's (reels)
14. The Merry Girl/Charlie O'Neill's (polkas)
15. The Rainy Day/The Trip to Durrow (reels)
16. Peter Wyper's/The Killarney Wonder (hornpipe & schottische)
17. Aughamore/Hughie's Cap (reels)



























































CNF007 A Feeling in the Blood


The fiddle music of Néillidh Boyle from Dungloe, Co Donegal, an enigmatic figure in traditional fiddle playing often talked about even though very little of his music was easily available until now. This 3 CD album, features the three 78’s that he made in 1937, his recordings from 1946 made for the Folklore Commission, recordings made by Alan Lomax in 1951 and the complete BBC recording session from 1953. The collection also features a Long Note documentary radio programme and some recordings of Néillidh’s son Paddy and his brother Con also fiddle players. This CD published by Cairdeas na bhFidiléirí has extensive notes contained in a 36 page booklet.  This year 2011, marks the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the death of Néillidh Boyle.



1. The Pigeon on the Gate/Jenny Picking Cockels(Reels)

2. Haste to the Wedding/Over the Hills (Jigs)

3. The Harvest Home/The Green Mountain (Hornpipe/Reel)
4. Biddy of Sligo/The Connachtman's Rambles (Jigs)

5. The Swallows Tail/The Blackberry Blossom (Reels)

6. The Dublin/Liverpool H/P's (Hornpipes)

7. Danny O'Donnell talks to Robbie Hannan (Speech)
8. Tiarna Mhuigh Eo (Air)

9. Cam na Binne Búidhe (Air)

10. Dúlaman na Binne Búidhe (Highland)

11. The Boys of the Lough (Reel)

12. An Suisun Ban (Air)

13. A Stór mo Chroi (Air)

14. The Wild Irishman (Reel)

15. The Old Mud Cabin (Air)

16. The River Roe (Air)

17. Óró a Stór a Ghrá (Air)

18. Éire mo Thír (Air)

19. Dark Loch na Gar (Air)

20. The Moving Clouds (Reel)

21. Annie Boyle talking about Séamus Ennis (Speech)

22. Sráid na mBúrcach/Tiarna Muigh Eo/An Droighnéan Donn (Airs)

23. The Girls of Céideadh (Air)

24. Tiarna Muigh Eo/Sráid na Búrcach/An Droighnéan Donn (Airs)

25. Cam na hAolna/The Moving Clouds/The Newcastle Hornpipe (Air/Reel/Hornpipe)

26. The Girls of Céideadh/Sráid na mBúrcach/An Droighnéan Donn (Airs)

27. Néillidh talking about a feeling in the blood (Speech)

28. The River Roe (Air)

29. The Harvest Home (Hornpipe)

30. An Cailín Deas Crúite na mBó (Air)

31. Pigeon in the Gate (Reel)

32. Farewell to the Green Hills Of Ireland (Air)

33. Sráid na mBúrcach (Air)

34. Seán sa Cheo (Reel)

35. The Loughanure Tune (Reel)

36. Pleoid ar an Fharraige, is í atá mór (Air)

37. Tiarna Mhuigh Eo (Air)

38. The Moving Clouds (Reel)

39. The Blackbird (Air)


CD 2

1. Talk about the state of Music in Ireland (Speech)

2. Pleoid ar na Fharraige, is atá mór (Speech)

3. Pleoid ar na Fharraige, is atá mór (Air)

4. Tiarna Mhuigh Eo (Speech)

5. Tiarna Mhuigh Eo (Air)

6. The River Roe (Speech)

7. The River Roe (Air)]

8. An Cailín Deas Crúite na mBó (Speech)

9. An Cailín Deas Crúite na mBó (Air)

10. Miss McLeod's (Speech)

11. Miss McLeod's (Reel)

12. Harvest Home (Speech)

13. Harvest Home (Hornpipe)

14. The Moving Clouds (Speech)

15. The Moving Clouds (Reel)

16. The Moving Clouds (Speech)

17. The Pigeon on the Gate (Speech)

18. The Pigeon on the Gate (Reel)

19. The Pigeon on the Gate (Speech)

20.Seán sa Cheo (Speech)

21. Seán sa Cheo (Reel)

22. Talk about bagpipes (Speech)

23. Farewell to the Green Hills (Speech)

24. Farewell to the Green Hills (Air)

25. The Song of the Boxty (Speech)

26. The Song of the Boxty (Song)

27. Sráid na mBúrcach (Speech)

28. Sráid na mBúrcach (Song and Air)

29. The Loughanure Tune (Speech)

30. The Loughanure Tune (Speech)

31. The Loughanure Tune (Reel)

32. Caoineadh/Keening (Speech)

33. Caoineadh/Keening (Caoineadh)

34. The Blackbird (Speech)

35. The Blackbird (Air)


CD 3

1. The Long Note - Néillidh Boyle (Feature Programme)

2. The Bunch of Keys (Reel)

3. The Teatotaller (Reel)

4. The Green Mountain (Reel)

5. The Spey in Spate (Reel)

6. The Heathery Breeze (Highland)

7. Untitled/Roddy McCorley (Marches)

8. Down the Broom (Reel)















































































CC31CD The Floating Bow 


The Donegal fiddle master recorded when he was in his prime, with little duplication from other available recordings.


1. The Spirits of Wine & Madame Bonaparte
2. The Farther in the Deeper
3. An Chúilfhionn (The Coolin) & The Flogging Reel
4. Drops of Brandy
5. Miss Patterson's Slipper
6. The Day I Listed & The Fantastic Reel
7. Willie McLennan's
8. The Lancers Jig & Gusty's Frolics
9. Tom Tailor's
10. Scots Mary
11. The Sligo Maid's Lament & Hand Me Down the Tackle
12. The Enniskillen Dragoons, Nóra Críonna & Píobaire an Chéideadh (The Keady Piper)
13. The Cameronian
14. Dúlamán na Binne Buí
15. Within a Mile of Dublin & Old Simon's Hornpipe
16. The Glenconwell Hornpipe
17. The Mint in the Corn
18. The Highlanders and The Wind that shakes the Barley
19. Seán sa Cheo (Seán in the Fog)
20. King George IV
21. The Lancers Jig & The Silver Slipper
22. The Mountain Road
23. The Braes of Mass
24. Bonnie Kate
25. Maidin Fhómhair (One Harvest Morning) & Miss McLeod


















































CNF005 Nil Gar Ann!


These recordings cover a period in time from 1946 to 1967 and feature 35 Tracks. The CD features some speech items, the voice of Frank himself also his cousin Con Cassidy, Séamus Ennis and Dr Malachy McCloskey voicing their opinion of Frank’s playing. Séamus Ennis often said he was the best fiddle player that he had ever met! The album comes with extensive notes and maintains the high production standards set by the previous releases from the CNF Series.


1. Hornpipe: Tuam na Farriage.
2. Reel: Down the Broom.
3. Reel: The Pinch of Snuff.
4. Air: Tiarna Muigh Eo.
5. Air: Tiarna Muigh Eo.
6. Jig: The Wedding Jig.
7. Reel: Bonnie Kate.
8. Air: Cronan na Mathar.
9. Air: Dark Loch na Gar.
10.  Seamus Ennis recalls meeting Frank Cassidy.
11. Reel: Cuffe Street.
12. Reel: The Pinch of Snuff.
13. Jig: The Irish Washerwoman.
14. Tune Into by Frank Cassidy.
15. Reel: Muineal a'Bhardail.
16. Air: Myth Island.
17. Reel: Cuffe Street.
18. Hornpipe: The Japanese Hornpipe.
19.  Con Cassidy talks about Frank Cassidy.
20. Waltz: Beautiful Ohio.
21. Jig: The Lark On the Strand.
22. Hornpipes: The Showman's Fancy - Untitled.
23. Con Cassidy talks about Frank Cassidy.
24. Reel: The Blacksmith's Fancy.
25. Reek: Rakish Paddy.
26. Dr.McCloskey talks about Frank Cassidy.
27. Air: Tiarna Muigh Eo.
28. Air: The Blackbird.
29. Hornpipe: The Japanese Hornpipe.
30. Reel: The Mason's Apron.
31. Air: Myth Island.
32. Air: Come Back to Erin.
33. Frank Cassidy's greeting to his sister Kate.
34. Reel: Bonnie Kate.
35. Air: Cronan na Mathar.
















































CNF004 Traditional Fiddle Music from Donegal


Continuing their Cairdeas series of the Donegal fiddle recordings with a collection from one of the finest players from that county, Con Cassidy. The CD features 36 tracks and all are unaccompanied apart from four duet tracks; three with Dermot McLaughlin and the other with Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh.


1. Con Cassidy's // Double Jig
2. The Low Highland
3. The Lazy Dog // Highland
4. La Marseillaise March
5. Parnell's March
6. The Frost Is All Over // Double Jig
7. The Rakes Of Clonmel + Old Man Dillon // Double Jigs
8. The Speaking Waltz
9. Gallagher's March
10. Untitled Mazurka
11. Lad O'Beirne's Hornpipe
12. Con Talks About Starting To Play The Fiddle
13. McFarley's Reel ( duet with Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh)
14. Con Tells The Story Behind Taibhse Chonaill
15. Taibhse Chonaill // Single Jig
16. Con Talks About Local Musicians In Teileann
17. The Slieve League // Slip Jig
18. An Mhalaidh Gharbh // Highland
19. Miss Ramsey's Highland
20. My Love Is In America// Reel
21. My Love She's But A Lassie Yet // Lancer
22. Maude Millar's // Highland
23. Gan Ainm Highland
24. The Green Mountain // Reel
25. Gan Ainm Barn Dance
26. Dúlamán Na Binne Buidhe // Highland
27. Gan Ainm Highland
28. The Ewe With The Crooked Horn // Highland
29. Gan Ainm Barn Dance
30. The Copper Plate // Reel
31. Con Talks About Séamus Ennis
32. Francie Byrne's Reel (duet with Dermot McLaughlin)
33. The Teelin Petronella // Lancer (duet with Dermot McLaughlin)
34. Cuffe Street Reel (duet with Dermot McLaughlin)
35. Con Talks About His Fiddle Playing
36. Seán Sa Cheo // Reel























































CNF006 The Purple Heather 


A double CD featuring Vincent’s playing over a period of almost 50 years, from 1962 to 2009. A wide variety of tune types and some of Vincent’s stories about the tunes (in Irish and English ) are featured. Vincent plays in the style of most of the players of older generations, playing mostly single tunes, instead of medleys, as a result of this there are 86 tracks, 43 on each CD. Other recordings of his playing can be found on the compilations. As usual with the Cairdeas na bhFidiléirí CD’s a 36 page booklet is included with the CDs.



1. The Wild Irishman (Reel)

2. The Doon Reel (Reel)

3. The Donegal Reel (Reel)

4. Tá Gleann Beag Aoibhinn in Éirinn (Air)

5. Roaring Mary (Reel)

6. Miss MacLeod's (Reel)

7. Lucy Campbell's (Reel)

8. Cathal Rua (Reel)

9. Untitled (Mazurka)

10. King George IV (Highland)

11. Story intro to the Fantastic Reel (Speech)

12. The Fantastic Reel (Reel)

13. Drowsey Maggie (Reel)

14. Stirling Castle (Highland)

15. The Laddie with the Pladdie (Highland)

16. The Milita (Waltz)

17. The Cuckoo (Waltz)

18. The Newfoundland (Reel)

19. Story intro to the Titanic Reel (Speech)

20. The Titanic (Reel)

21. The Shamrock (Barndance)

22. Hughie McGinley's (Highland)

23. Highland a' Coille (Highland)

24. Pigeon on the Gate (Highland)

25. The Gweebarra Bridge (Reel)

26. Stormy Weather (Reel)

27. The Merry Sisters (Reel)

28. Mickey Doherty's (Slip Jig)

29. Story intro to the Wind that Shakes the Barley (Speech)

30. The Wind that Shakes the Barley (bagpipe style) (Reel)

31. Caoineadh Aileach (Lament)

32. The Shores of the Lake (Jig)

33. The Purple Heather (Hornpipe)

34. The Flowers of Edinburgh (Reel)

35. Story intro The Glen Man's Ramble (Speech)

36. The Glen Man's Ramble (Reel)

37. The Coatie Lan (Cotillion)

38. Fisher's (Hornpipe)

39. John Johnny Phádraig's (Polka)

40. Untitled Four Part Polka (Polka)

41. Pretty Peg (Reel)

42. Fáscadh mo Léine (Reel)

43. Máire na Sop (Reel)



1. John Mhosai's (Hornpipe)

2. Story intro to the Back Door in Irish (Speech)

3. The Back Door (Highland)

4. Story intro to the Back Door in English (Speech)

5. Story intro to Cailini Ard a' Ratha (Speech)

6. Cailini Ard a' Ratha (Highland)

7. Stirling Castle (Highland)

8. Mrs Kenny's (Waltz)

9. Story intro to the Gypsy Mór's German (Speech)

10. The Gypsy Mór's German (German)

11. Story about Lilter James Toland (Speech)

12. Paddy Catt (Paddy Catt)

13. Maggie Pickie (Maggie Pickie)

14. Story intro to Tuam na Farraige (Speech)

15. Tuam na Farraige (Air)

16. Story intro to the Silver Spire (Speech)

17. The Silver Spire (Reel)

18. Story about the Tinsmith's toolkit (Speech)

19. The Oak Tree (Reel)

20. Story intro to Moll an Tiarna (Speech)

21. Moll an Tiarna (Reel)

22. The Enniskillen Dragoons (bagpipe style) (March)

23. The Ship Leaves the Harbour Tomorrow (Reel)

24. Sean McLaughlin's (Air)

25. Story intro to Síos an Bealach Mór (Speech)

26. Síos an Bealach Mór (Highland)

27. Story intro to Miss Patterson's slippers (Speech)

28. Miss Patterson's slippers (Reel)

29. Story about the Bog Oak Fiddle (Speech)

30. Untitled (Highland)

31. Story intro to Jackson's reel (Speech)

32. Jackson's (Reel)

33. Story of the Mín a' Toitean Bull (Speech)

34. The Drunken Piper (March)

35. Story intro to the Corn Rigs (Speech)

36. The Corn Rigs (Corn Rigs)

37. Story intro to Fáscadh mo Léine - In Irish (Speech)

38. Fáscadh mo Léine / The Silver Spire (Reels)

39. Story intro to Fáscadh mo Léine - In English (Speech)

40. Story intro to Muilleann na Maidí - In Irish (Speech)

41.Muilleann na Maidí (Reel)

42. Story intro to Muilleann na Maidí - In English (Speech)

43. The Cock's Tail / The Newfoundland (Reels)












































































CC44CD The Brass Fiddle  Traditional fiddle music from Donegal'


South West Donegal has one of the most sophisticated fiddle styles in Ireland. Here we have four of the best players with many tunes previously unheard outside Donegal.


Vincent Campbell
1. Muilleann na Maidí (Crushing the Twigs); reel
2. Vincent Campbell's Mazurkas; mazurkas
3. The Marine; marine
Con Cassidy
4. Drowsy Maggie; reel
5. Doodely Doodely Dank; slip jig
6. The Frost is all over; double Jig
7. The Low Highland; highland
Francie Byrne
8. Mary o’ the Wisp; reel
9. King George IV; highland
10. Bagpipe March; march
11. The Wild Irishman; reel
James Byrne
12. Johnny Boyle’s Jig; double jig
13. Biddy from Muckross; reel
Vincent Campbell
14. Jackson’s and Bean a Tí ar Lár; reel
15. The Lancers; lancers
16. Johnny Ward’s and Paddy Bartley’s; highlands
Con Cassidy
17. La Marseillaise; march
18. Miss Drummond of Perth; highland
19. Rakish Paddy; reel
Francie Byrne
20. The Cat that Kittled in Jamie’s Wig; highland
21. The Kilcar Mazurka; mazurka
22. On the Road from Glen to Carrick; reel
James Byrne
23. The Old Wheel of Fortune; reel
24. James Byrne’s Mazurka; mazurka
25. Séamus Ó Beirn’s Highland; highland
26. Rí Mhín na Saileach (The King of Meenasillagh) and The Curly Haired Boy; reels,


























































CC52CD The Road to Glenlough 


More rare fiddle music from the neglected Donegal tradition.


1. Con McGinley's; reel
2. Paddy Hiúdaí's Jigs; slip jig & double jigs
3. An Londubh (The Blackbird); air
4. The Fickle Lad; jig
5. The Wild Irishman; reel
6. Muineál a' Bhardail (The Drake's Nest); reel
7. The Road to Glenlough; waltz
8. The Devil's Dream; reel
9. McConnell's; barndance
10. John Byrne's; jig
11. The Glory Reel; reel
12. Jig na Mire (The Mad Jig); jig
13. Jimmy Lyons's; highlands
14. Johnny Boyle's; jig
15. Mick Carr's; barndances
16. Tripping Upstairs; reel
17. Seán Parnell's; reel
18. Maidin Fhómhair (One Harvest Morning); air
19. Mick Carr's Highlands; highlands
20. The Heather Breeze; reel
21. The Sportin' Belles; reel
22. Dúlamán na Binne Buidhe (The Seaweed at the Yellow Cliff); highland
23. Ríl na Drithleog (The Reel of Sparks); reel












































































CNF001 The Fiddle Music of Donegal Vol. 1 


The first CD of a new series logging this thriving living tradition. Includes: Martin McGinley, Jimmy Campbell, Michael McMenamin, Mick Brown, Proinnsias O Maonaigh, Danny McCarry, Peter Tracy & Paul O'Shaughnessy


1. The Bunglas Lass /Mrs. McGinley's (Hornpipes)
2. Con Cassidy's Waltz /The Speaking Waltz
3. Feargal O'Gara /The Cliffs of Glencolmcille )Reels)
4. Mac Eoghan Sheain agus Inion John Chit (Polka).
5. The Marine (Single Jig)
6. Maggie Pickle (Highland)
7. Shanie Mulhearne's Reel
6. Moneymusk (Highland)
9. Untitled Mazurkas
10. The Cock's Tail (Single Reel), The Five Mile Chase /George White's Fancy (Reels)
11. An t-Eas /McCahill's (Hornpipes)
12. Con Cassidy's /John Glackin's (Germans)
13 The Fintown Girl's Lament
14. The Quaker's Wife (Single Jig) /The Boys of the Town (Double Jig)
15. The Humours of Baile na Feed and The Wee Pickle Tow (Double Jigs)
16. Neillidh 0 Baoighill's, Banrion na Bealtaine /Dulaman na Binne Buidhe (Highlands)
17. R0ise Bheag R0ise Moire's /Proinnsias O' Maonaigh's (Germans)
18. The Soldier's Joy (Hornpipe)
19. The '21 /The Iron Man (Highlands)
20. The Drunken Sailor /The Dungorman (Hornpipes)
21. The Green Fields of Glentown and Leslie's (Reels)
22. The Frost is All Over /Frank Cassidy's (Double Jigs)
23. McSweeney's Lament






































































CNF002 The Fiddle Music of Donegal Vol. 2  


More fiddle music from the current masters of the Donegal tradition. Includes: Vincent Campbell, Maurice Bradley, Stephen Campbell, James Byrne and Ronan Galvin.


1. John Mhosaí McGinley's (Hornpipe)

2. King George IVth (Highland)

3.  Ril Cathaoir Rua Cabhain,

4. Highland a' Choilie / Cailíní Ard a' Ratha

5. Mazurka

6. The Old Wheel of Fortune - (Single reel)

7. Con Cassidy's /Doodley, Doodley Dank - (Jig and slip jig)

8. The Balmoral Highlanders' (March)

9.  Cailleach an Airgead /Bean Baint Duileasc agus Fhluich Si a Léine - (Double jigs)

10. An Bairseach Mná, Saitheadh an Bháid / Ril Chairain Uí Rathallaigh (Reels)

11. An Cuilfhíonn (Air)

12. Casey's Pig / Dúlamán na Binne Búidhe - (Highlands)

13. Kitty Sheain's / The Dance of the Honeybees - (Barndances)

14. Port an Chonchobhúir /Port Gan Ainm (Jigs)

15. The Pigeon on the Gate /Jenny Picking Cockles - (Reels)

16. John Byrne's (Jig)

17. The McConnell's Highland / Highland a' Choilie

18. The Liverpool /The Derry - Hornpipes)

19. Miss Monaghan - (Reel)

20. Con McGinley's /Moneymusk - (Highlands)

21. Alec McConnell's (Waltz)

22. The Cameronian - (Reel)

23. The Rising of the Sun /The Pigeon on the Gate - (Reels)













































































CNF003 The Fiddle Music of Donegal Vol. 3 


The latest album includes: John Byrne, Dermot McLaughlin, Derek McGinley, Matthew McGranaghan & Jimmy Campbell


Dermot McLaughlin:

1. The Rannafast Jig

2. Miss McLeod's Reel

3. Miss Patterson's Slippers (reel)

4. The Wedding Jig

5. The Flogging Reel

John Byrne:

6. The Swallow's Tail (Reel)

7. Joe Byrne's Barndance /The Curlew Hills (Barndances)

8. When the Ship Leaves the Harbour (Air)

Derek McGinley:

9. Untitled Barndance /The Inishmurray Hornpipe

10. John Gallagher's Waltz

11. Is Cuma Liom (Reel)

12. Easter Snow (Air)

Matthew McGranaghan:

13. The Morning Dew /Greig's Pipes (Reels)

14. The Marquis of Huntley's Farewell /Shetland's Welcome to the Cape Breton Fiddlers Strathspey /Reel)

15. Leaving Lerwick Harbour

Jimmy Campbell:

16. The Floating Crowbar /The Boys of the Lough (Reels)

Jimmy and Peter Campbell:

17. Two Untitled Mazurkas

Peter Campbell:

18. Paddy's Rambles Through the Park /Castle Bray Highland

19. Dinky Dorrian s /King George the Fourth























































BH001CD Navvy on the Shore 


Donegal fiddler Danny Meehan who is one of London's Irish music legends and this new album shows him still playing as well as ever.


1. The Navvy on the Shore /Cathal McConnells - Reels 
2. The Japanese Hornpipe - Barndance /McCormacks - Hornpipe
3. Johnnys So Long at the Fair /The Trip to the Cottage - Jigs
4. Kitty Seans Barndance /Jamesy Byrnes Downfall - Reel
5. Humours of Whiskey - Slip Jig
6. Tom Wards Downfall /Crossing the Shannon - Reels
7. Dr. Gilbert /The Donegal Peter Street - Reels
8. Herlihys Rant /Con Cassidys - Jigs
9. The Dovecot - Lament /Dochertys - Strathspey
10. Rakish Paddy - Reel
11. The Longford Tinker /Paddy Cannys - Reels
12. ODonnells - Air
13. Jamesy Byrnes No. 1 & 2 - Reels
14. Caseys /Jimmy Meehans - Polkas
15. Dermot Byrnes Delight - Strathspey /Drowsy Maggie - Reel
16. Napoleons Grand March
17. The Shaskeen - Reel
18. Johnny Dochertys - Piece / Father OFlynn - Jig
19. Sean Dun na nGall (Old Donegal) - Air /Bean a ti ar lar (The Woman Laid Out on a Board) - Reel
20. The Lowlands of Scotland - Reel
21. Tarbolton /Over the Moor to Maggie - Reels



















































NF008 Drimalost and Beyond


And just released is the eagerly awaited double CD of Danny Meehan, a stalwart of the London Irish scene who hails from near Mountcharles, Co. Donegal. The album features mostly solo playing plus some duets with Aidan O'Donnell on fiddle and with Donal Kelly on melodeon.


Disc 1
1. Slip Jigs: The Slieve League - Tobin's
2. Air & Hornpipe: The Tinware Lass
3. Hornpipe & Reel: The Sailor's Hornpipe - The Sailor On the Rock
4. Air & Jig: Rocking the Cradle
5. Barndances: James Gannon's - THe Belle of the Ball
6. Reel: Biddy from Muckross
7. Talk: Sunday's at Home
8. Air & Reel: The Snowy Breasted Pearl - Kate Dalrymple
9. Jigs: Jackson's Morning Brush - The Mouse In the Cupboard
10. Reels: The Godfather - The Wind That Shakes the Barley
11. Talk: Polly Pluck
12. Polka & Reel: Polly Pluck - Bonnie Kate
13. Barndance: The Return to Laghey
14. Highland & Reel: Orange & Blue - The Fairy Reel
15. Jig: Rory O'More
16. Reel: The Tarbolton
17. Air & Set Dance: The Bold Robert Emmet - The Blackbird
18. Barndance: Johnny Gorman's
19. Slides: When Pat Came Over the Hills - The Lisheen
20. Polka & Reel: Tandem Reefer Randy - Paddy's Trip to Scotland
21. Highland: Micheal Cherry's
22. Lament & Jig: Lament for Napoleon - George Williamson's
23. Reel: The Curly Haired Lad
24. Jig: Paidin O'Raifeartaigh
25. Hornpipes: Tommy Hill's Favourite - O'Beirne's
26. Hornpipe: The Sunshine Hornpipe
27.Air & Jigs: An Cailin Deas Cruite na mBo - The Bonfire In the Border - The Mug of Brown Ale
28. Highland: Clark's Highland Fling
29. Set Dance: The Job of Journeywork
30. Talk: Remembering Granny Susie
31. German: Long German
32. Hornpipe: Johnny Cope
33. Jigs: Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be - Father Flynn
34. Reel: The Flax in Bloom
35. Jig: Whirl the Bucket About

Disc 2
1. Reels: Tom Ward's Downfall - The Reel of Mullinavat
2. Highland & Reel: Paddy the Cooper's - Dublin Porter
3. Air & Hornpipe: The West's Awake - The Banks
4. Reel: The Wheels of the World
5. Talk: About Mc Dyer
6. Highland: Anthony Kelly's
7. Carol & Reel: The Wexford Carol - Dowd's Favourite
8. Maggie Pickle
9. Jig: The Irish Washerwoman
10. Highland & Jig: The Ewe Wi' the Crooked Horn - The Rakes of Kildare
11. Talk: Finding Music in London
12. Reel: The Maid That Dare Not Tell
13. Barndance & Waltz: William McGonagall's Barndance - The Shaskeen
14. Air,Highland & Reel: The Dean Brig o' Edinburgh - Highland - Hand Me Down the Tackle
15. Barndance & Reel: Charlie Lennon's - The Duke of Leinster's Wife

16. Talk: About his father
17. Jigs: Killyburn Brae - Jackson's Fanc7y
18. Jig & Reel: Could You Want Anymore - My Love Is In America
19. Jig: The Wren's Jig
20. Talk: On Hearing Coleman
21. Hornpipe: THe Japanese Hornpipe
22. Jig: The Geese In the Bog
23. Reel: Te Bunch of Green Rushes
24. Talk: About Influences
25. Air & Jig: Rocking the Cradle
26. jig & Reel: Nora Crionna Reel
27. Reel: The Moving Bog
28. Air: The Dear Irish Boy
29. Highland: The Cat That Kittled in Jamie's Wig
30. Reels: Sweeney's Dream - The Moving Bog
31. Talk: Johnny Meehan sending a message home
32. Reel: Miss MacLeod's
33. Reel: Fisherman's Island
34. Jigs: Morrison's - - Sixpenny Money
35. Talk: That's not the way Paddy played that!
36. Jig: Molly Brannigan
37 Jigs: Paddy from Portlaw - Jackson's Fancy
38. Reels: The Teatotaller - The Duke of Leinster's Wife



























































RTE269CD Tommie Potts


Marking the centenary of Tommie Potts’ birth in 1912, RTÉ has just released only the second commercially available recording of the Dublin fiddle-player who died in 1988. Claddagh Records formerly released the influential LP The Liffey Banks in 1972.

Compiled and produced by fiddle-player Paddy Glackin, Tommie Potts – Traditional Fiddle Music from Dublin contains 47 tracks of music and spoken-word recordings, including two unnamed compositions by Potts (a reel and a slip-jig).

The recordings were sourced from three collections: tapes made by Potts for flute and fiddle-player Peadar O’Loughlin in 1962–3; studio and outside broadcast recordings made by producer Tony MacMahon in 1975 and 1977 for his RTÉ Radio programme The Long Note; and tapes made by Potts in c. 1982 that are in the position of his nephew and former Chieftains whistle player Seán Potts.

The CD includes a 20-page booklet with an introduction by Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin, notes by his grand-nephew Seán Óg Potts, and archive photos of Potts with, among others, John Kelly, Willie Clancy, Breandán Breathnach, Tony MacMahon and Séamus Ennis.


1) Air / Slip Jig: Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms / The Rocky Road to Dublin
2) Reel: The Repeal of The Union
3) Reel: The Wheels of the World
4) Air: My Lagan Love
5) Spoken Word
6) Jig: Banish Misfortune
7) Reel: THe Humours of Scarriff
8) Air: The Coolin
9) Reels: Paddy Ryan's Dream / Ballinasloe Fair
10) Reel: The Braes of Busby
11) Spoken Word
12) Air & Reel: The Blackbird / Julia Delaney
13) Reels: Boil the Breakfast Early / Bunker Hill
14) Jig: Coppers & Brass
15) Reel: Ryan's Rant / Paddy On the Turnpike
16) Lullaby: The Ship Comes Home
17) Reel: The Trip to Durrow
18) Reels: Martin Wynne's / Jenny's Chickens
19)Reel: The Queen of the May
20) Reel: Farewell to Erin
21) Spoken Word
22) Hornpipe: Poll Ha'penny
23) Unnamed Tommie Potts Slip Jig
24) Reel: The Morning Dew
25) Jigs: The Apples in Winter / The Trip to Sligo
26) Reel: The Kerryman's Daughter
27) Jig: The Walls of Liscarroll
28) Air: The Dear Irish Boy
29) Reel: Drowsy Maggie
30) Reel: The Tarbolton
31) Jig: The Monaghan
32) Reels: The Moving Clouds
33) Reel: The Kerryman's Daughter
34) Reel: The College Groves
35) Reel: The Broken Pledge
36) Spoken Word
37) Reel: Julia Delaney
38) Reel: Maudebawn Chapel
39) Air & Reel: The Dear Irish Boy / The Boys of Ballisodare
40) Reel: Sporting Paddy
41) Reel: Toss the Feathers
42) Reel: The Girl Who Broke My Heart
43) Air & Reel: The Dear Irish Boy / The Steampacket
44) Reel: The Yellow Tinker
45) Reel: The Bunch of Keys
46: Spoken Word
47) Reel: The Fermoy Lasses
































































CICD 166  Turning the Tune

This double-CD of fiddle music from Charlie Lennon includes "One CD looking back and the other looking forward." That is how Charlie Lennon summed up his new double-CD Turning the Tune. The first CD looks back to the roots of the tradition and past masters and features trusted old tunes with the notes in the booklet referring to many sources including McKenna, Morrison, Coleman and Killoran. The second CD looks forward, and contains all new music composed by Charlie. The booklet details the inspiration for each piece, adding a particularly personal touch to the album. Other musicians featuring on the album include: Brian McGrath, Frank Kilkelly, Éilís Lennon, Brian Lennon, Johnny and Johnny Óg Connolly, Steve Simmons and Emmet Gill.


1. Reel: Farrell O'Gara 2.29
2. Barn dance: Stack of Barley Set 3.47
3. Jig: Geese in the Bog 3.46
4. Reel: The Dublin Reel 2.18
5. Barn dance: Peach Blossom 3.36
6. Reels: The Reel of Bogie / Tangled Hank of Yarn 2.59
7. Hornpipes: The Liverpool / O'Neill's 3.24
8. Jigs: Trip to the Cottage / Pathway to the Well 3:22
9. Reel: The Wind that Shakes the Barley 2:14
10. Hornpipes: Alexander's / The Showman's Fancy 3:39
11. Reels: The Duke of Leinster / The Master's Return 3:06
12. Set dance: The Blackbird 2:57
13. Reels: Colonel Roger's Favourite / The Happy Bloom of Youth 3:22
14. Jig: Frieze Britches 2:35
15: Reels: The Taproom Set 4:18

Disc 2
1. Jigs: The Couple / Nancy's Party 3.08
2. Reels: Give Her Hay / Give Her Holly 3.42
3. Reel: The Wishbone Reel 2.47
4. Waltz: Waltz Joe-Anne 2.39
5. Air/Reel: Sound Man, Eamonn 4.24
6. Reel: The Quiet Man 2.04
7. Strathspey: Lett's Strathspey 2.46
8. Reel: Paul the Publisher 3.05
9. Lament: Taken by the Fairies 2.14
10. Hornpipe: The Salthill Hornpipe 2.20
11. Reels: Vincent Harrison's / David's Dream 3.12
12. Jigs: The Fair One / Pay the Piper 3.23
13. Hornpipe: Seamus Walshe's 1.53
14. Reels: Sailing through Loughrea / The Mountain Dew 3.31
15. Jigs: Jig for Johnny / Finn from Fairymount 4.12



















































CICD 174 Rossinver Braes


A new album from Ben Lennon, fiddle, and Tony O'Connell, concertina. Ben Lennon is a legendary figure in traditional Irish music circles, a fiddler from Co. Leitrim and although almost fifty years separate Ben from his fellow musician on this album, Tony O'Connell from west Limerick, there is an undeniable musical connection between them. David Lennon, Ben's son, says in his introduction to the CD: ‘Tony is probably the most empathetic musician I have heard my father play with. There is an understanding of phrasing, time and nuance that one finds only rarely in any musical form.' This is O'Connell's second album; his first album was recorded with another Leitrim fiddler, Andy Morrow, and was released to critical acclaim in 2005. Accompaniment is provided by Charlie Lennon (piano), Alec Finn (bouzouki) and Jerry McNamara (guitar).

1. Reels: Sporting Nell / The Crooked Road to Dublin
2. Hornpipes: The Harvest Home / Rossinver Braes icon
3. Jig: Larry O'Gaff
4. Reels: Mulhaire's No. 9 / The Banks of the Ilen
5. Jigs: Old Man Dillon / The Rose in the Heather
6. Barn Dances: Lord Leitrim / The Earl of Thomond icon
7. Reels: The Blackthorn Stick / Trim the Velvet
8. Foxtrot & Barn Dance: The Fiddler Mick Hoy / Ben's Arrival icon
9. Jigs: Apples in Winter / The King of the Pipes
10. Hornpipes: Murphy's / The Smoky Chimney
11. Reels: The Cavan Reel / The Galway Rambler
12. Jig: Cherish the Ladies
13. Reels: The Mullingar Races / The Boys on the Hilltop
14. Barn Dances: Hayes's Favourite / The Stack of Oats
15. Reels: The Skylark / Roaring Mary



























































CICD139 The Natural Bridge


Ben Lennon: fiddle with Brian Lennon, flute, Charlie Lennon: fiddle, piano, Maurice Lennon: fiddle, viola, John Carty: tenor banjo, fiddle, Seamus Quinn: fiddle, piano, Gabriel McArdle: concertina, vocals, Ciaran Curran: bouzouki, Garry O'Briain: guitar, mandocello, piano

1. Polkas: Memories of Ballymote / Gurkin Cross
2. Reels: The Enchanted Lady / The Holy Land
3. The Donegal Mazurkas
4. Reel: The Blackberry Blossom / McFadden's
5. Song: Flora
6. Hornpipes: Maguire's Fiddle / O'Donnell's
7. Reels: Rattigan's / The Collier's
8. Reels: Mick McNamara's / Touch M if You Dare
9. Polkas: Return of Spring / The Mountain Pathway
10. Reels: Johnny Henry's / Ryan's Rant
11. Jig: Cathleen Hehir's
12. Song: Banks of the Clyde
13. Hornpipe: McDermott's
14. Jigs: The Lonesome Jig / Tenpenny Bit
15. Bardance: Batt Henry's
16. Reels: Boys of Ballisodare / The Five Mile Chase
17. Polka: Primrose Polka
18. Reels: Farrell O'Gara / Lucy Campbell's
19. Reel: Flax in Bloom

































































CICD 159 Within a Mile of Kilty


Kiltyclogher is a small village that lies on the Leitrim/Fermanagh border, with a population of about 150 people. From this area a unique cluster of traditional Irish fiddle players has emerged over the last 80 years. Within a Mile of Kilty is a collection of recordings by these musicians from the past 40 years, collected by David Lennon. The musicians on this album are six exceptionally talented fiddle players, and include three members of the well-known Lennon family, who were brought up in Kiltyclogher, and their names are known far and wide in traditional music circles.


1 The Girl Who Broke My Heart 2:53
2 Rooney's Favourites 2:43
3 The Enchanted Lady/The Maids of Castlebar 2:33
4 The Lark in the Morning 3:06
5 Morrison's Barndance 2:17
6 The Lonesome Jig/The Tenpenny Bit 2:55
7 The Edenderry/The Flowery Fieldsof Scotland 3:00
8 The Dances at Kinvara 2:33
9 Larry Redican's/The Dairy Maid 2:09
10 The Wandering Minstrel/Fasten theLeg in Her/Road to Kesh 3:23
11 The Sailor's Cravat/Lady Gordon 2:28
12 In Memory of Morrison (Strikethe Gay Harp/The Legacy) 3:19
13 Lad O'Beirne's Hornpipe 2:10
14 Up Sligo/The Hearty Boys of Ballymote 3:06


























































TACD3038 Brian Boru - The High King Of Tara

Brian Boru: The High King of Tara sees Lennon embarking on his most ambitious project to date. A musical portrait of Boru, a 10th Century Irish hero who defended his country against the pillaging Vikings, Lennon's sweeping suite captures the passion, the terror and the sheer villainy and epic heroism of the times with all the laconic ease that we've grown accustomed to expect from this most understated of fiddlers and composers.Maurice Lennon - Fiddle & Vocals. Donal Lunny - Bouzouki, Bodhran, Guitar, Keyboards & Vocals. Anthony Drennan - Lead Guitar. Seamus Brett - Keyboards & Programming. Máirtín O'Connor - Accordion. Noel Eccles - Percussion. Greg Boland - Programming. Tony Molloy - Bass Guitar. Helen Davies - Metal Strung Harp. Brian Lennon - Flute & Whistles. Mick O'Brien - Uilleann Pipes & Whistles. Mikey Smith - Uilleann Pipes & Whistles

1. Brian's Theme
2. The Burning of Boruma
3. Gathering the Dal gCais
4. Mystical Powers
5. Lá Ollamh
6. Saint Patrick's Cross
7. Stone of Destiny
8. Aisling
9. Brian Boru's March
10. Tree of Sorrows
11. My Reign is Over
12. Epilogue - 'Kincora'

































































VVCD006 The Forgotten Fiddle Player of the 1920s 


A variety of dance band tunes plus four songs from this Longford player recorded in New York.


1. (Reels) McFadden's ( The Ewe Reel / McFadden's Favourite)

2. (Hornpipe) The Grove Hornpipe (The Liverpool Hornpipe)

3. (Song) Mother Malone

4. (Highland Flings) Miss Ramsey

5. (Reel) Fitzmaurice's Flight (The Heather Breeze)

6. (Jig) The Fair at Drumlish

7. (Reel) The Windy Gap (Ah Surely)

8. (Song) A Drink in the Morn

9. (Reels) The Lady of the House

10. (Reels) The Duke of Leinster

11. (Song) Erin's Green Shore

12. (Reels) The Steampacket /The Flogging Reel

13. (Jigs) The Cavan Lasses

14. (Reel) Mullin's Fancy (The Boys of Ballinahinch)

15. (Highland Fling) Lass of Donnybrook

16. (Reels) The Blackhaired Lass

17. (Song) One, Two, Three

18. (Jig) Royal Charlie

19. (Hornpipes)The Stack of Barley /Bantry Bay

20. (Schottische) The Killarney Wonder

21. (Hornpipe)The First of May

22. (Reel) The Kilkenny Reel




















































CC17CD Gustys Frolicks 


Since their inception, Seán Keane has played fiddle with The Chieftains. He has long been recognised as one of Ireland’s great fiddlers. He brings all his experience and innate sensitivity to this recording . While his respect for tradition permeates the album, his pioneering work on the reinterpretation of piping tunes for the fiddle is also evident.

1. Bonnie Ann and Jinnie Bang the Weaver
2. The Gold Ring and Strop the Razor
3. O'Connells Farewell to Dublin
4. Gusty's Frolicks
5. Doctor Gilbert and Colonel Frazer
6. The Humours of Ennistymon and The King of the Pipers
7. The Bright Lady
8. The Silver Spear, The Dublin Reel and The Ballynacally Reel
9. The Ballykeal Jig and Jackson's Morning Brush
10. The Bank of Turf
11. Farewell to Erin and The Wheels of the World
12. Caoine Uí Néill
13. Fraher's Jig and The Humours of Ballyloughlin
14. The Humours of Tullycrine
15. The Killarney Boys of Pleasure and Tommy Peoples
16. Micky 'Cumbaw' O'Sullivan's and Dinny Delaney.








































































CCF25CD Jig it in Style  


On his second solo album, Seán Keane plays a wide selection of tunes from Ireland, Scotland and America. The music is enthralling in the exciting and skilful way in which it’s played, and Seán is joined on some tracks by his old friends Paul Brady and Liam O Flynn. This record is essential for every fiddle enthusiast.

1. The Baker (Miss Mary Walker, The Hawk, The Marquis of Huntly)
2. O'Farrell's Welcome to Limerick, (Kitty Come Down from Limerick, Kiss the Maid behind the Barrel)
3. Dark Lochnagar
4. McLean of Pennycross (Magie Cameron, Duntroon Castle)
5. The Maiden That Jigs It In Style (The Girl of the Big House, Alasdruim's March)
6. The Tennessee Stud (The Arkansas Traveller, Miss Susan Cooper)
7. Brereton's (The Bucks of Oranmore)
8. Heartbrak Hotel (The Cliffs of Moher)
9. The Golden Eagle (Tommy Hill's Favourite)
10. Willie's Single (The Atlantic Roar)
11. The Blue Angel (Strike the Gay Harp)
12. Willie's Fling (The Atlantic Roar)
13. Margaret Jackson (The Concert, Reavy's).





















































































GLCD 1058 Contentment Is Wealth



To an aspiring Irish flute player, the experience of hearing Matt Molloy is a thrilling one tinged with despair. How can anyone play like that? But for lovers of Celtic music who don't feel the need to compare themselves to the musician, the response is more straightforward: pleasurable awe. On this album, Molloy teams up with fiddler and fellow Chieftains member Sean Keane (and, on several tracks, Arty McGlynn on guitar) for a bracing set of traditional tunes both familiar and obscure. Keane is an outstanding fiddler, not as immediately recognizable as Molloy, but no less skillful, and their blend is remarkable. They almost sound like one instrument on "The London Lasses," and on the midtempo reel "George White's Favorite." Other highlights include Molloy's solo turn on "Kitty in the Lane" (accompanied by a nice guitar pedal-point courtesy of McGlynn) and the lovely "Seamus Ennis' Jig."


1. Gorman's/The Dawn/Mrs. Crehan's Reel
2. McGettrick's/Mcdonagh's/Tommy Gunn's
3. Gillan's Apples/Up and About in the Morning
4. Kitty in the Lane/Captain Kelly/The Green Mountain
5. Caislean on Oir/The New Century
6. Gooseberry Bush/The Limestone Rock
7. London Lasses/Farewell to Ireland/The Piper's Desp
8. Sword in the Hand/The Providence Reel/The Old Bush
9. George White's Favorite/The Virginia Reel
10. Vincent Campbell's/The Swaggerin' Jig/The Holly Bu
11. Dargi/Marquis of Huntley/Mathematician
12. Golden Keyboard/Mayor Harrison's Fedora
13. Seamus Ennis Jig/Connie O'Connell's
14. Dowd's Number Nine/First Month of Spring/Reconcili












































































SICD 5012 Toss the Feathers


Fiddle playing father of the Finbar and Eddie Furey.

Apparently, this album was recorded, for Outlet Records (located in Belfast), in 1967 and then lost — the master was recovered as a result of cleaning up after a bomb blast. With Ted Furey: Fiddle and Brendan Byrne: Bodhrán


1 Toss the Feathers/ Killian's Reels
2 Saddle the Pony/ The Blackthorn Stick (Jigs) 
3 Top Room Reel/ The Swallows Tail
4 The Black Rogue/ Donnybrook Jigs
5 The Liverpool Hornpipe/ Boys of Blue Hill
6 Cliffs of Moher/ The Old Geesein the Bogs (Jigs)
7 The Frost Is All Over
8 An Coolin (Slow Air)
9 Munster Buttermilk/ Bridge of Athlone (Jigs)
10 Miss McCleod's Reel
11 Sleepy Maggie (Jeannie's Chickens) (Reel)
12 The Bunch of Keys (Reel)















































































CEFCD060  Glackin


Glackin's primary influence came from Donegal fiddlers, most prominently John Doherty the legendary travelling fiddler whom Glackin always cites as his main influence. His influences are not limited to Donegal however, he also cites fiddlers such as John Kelly, Tommy Potts and Padraig O'Keeffe as important in shaping his overall approach. This is a CD re-issue of Paddy’s first album, recorded in 1977. It shows that even then, in his early twenties, Paddy was a master fiddler. Some tracks are accompanied by Micheal O Suilleabhain, and some by Paddy’s father, Tom, and his brothers Seamus and Kevin.

1. Pat Tuohey's Reel - Old Cuffe Street
2. Sean O'Duibhir an Ghleanna
3. The Boys of Malin - The High Road to Linton
4. The Duke of Leinster - The Morning Dew
5. The Hare In the Corn - Patrick O'Keefe's Jig
6. Bonaparte's Retreat
7. McFadden's Reel
8. Miss Patterson's Slipper
9. Top It Off - The Sunny Banks
10. The Cup of (Overdrawn) Tea - John Doherty's Reel
11. Cherish the Ladies
12. The Pinch of Snuff - The Wild Irishman
13. Julia Delaney's Reel - Mother's Delight
14. The King of the Pipes - Arthur Darley's Jig
15. The Gravel Walks
16. Red-Haired Charles
17. The Boyne Hunt



























































CEFCD180 Reprise (Athchuairt)


Fiddle, guitar and song from two of the most respected Irish musicians with Philip Begley, Noel Hill, Paddy Keenan, Triona Ni Domhnaill, Mairtin O' Connor and more.


1. Elizabeth Kelly's Delight,

2. The Bonny Banks Of Loch Lomond,

3. John Kelly's Concertina Reel,

4. The Green Fields Of Amerikay,

5. The Lone Bush,

6. Brid Bhan,

7. Australian Waters,

8. I'd Rather Be Married Then Left,

9. Fear An Bhata,

10. Gol Na mBan San Ar,

11. The Golden Keyboard.

























































TARACD 2007 Doublin

A classic recording, and one of the best duet albums of Irish traditional music ever produced, as good now on CD as when it was new on LP. The two Paddys performed some mighty exciting music together and it's good to hear it again after 20 some years. Paddy Glackin: fiddle, viola. Paddy Keenan: uilleann pipes. Donal Lunny: bouzouki, bodhran. Noel Kenny: concertina.


1. Reels: The Mountain Road / The Congress Reel
2. Hornpipes: The Plains of Boyle / Cronin's Hornpipe
3. Reel: Castlekelly
4. Reel: The Bunch of Keys
5. Jigs: Tripping Up the Stairs / Fraher's Jig
6. Reel: Jenny's Welcome to Charlie
7. Reels: The Boyne Hunt / Toss the Feathers
8. Reels: The Dublin Reel / The Woman of the House
9. Jigs: The Sporting Pitchfork / The Rambling Pitchfork
10. Reels: Last Night's Fun / The Salamanca
11. Jigs: My Darling Asleep / Garrett Barry's Jig
12. Air: Roisin Dubh
13. Reels: The Old Bush / The Bucks of Oranmore































































TSCD605 Past Masters of Irish Fiddle Music


Another collection of 78s compiled by Reg Hall. Including: Frank Higgins, Michael Coleman, Moate Ceilidhe Band & Hugh Gillespie


1. Paddy Killoran & Paul Ryan, fiddles; Denis Murphy, accordeon; Edward Tucker, piano - Ballina Lass / Sligo Maid - (Reels)
2. Paddy Killoran & Paddy Sweeny fiddles; Edward Tucker, piano - Mullingar Races / Boys On The Hilltop
3. Ballinakill (Co. Galway) Traditional Dance Players - Jerry Whyte & Tommy Whyte, fiddles; Stephen Moloney & Tommy Whelan, flutes; Anna Rafferty, piano - Shaskeen and Green Blanket
4. Jerry Whyte & Tommy Whyte, fiddles; Stephen Moloney & Tommy Whelan, flutes; Anna Rafferty, piano -Rick's / Byrne's  (Hornpipes)
5. Frank O'Higgins fiddle; Julia Gray, piano (Reels) Farewell To Erin / Irish Molly / The Flogging
6. Frank O'Higgins fiddle; Julia Gray, piano (Jigs) The Maid At The Spinning Wheel / Do You Want Any More
7. Frank O'Higgins fiddle; Julia Gray, piano (Reels) Kitty's Gone A-Milking, / The Dogs Among The Bushes / The Merry Sisters
8. Neil O'Boyle fiddle (Reels) The Pigeon On The Gate / Jenny Picking Cockles
9. Aughum Slopes Ceilidh Band - Paddy Kelly & Jack Mulkere, fiddles; there is almost certainly a third fiddle, Jimmy Drury; Joe Mills, accordeon; Josie O'Halloran, piano - Killaghbeg House / First House In Connaught  (Reels)
10. Mike Hanafin, fiddle; Daniel Moroney, tin whistle; Dan Sulliva, piano Groves - (Hornpipe)
11. Michael Coleman fiddle; John Muller, piano Trim The Velvet - (Irish Reel)
12. Michael Coleman fiddle; John Muller, piano - Wellington Reels
13. Moate Ceilidh Band - Pepper Adamson, fiddle & leader; Willie Jordan & Mick Kincaid, fiddles; John Joe Gannon, accordeon; Billy Donnelly, piano - Jerry Beaver's Hat / Maid In The Meadow  (Jigs)
14. Moate Ceilidh Band - Pepper Adamson, fiddle & leader; Paddy Gavin, fiddle; Billy Whelan, mandolin-banjo; John Joe Gannon, accordeon; Billy Donnelly, piano - (Reels) Sheehan's / The Travellers
15. Jim Morrison, fiddle; Tom Ennis, uilleann pipes; John Muller, piano Irish (Jig Medley) Paddy In London / Buther's March / Sligo Bay
16. Jim Morrison, fiddle; Claire Reardon, piano - Flax In Bloom / The Millstone / The Dairy Maid's Reel - (Irish Airs)
17. Michael Gorman fiddle & Mick Flynn flute (Reel) - The Jolly Tinker
18. Michael Gorman fiddle & Mick Flynn  flute (Reels) - Down The Broom / The Pigeon At The Gate
19. Ballinakill (Co. Galway) Traditional Dance Players Jerry Whyte & Tommy Whyte, fiddles; Stephen Moloney & Tommy Whelan, flutes; Anna Rafferty, piano - Queen Of The Fair - (Double Jig)
20 Ballinakill (Co. Galway) Traditional Dance Players - Jerry Whyte & Tommy Whyte, fiddles; Stephen Moloney & Tommy Whelan, flutes; Anna Rafferty, piano - Flogging Wheel and Whelan's Reel
21. Halpin Trio - Treasa Ni Ailpin, fiddle & unidentified, fiddle & piano - Rogha-An-Fhile (Poets Choice) - New Irish Traditional Dance
22. Hugh Gillespie fiddle & Jack McKenna, guitar - Dowd'd Number Nine / Jackson's  (Medley Of Reels)
23. Hugh Gillespie fiddle & Mark Callaghan, guitar - Master Crowley's Reels
24. Michael Gorman fiddle & Mick Flynn flute - (Reels) - The Sligo Maid / Molloy's
25. Michael Gorman fiddle (Reel) - Bonny Kate

















































































CEFCD115  Omos Do Joe Cooley


Renowned fiddler Frankie Gavin and accordionist Paul Brock and combine their talents in paying this fine tribute to the legendary traditional accordion player Joe Cooley without submerging their own technique or musical personality.


1.  Reels: Cooley's - The Wise Maid.

2. Reels: Over the Moor to Maggie - Dowd's Number Nine.

3.  Hornpipes: The Stack of Wheat - Miss Galvin's.

4.  Reels: Mike Flanagan's - The Milliner's Daughter.

 5. Jigs: Clancy's - The Scotsman Over the Border.

6.  Reels: Lafferty's - My Love is in America.

7.  Reels: The Sailor on the Rock - Temple House - The Lilies in the Field.

8.  Reels: The Fermoy Lassies - Hand Me Down the Tackle.

9.  Jigs: My Darling's Asleep - The Queen of the Fair.

10. Reels: The Mullingar Races - The Humours of Westport.

11.  Hornpipes: The Derry - The Fisher.

12.  Reels: The Sally Gardens - The Ships are Sailing - The Wild Irishman - The Coalminer - The Skylark.


















































































TARACD4011 Fierce Traditional

The title of this album, is one that positively sums up what the record is about, Ireland's most celebrated fiddle player, Frankie Gavin returns back to his roots, with a collection of reels, jigs, hornpipes and slow airs. This albumpromises over one hour of the liveliest heart warming and soulful performances of traditional Irish music recorded in many years. Appearing on this album with Frankie are Brian McGrath, De Dannan bouzouki player Alec Finn, and Frankie's brother SeanGavin making his recording debut. Musicians: Frankie Gavin - Fiddle and Flute. Brian McGrath - Piano and Banjo. Alec Finn - Bouzouki. Sean Gavin - Accordion.

1. The Man of the House / The Providence Reel

2. Maud Millar * Miss Langford's Reel / The Tailor's Thimble

3. Sliabh na mBan

4. Jenny Picking Cockles / Farewell to Connaught

5. The Primrose Vale / Leitrim Fancy

6. The Mystery Reel

7. Lucy Campbell

8. The Night Cap / The Frost is All Over

9.  Wheels of the World / Delaney's Frolics

10.  Byrne's Hornpipe / Mullingar Races

11.  Maid of Mount Kisco

12. The New Road / Fisherman's Lilt / Humours of Westport

13. She Lived beside the Anner

14. Micho Russell's Mason's Apron

15.  Flogging Reel / Johnny Gorman's

16.  Wonder Hornpipe / The Foxhunter's Reel

17.  Free and Easy.


































































TARACD4020 The Full Score

Frank Gavin – Flute, fiddle. with Hibernian Rhapsody who are Carl Hession – Piano, harpsichord. Michelle Lally – Voice. Derek Hickey – Accordion.
Tim Edey – Guitar. Plus additional musicians Eugene Killeen – Fender Rhodes, synthesizers, drums,programming. Patricia Kelly – Strings. Rick Epping – Harmonica. Daniel Healy – Trumpet. Ciara Murphy – Flute.

1. Tico Tico
2 Mozart Celebration
3 Wild Goose
4 Shaskeen Reel
5 Lord Mayo
6 Barndance Set=Untitled/ Poll Ha'Penny
7 Both Sides of the Tweed
8 Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba (In Galway)
9 Ar Éirinn Ní Neosfainn Cé Hí
10 Eleanor Rigby
11 Badinerie/ The Rambles Of Bach
12 Down by the Glenside
13 Sporting Galway
14 From Jig To Jigs=Moll Roe/ Will You Come Home With Me/ The Woods Of Limerick
15 Inishbofin
16 Broom O' the Cowdenknowes
17 Goldsmith's Lament
18 Hard Times Come Again No More
19 Roseland Barndance









































































CEFCD105 Carousel


A textured blend of two fiddles breathing as one, and their repertoire extends from Sligo to Scandinavia, Canada and Scotland. Seamus McGuire - Fiddle & Viola, Manus McGuire - Fiddle, Daithi Sproule - Guitar & Vocal Garry O’Briain - Mandocello, Charlie Lennon - Piano.

1. Gangar - Baansul.
2. Reels: Eddie Kelly’s - The King of the Clan.
3. The Carousel Waltz.
4. Jigs: Felix Kearney’s - Andy McGann’s.
5. Cumha an Fhile.
6. The dean Brig of Edinburgh.
7. An Cailin Ban.
8. Reels: The Controversial Reel - Andy Dixon’s.
9. Reels: The Great Eastern - Finbarr Dwyer’s.
10. Donal Og.
11. Reels: The Whistling Postman - The Chattering Magpie.



















































































CEFCD146 The Missing Reel


The inspiration for this recording comes from John's collection of music from the Aughavas and Cloone areas of his native South Leitrim. Superb fiddle and flute playing give a new breath of life to this neglected music and ensure its survival. Seamus McGuire - Fiddle & Viola; John Lee - Flute; Arty McGlynn - Guitar; Fiona McGuire - Piano.

1. Leitrim Clog Dance.
2. Miss Ramsey - John Blessing’s - Tinker Hil..
3. Lord Haddo’s Favourite.
4. Peter Lee’s Jig - Bernie Cunnion’s Favourite.
5.The Road to Ballymac - Corriga Grove - The Cloone Reel.
6. Tomorrow Morning - O’Donnell’s Hornpipe.
7. McGovern’s Favourite - The Banks of Inverness - Me and My Love in the Garden.
8. The Drummond Lassies - The Missing Reel.
9. A Swedish Wedding Dance.
10. Old Mickey McKiernan’s - The Camber Lassies - The Old Schoolmaster - Over the Bridge to Peggy.
11. Rechnoc Mna Duibhe.
12. Our Own Little Isle - Miss Bruce.
13. Little Jimmy McKiernan’s - Dessie ’Connor’s - The Galway Rambler.
14. The Aughavas Reel - The Humours of Tooma - Maggie on the Shore - The Drumerkane Reel.












































































CICD 165 Pride of the West


The combination of flute and fiddle has pride of place in traditional Irish music and Pride of the West draws on the immense flute and fiddle tradition of north Connacht and on the musicians' strong Roscommon connections, and communicates the excitement, tension and tranquillity inherent in the combination of these two great instruments. The tunes on the album are mainly from the Sligo - Roscommon repertoire and include unusual local versions of tunes as well as some new compositions. Accompaniment is ably and subtly provided by Paddy McEvoy, John McEvoy's son, on piano and Arty McGlynn on guitar.

1. Jigs: Pride of the West / Kilglass Lakes icon
2. March and reels: Auchdon House /The Red-haired Lass / The Green Fields of America icon
3. Set dance and hornpipe: An Súisín Bán / The Humours of Castlebernard
4. Reels: The Cedars of Lebanon / John Egan's / Doonagore
5. Jigs: The Wandering Minstrel / Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part / I will if I can
6. Reels: The Crib of Perches / The Tinker's Stick / Come Up to the Room, I Want Ye
7. Polkas: My Love is But a Lassie / The Lakes of Sligo
8. Reels: The Mountain Top / Ciaran's reel
9. Air and jigs: Edward on Lough Erne's Shore / The Tooth Fairy / Fraher's Jig
10. Reels: The Piper's Despair / The Mullingar Lea
11. March, highland and reel: The Balmoral Highlander / Thistle and Shamrock / Thistle and Shamrock
12. Jig: The Strayaway Child
13. Reels: The Maid of Mount Cisco
14. Reels: The Fairy Reel / Larry MacDonagh's Reel












































































CICD 158 Fortune Favours the Merry


Peter Horan is from Killavil, Co. Sligo, and is a veteran of Irish traditional music. Growing up in 'fiddle country' meant that his flute style was largely free of the influence of other players, and he is now the last exponent of a unique style of flute playing which is not unlike the local fiddle style. Gerry Harrington is from Kenmare, Co. Kerry, and is now living in Lismore, Co. Waterford. His fiddle style is predominantly that of Sliabh Luachra. Ollie Ross brings a lovely touch to the album with lively, intuitive accompaniment on piano.


1. Jigs: The Gold Ring /The Rambling Pitchfork (3.41)
2. Reels: The Pigeon on the Gate / Trim the Velvet (3.01)
3. Hornpipes: John J. Kimmell's / 0' Callaghan's (4.41)
4. Reels: The Skylark / Roaring Mary (4.20)
5. Jigs: Tell Her I Am / Brennan's Favourite (3.57)
6. Reels: The Foxhunter / Captain Rock (2.37)
7. Hornpipes: McDermott's / The Flowers of Antrim (4.08)
8. Reel: Lord Gordon (3.11)
9. Polkas: The Corkin Cross Polka / The Lakes of Sligo / Memories of Ballymote (3.10)
10. Reels: Jackson's 1 & 2 (1.50)
11. Jigs: The Geese in the Bog / Up Sligo / The Castlebar Races (4.37)
12. Reels: The Four Courts / The Bunch of Keys (2.56)
13. Hornpipes: Lad O'Beirne's / Sault's Hornpipe (2.51)
14. Jigs: O'Connell's Farewell to Dublin/Anthony Frawley's/ The Trip to Killarney (6.05)
15. Reels: Dowd's No.9 / The Hunter's House (3.38)
16. Air: She Sailed from Dublin (2.39)
17. Reels: The Flogging Reel / The Mountain Top (2.41)










































































CICD 167 The Merry Love to Play 


Peter Horan is a legendary flute player from Killavil, Co. Sligo and this is the second album that he has recorded with Gerry Harrington, a talented fiddler from Kenmare, Co. Kerry. Their first album, Fortune Favours the Merry, was released in 2005 to critical acclaim and The Merry Love to Play will do much to confirm their excellence as a duet. The new album is completely unaccompanied, a very rare occurrence in commercial music, allowing the listener to focus entirely on the two melody instruments and also maximizing the opportunity to hear Peter Horan's unique flute playing. The musicians' distinct styles complement each other superbly, with Gerry's delicate and airy playing providing the perfect counterbalance to Peter's rhythm-driven style. Gerry Harrington has provided meticulous notes in the booklet on the sources for the tunes.

1. Reels: The Killavil Buck's / Fred Finn's icon
2. Jigs: The Idle Road / Molloy's Favourite
3. Reels: The Flowers of Red Hill / The New Steamboat
4. Reels: The Liffey Banks / The Shaskeen / The Bag of Spuds
5. Jigs: Dick Sullivan's Favourite / The Spotted Cow
6. Hornpipe: The High Level
7. Reels: The Swallow / The High Reel
8. Air: Her Mantle so Green
9. Reels: Sean Ryan's / The Blackthorn Stick / The Green Groves
10. Jig: The Old Grey Goose
11. Polkas: Johnny Gorman's / The Primrose
12. Reels: Doctor Gilbert's / The Queen of May
13. Waltz: The Killavil Waltz
14. Hornpipes: Murphy's / The Derry
15. Air: The Coolin
16. Reel: Miss Monaghan's / The Duke of Leinster / The London Lasses icon









































































CICD142 The New Road


Accordion player Charlie Piggott, originally from Cork, was one of the founding members of Dé Danann and more recently The Lonely Stranded Band. He toured extensively with both bands and as a solo artist. Charlie teams up with esteemed Kerry fiddler Gerry Harrington. Well known in Kerry/Cork music circles and to the Irish-American music fraternity, Gerry's music was brought to a wider audience during the nineties through the release of two exquisite albums.

1. James McMahon's Jig, Paddy Mullins Jig
2. The Limerick Lassies, The Dogs Among The Bushes
3. The Battle Of Aughrim, Napolean Crossing The Alps
4. Paidin O Raifeartaigh, Darby The Driver
5. The Glen Cottage Slide, Danny Albs, The Star Above The Garter
6. The Rakish Highlander, Toss The Feathers
7. Lament For Lugh Darcy
8. The Harlequin, Father Dollard's, Behind The Ditch In Pairc Anna
9. The One That Was Lost, Anach Cuain
10. Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel, The Doon Reel
11. Jenny And The Weaver
12. Walsh's Jig, Winnie Hayes
13. The New Road, The Old Man's Blackthorn Stick
14. Sean O Quibhir An Ghleanna
15. The Woods At Old Limerick, The Walls Of Liscarroll
16. The Rover Through The Bog, The Blackbird

























































































CICD188 The Coast Road


The long-awaited solo album, The Coast Road, by highly-regarded fiddler, music teacher and promoter of traditional Irish music, Karen Ryan, founder-member of the renowned traditional Irish music group, The London Lasses and Pete Quinn.Karen was fortunate to hone her musical skills through playing with a vast array of musicians in the vibrant London Irish session scene and during frequent visits to musical gatherings in Ireland and the US. Whilst gleaning much from all these players she cites Brian Rooney, Brendan McGlinchey, Danny Meehan and the recordings of Andy McGann as having the most influence on her fiddle playing.


1. REELS: The Limerick Lasses / The Gatehouse Maid / The Mountain Top 3.05
2. JIGS: Kitty's Rambles / Kitty of Oulart / An Rogaire Dubh 4.241
3. HORNPIPES: Plains of Boyle / McGlinchey's / Walsh's 4.49
4. POLKAS: Dan Herlihy's / Tom Billy's 2.41
5. AIR: Sliabh Geal gCua 3.31
6. REELS: Sally Gardens / Miss McLoud's / Tommy Maguire's 4.301
7. JIGS: Kiss The Bride / Shandon Bells 2.48
8. REELS: Mrs Lawrie's / Karen Ryan's 4.09)
9. JIGS: Dr O'Neill's / Saddlle The Pony 4.121
10. SLIP JIGS: The Gathering / Liverpool to London / The New Piano 3.33
11. REELS: The Swallow's Tail / The Sunny Banks / The London Lasses 3.17
12. SONG: An Draighnean Donn 5.50
13. WALTZ AND REEL: Tim O'Leary's / The Rabbit's Burrow 4.04
14. JIGS: Going to Mass Last Sunday / The Gold Ring / The Battering Ram 5.12
15. REELS: Galway Reel / The Musical Priest / The Sailor on the Rock 2.54











































































ARCD 27 The Master's Touch


Digitally re-mastered classic fiddle recordings. Sean Maguire & fiddle playing have been synonymous in Irish music over the past half-century. During that time, his personal fiddle style became more renowned for exciting & flamboyant playing.


1. The Garden of Daisies

2. The Hurling Boys

3. The Blackbird

4. The Kilkenny Races

5. Jockey to the Fair

6. Humors of Bandon

7. King of the Fairies

8. The Three Sea Captains

9. The Hunt

10. St. Patrick's Day

11. Rodney's Glory

12. Madame Bonaparte

13. The Lodge Road












































































LUNCD3060 The Blue Fiddle


Sean Smyth released this album three years before the band which would make him famous - Lunasa - was formed.

1. Jamaica Jam

2. Mc Killop's

3. Paddy O'Snap's

4. Ag Fas Fos

5. The Blue Fiddle

6. John Nee's Reels

7. Warrior's Dream

8. Punch In The Dark

9. Soweto Slides

10. Tulla Moondance

11. Thomond Bridge

12. Temple Bar Set

13. Jerry Holland's

14. Easy Club Reels.


















































































SUNCD30 To hell with the begrudgers


McKillop's powerful northern-style fiddling  is paired up with Tansey's masterful Sligo-style flute playing for some intense duet music making. With piano accompaniments.

1. Reels: McDermott's Reel / The Dairy Maid
2. Jigs: Frieze Britches / Brennan's Jig
3. Hornpipe: The Fairys of Tiveragh
4. Air: Silent O Moyle
5. Reels: Colliers / Skylark / Roaring Mary
6. Air: Blind Mary
7. O'Carolan's Concerto
8. Reels: Cronin's / Hand Me Down the Tackle
9. Jigs: Saddle the Pony / Dance of the Dead
10. Hornpipes: The Golden Eagle / Galway Hornpipe
11. Reels: Joe O'Dowd's / The Pigeon on the Gate
12. Air: Boulavogue
13. Jig: The Gold Ring
14. Reels: The Maid Behind the Br / Ryan's Reel
15. Hornpipes: The Flowing Tide / The Blackbird
16. Reels: Farrell O'Gara / Lucy Campbell


















































































EMCD8000 Fiddle On The Roof - Sean Maguire Finest


Here is the definitive collection of Sean McGuire's finest performances. Sean is a legend in Irish fiddle playing and has been entertaining audiences for over half a century. He is without doubt one of Ireland's finest fiddle players and one of the all time traditional music greats.


1. The Mason's Apron
2. Glass Of Beer/Belfast Traveller/Fiddle On The Fiddle (Reels)
3. The Resting Chair(Slow Air)
4. The Hawk (Hornpipe)/Mikaela McGuire (Reel)
5. Ni Eireann Ci He (For Ireland's Sake I Will Not Tell) (Slow Air)
6. Wild Irishman/Lord Pottinger
7. Meeting Of The Waters (Reels)
8. Segs (Hornpipe)/The Weeping Hebrew (Reel)
9. Devanny/Robin On The Branch (Reels)
10. Dawning Of The Day (Raglan Road) (Slow Air)
11. The Maid Behind The Bar/The Auld Fiddler(Reels)
12. The Yeddish/The Gypsy
13. Dear Old Donegal (Slow Air)
14. The Lightning Flash/Kathleen Smiths (Hornipes)
15. Sean McGuire/Bonnie Kate (Reels)
16. The West's Awake (Slow Airs)
17. Brennan's Favourite/Beauties Of Ireland (Jigs)
18. Derry Air (Danny Boy) (Slow air)















































































EMCD9022 A Man Apart


1. The Mooncoin/The Sally Gardens/Cooley's Reel
2. Seg's Hornpipe/Allister Frazer's Reel
3. The Knights Of St Patrick/The Killimore/The Rosewood
4. The Wise Maid/Geehan's Favourite
5. Devanies/Robin On The Branch
6. The Flowers Of Antrim/The Galway Hornpipe
7. Graham Townsend's Jig/Cherish The Ladies
8. My Brother Jim/Stella Maguire
9. Kinh's Fancy/Little Boy Ted
10. Kilkenny Races
11. Killybeg House/The Steeplechase/First Month Of Summer
12. The Black Rogue/Morrisons
13. The Donegal Reel/The Sligo Maid/The White Leaf
14. Lad O'Byrnes Reel/Willie Hunter Reel
15. Brennan's/Hinchy's Delight
16. Fergal O'Gara/Miss Monaghan's/The Silver Spire
17. The Sand Dance/Bonnie Kate/The Reconciliation/The Mason's Apron













































































EMCD8012 The Dancing Bow


Sean Maguire at his Best


1. Maureen Intro
2. Donegal Reel
3. Ashokin Farewell
4. Bonnie Kate
5. Boolavogue
6. My Brother Jim/Pat McGinley
7. Earl Of Mayo
8. I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
9. Knights Of St Patrick
10. Mathematician
11. Mikaela McGuire
12. Mooncoin
13. My Lagan Love
14. Czardas
15. Roisin Dubh
16. She Moved Thro' The Fair
17. Teddy O'Neill
18. The Coolin'
19. Amazing Grace
20. The Old Slievnamon
21. Tika Tika
22. Willie Hunter














































































GLCD1052 Up Close


A brilliant album. Kevin Burke is joined by such luminaries as Matt Molloy, Joe Burke, producer Gerry O'Beirne on guitar and synthesizer, and, on two astonishing tracks, Ireland's answer to the Harmonicats, the amazing Murphy family from County Wexford.

1. Lord Gordon's Reel
2. A Polka (From Charlie Harris' Reel)
3. The Thrush In The Straw
4. Tuttle's Reel
5. The Shepherd's Daughter
6. The Bloom Of Youth
7. The Boys Of Bally Castle
8. The Raheen Medley
9. The Rambler
10. The Reeler's Jacket
11. The Orphan












































































GLCD1122 Open House


Kevin Burke (fiddle), Mark Graham (harmonica, clarinet), Paul Kotapish (guitar, mandolin, cittern) with Sandy Silva on foot percussion


1. The Bus Stop

2. Frailach

3. Open House

4. Bourees

5. Crowley's Reel

6. The Humours Of Ennistymon

7. Untitled Reel

8. Glory In The Meeting House

9. La Partida

10. The Long Acre

11. Mickey The Moulder

12. Barn Dances.






















































































GLCD1196 In Concert


The first solo recording in 15 years from this legendary fiddler of Bothy Band and Patrick Street. With special guest Martin Hayes.

1. The Butterfly
2. Bonny Kate, Jenny's Chickens
3. Kitty O'Shea
4. The Cottage Groves, Maudabawn Chapel, The Beare Island Reel
5. Itzikel
6. Up Sligo, The Rollicking Boys Around Tadaragee, Out With The Boys
7. The Mountain Road, Doctor Gilbert, McFadden's Handsome Daughter
8. Walsh's Hornpipe, The Old Torn Petticoat, The Bank Of Ireland
9. Sean Ryan's Jigs
10. Roll In The Barrel, In The Tap Room, The Earl's Chair
11. The Blackbird
12. Lucy Campbell, The Jolly Tinker


































































GLCD1041 Portland


Kevin Burke s one of the top Irish fiddlers - front-man of Patrick Street and Open House, and previously of the Bothy Band. He plays in the ornamented Sligo style, although born in London. Here he is paired with an equally gifted guitarist. Brilliant!

1. Reels: Maudabawn Chapel - Wild Irishman - Moher Reel
2. Song: Eirigh A Shiuir
3. Breton Gavottes
4. Jigs: Rolling Waves - Market Town - Scatter the Mud
5. Air: Aird Ui Chumhaing
6. Jigs: Paddy's Return - Willy Coleman's - Up in the Air
7. Tunes: Lucy's Fling - S'iomadh Rud A Chunnaic Mi - Some Say the Devil Is Dead
8. Song: Is Fada Liom Uaim I
9. Reels: Tom Morrison's - Beare Island Reel - George White's Favourite - Dipping the Sheep

































































LUNCD3028 Promenade

The album that won the Montreaux Jazz Festival's Grand Prix Du Disque. Michael and Kevin combine their unique talents on a recording of unquestioned brilliance. Fantastic fiddling, hypnotic vocals, sublime accompaniment - this one has it all.

1. The Pigeon On the Gate - Lafferty's Reel - Matt People's Reel.

2. Lord Franklin.

3. Walsh's Hornpipe - The Old Torn Petticoat - The Bank Of Ireland.

4. Coinleach Ghlas An Fhomhair.

5. The Promenade.

6. Ar A Ghabhail Go Baile Atha Cliath Domh.

7. The Whole Chicken In The Soup - The Bird In The Bush - The New Mown Meadow - The Silver Spear.

8. The Reverend Brother's Jig - Sean Ryan's Jig.






































































GLCD1144 Second Story


Mark Graham (harmonica, clarinet, vocals), Paul Kotapish (guitar, manolin, cittern, bass), Sandy Sila (foot percussion) and Kevin Burke (fiddle and vocals). "This spellbinding set has originality, variety, great musicianship and some very intoxicating sounds." (Living Tradition)


1 Miller Of Drangan / The Dawn / Connie O'Connell's
2 Devlin's Jig / The Trip To Bantry / The Hawthorne Hedge
3 Merengue
4 Bourrees de Berri
5 Jackson and Jane
6 Flowers of the Forest
7 Chinquapin Hunting
8 Monkey With A Typewriter
9 Ryan's
10 Moth In The Lantern / Take No Prisoners
11 Mascot / Collins' Jig
12 Classical Greek
13 Ebb Tide
14 Dogfight

































































GLCD1169 Hoof & Mouth


The incredible fiddler Kevin Burke, with Mark Graham (harmonica, clarinet, vocals), Paul Kotapish (guitar, mandolin), Sandy Silva (percussive, dance) with Ged Foley (Northumbrian small pipes). A treasure of an album.


1. Tour de Taille
2. Drag Her `Round the Road /Sporting Paddy/ Connemara Stockings/ James Keane`s/ Sporting Paddy
3. The Okarina/ The Tattoo
4. Hoof and Mouth
5. Oedipus Rex
6. The Split Rock/ The Pipe on the Hob/ Blue Adder
7. And When I Die
8. Paddy the Gaffler/ Glen Cottage Polka/ Tolka Polka
9. Ducino Kololva
10. Tour de Traille (reprise)
11. Knivatasaluevalssi
12. Bright Sunny South















































































GLCD1092 Liz Carroll


Liz Carroll is a noted fiddler in the Irish tradition who has taken the instrument and music in exciting new directions with her virtuosic playing. Here, Carroll is not only an interpreter, but a composer, writing 11 of the album's 15 songs herself. Accompanied sparely by the talented guitar of Daithi Sproule, Carroll


1. Reel Beatrice/The Abby Reel
2. Out On The Road/Princess Nancy
3. For Eugene/Gravity Hill
4. Clarke's Favorite/Pigeon On The Gate
5. Tune For Mairead & Anna Ni Mhaonaigh
6. Two Polkas: Sock In The Hole/The Hole In The Sock
7. Mrs. Carroll's Strathspey/Chapter
8. Helicopters/Crossing The Delaware
9. The Sister's Reel/Wynding The Hay
10. Lacey's Sig/A Tune For Charles/The Geese In The Bog
11. The Par Cark/Baiting The Hook/The Jumping White Nut Eater
12. Greenleaf Strathspey/The Setting Sun
13. Two Slip Jigs: The Wee Dollop/The Houseboat
14. G-Reel/Merle's Tune
15. The Western Reel/The Road To Recovery























































































GLCD1199 Lost in the Loop


Although she'd been active as one-third of the brilliant Trian, Chicago-born Celtic fiddler Liz Carroll hadn't recorded a solo album since 1988. With Seamus Egan (guitar, whistle, percussion); John Doyle (guitar); Winifred Horan (fiddle); Zan McLeod (bouzouki); Michael Ahron (cello, piano, percussion).



1 Sevens / Michael Kennedy's / The Cup Of Tea
2 Champaign Jig Goes To Columbia / Pat And Al's
3 See It There / Con Cassidy's
4 Golden Legs / The Flogging Reel
5 Lament of the First Generation
6 Drunken Sailor / The Bag Of Spuds
7 Old Maid Of Galway / Lizzy In The Lowground
8 Crow In the Sun
9 Ugly Duckling
10 On The Boulevard / Crabs In The Skillet
11 Letter to Peter Pan
12 Silver Spear / The Earl's Chair / The Musical Priest
13 Didda / Fly And Dodger
14 Lost In The Loop

















































































 GLCD1220 Lake Effect


These are all her compositions, and they showcase her exceptional talents as a player -- although she's a good bandleader, too, judging from the way the small ensembles on the disc work together. While she can fiddle up a storm, she doesn't mind handing over the spotlight to John Doyle, whose work, guitar, and especially bouzouki are outstanding throughout.


1 Rock Reel / The Morning Dew / Reeling On The Box
2 Anlon Mckinney / Mind The Dresser
3 Ghost / The Hatchlings / The Long Bow
4 Jump Ball / Whipple Hill / How We Spent The Christmas
5 Catherine Kelly's / Lake Effect
6 Ornery Upright / Sass Is Back
7 Spinning Out Of The Turn / Tom And Martin
8 Day and an Age
9 Tractor Driver / A Tune For The Girls
10 Oh, Bedad! / For The Love Of Music
11 Blue Friesian / Dancing On A Sixpence
12 Hanley's House of Happiness
13 Potato On The Door / Mary And The Tea Bag / Perpetual Check



























































LUNCD 17 Molloy, Brady, Peoples


This album is something of a summit meeting between two major powers in Irish music -- fiddler Tommy Peoples and flutist Matt Molloy, both veterans of the legendary Bothy Band and world-class instrumentalists. Guitarist Paul Brady plays a supporting role, though he steps out front to sing, beautifully, on the bitter "Shamrock Shore." Throughout most of the album, Molloy and Peoples take turns leading the trio through sets of traditional jigs and reels. Interestingly, the program includes a few session standards ("Speed the Plough," "Toss the Feathers," "The Connachtman's Rambles") but consists primarily of more obscure tunes. Molloy solos on a set of reels consisting of "The Crosses of Annagh" and "McFadden's Handsome Daughter" and delivers them with his trademark offhanded eloquence; Peoples shows off his sharp, astringent attack to perfect effect on "The Newport Lass" and "The Rambling Pitchfork."


1.Matt Peoples [Reels]
2 The Creel of Turf/Tom Billys [Jigs]
3 Crosses of Annagh/Mcfaddens Handsome Daughter [Reels]
4 The Newport Lass/Rambling Pitchfork [Jigs]
5 Sharock Shore [Song]
6 The Munster Buttermilk/Connachtman's Rambles [Jigs]
7 Speed the Plough/Toss the Feathers [Reels]
8 The Limerick Lasses/Foxhunters [Reels]
9 The Mick Finn's/Blackthorn [Reels]
10 The Fergal O'Gara/Cloon [Reels]
11 Mulqueeney's/Out in the Ocean [Hornpipe/Jig]
12 The Rainy Day/Grand Canal [Reels]
13 The Scotsman over the Border/TheKillavil [Reels] 
14 John Brennans (Silver Spire)/Drag Her Round the Road [Jigs] 
15 The Graf Spee [Reel]





















































































TACD3035 Causeway

Nollaig Casey - Vocals, Fiddles, Violas, Tin Whistles. Arty McGlynn - Acoustic, Guitars, Fender Telecaster Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar.
Brendan Power - Harmonicas. Rod McVey  Keyboards, Hammond Organ. James Blennerhassett - Electric Bass, Double Bass.
Dave Early - Drums, Percussion. Enda Walsh - Keyboards. Tony Philips - Drums.

1 Causeway
2 Cabbage and Cale
3 Seo Leo' Thoil
4 Jack Palance's Ree
5 Tra an Phearla (Strand of the Pearl)
6 Rainy Summer
7 Stor mo chroi
8 Comanche Moon
9 Trip to Tokyo
10 Dun Na Sead (Fort of the Jewels)
11 Murals
12 Lois Na Banriona (Fort of the Fairy Queen)


































































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